Patient Presents With A Fractured Femur

Cormorant Caged
Continuing from yesterday's exciting episode...

When last we left the injured Cormorant, it was resting its broken leg in our backyard woodpile, longingly watching the geese as they flew overhead. After a few hours, probably wishing it too were flying high above this strange human home, it decided to take a walk.

Er, "hop", that is.

03/09/07 @ 1800 hours: Discovered by eagle-eyed daughter, Cormorant attempts a swift getaway squeezing under the gate and back down the front driveway. With the aid of daughter, daughter's boyfriend and hubby, the AWOL bird was directed into a wire dog kennel out of harms way on the busy street. Transfer to the backyard with administration of fluids and solids was performed (a bowl of water and bread crumbs).

2100 hours: The patient was moved to the safety of the garage at dusk, were it spent a restful night sleeping with its head tucked into its wing.

04/09/07 @ 1000 hours: A flurry of activity as the Avian Ambulance was prepped (the back of boyfriend's Mazda) with a protective layer of cardboard and green garbage bags. The kennel - stretcher fit in the hatchback perfectly.

1100 hours: Patient was admitted to the Wildlife Rescue, Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, joining hawks, owls, falcons and other sick or injured creatures on the mend. A monetary donation was also made at this time.

1130 hours: Verbal appreciation was received from the Admitting Clerk for the prompt attention to this medical emergency.

A successful outcome for this unique medical case.

In the Ambulance

In the Avian Ambulance

Caged Closeup

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EquineSpirit said...

Wow! Beautiful!!

Sofia said...

Avian ambulance... lol What a great story. That's one lucky bird.

Irene said...

Great job, Maureen! Glad there are people like you around to help our fine feathered friends.

Lynn said...

He sure is one lucky bird to have landed in your yard. Hopefully, he will be on the mend and flying high shortly.

Janet said...

So glad to hear of this good outcome!

Sandra Collins said...

so glad he is getting the help he needs - you are awesome. The pics are beautiful!

Bethany E. said...

That is so cool! Found your blog a little while ago and love it!!

toners said...

Awesome entry! And great photos. Good job to all of you for taking such good care of the cormorant. You won't forget this experience for a while :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for making your blog so much fun to read!

Sherri said...

beautiful pictures

Jill said...

Oh that's a good ending!

Stacey said...

We tried to save a little baby bird when we were little but to know avail. I remember crying for what seemed like forever...

oops went off on a tangent there.

Good for you for jumping in to action. Very cool!

Stacey said...

oops I meant "no" avail.

Jay said...

i saved a bird once...but that was a while ago

care to trade links? mine is

if you want to trade post my link and the contact me back and ill post yours!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Loved the military speaks. Made the story really exciting!

Bonita Rose said...

such a wonderful story.... that is all so amazing.. so glad u guys were able to help this big bird.. good for u!

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