I'm A Pillar Of Strength...

In the fall of 2000, I got a page at work that I will never forget. It was the Afterschool Program from daughter's elementary school calling to tell me she had an accident.

I quickly arrived to find my 9 year old covered in blood, a rag pressed against her mouth. She had fallen off the monkeybars and knocked her two front (and brand-new permanent) teeth out on the bars on the way down.

Our dentist kept his office open late that night, stitching her up and putting a "cast" on her upper plate. Later, she was back for root canals and implants.

She took it very well. Throughout the entire ordeal she didn't cry or complain; she was a real trooper.

It was me who was the problem.

I fainted in the dentists' office while I held her hand during the stitching.

Fast forward to two days ago. Daughter is now at the right age to get braces in the final steps of getting her teeth repaired. She also has the option of getting dental surgery to correct a slightly misaligned jaw. Before deciding this was something she wants to undergo, she and I met with the surgeon to review the risks and benefits of what they would do.

He explained in great detail how they would cut her jaw, implant pins and a plate, slide bone around and extract her wisdom teeth while she was under. All this could be done through the mouth in an overnight procedure at the hospital. She would only be out of school for two weeks while she healed.

Daughter thought it was very exciting and cool.


I fainted again.

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Bonita Rose said...

my oldest is gonna be needing braces too this year... it's such an expense.. hubby and I are just shuddering...... sighs...

Cupcake Blonde said...

When I get done chuckling over your lack of ability to handle dental talk (don't worry, my husband can't either...should have seen him when he had to get his wisdom teeth out) I will firmly state that you should make your daughter do this procedure. When I was your daughter's age my dentist told me I could fixed my slightly misaligned jaw with this surgery and it would be little to no problem. My parents decided against it because of the cost and said my teeth and jaw were not that out of whack and my jaw didn't hurt so what would be the point. Fast forward almost twenty years as I sit here with ice packs on both cheeks to help the inflammation caused from my poor misaligned jaw and raging TMJ. And now I am too old to get the surgery that would help me. Just some advice.

Jill said...

Oh man! I don't think I would have fainted, but I've been putting off my daughter's adenoid removal for *years* now bec. I can't stand the thought. :-(

Lynn said...

Wow! That is some procedure, but it sounds like one that she would benefit from for the rest of her life. She is young and the young recover much quicker. As a parent, I know that this must be a difficult decision for you to make, but I think this also has to be her decision. She is the one who is going to have to go through it.Good Luck to you both in whichever you decide on doing.

toners said...

Wow, what a trooper! I just recently got braces off and the ortho still thinks I need surgery to correct my jaw alignment, so my advice would be to get all these things done for your daughter now so that she doesn't have to go through it as an adult :) Especially when your DD is as positive as she is about it! And you'll be just fine (well, apart from the occasional fainting spell, LOL!!) :)

Maureen said...

BR: Since her case is unusual, she was accepted at the UofM Dental School as a teaching case, so the surgery is free, the braces are about 1/3 normal cost.

VP: Thank you! I will pass on your experience to her. So sorry to hear you going through such pain now - definitely something I don't want her to undergo. As for me, this was my fourth vasovagal reaction; apparently 3% of the population has it. It's really embarrassing... I wish I could control it. But you know, for my OWN dental or medical procedures I am just fine; I've had a tooth pulled, a root canal, wisdom teeth out, tonsils out and a cesarean section. I think when it's your child, it affects you (or at least me) differently.

Jill: I know exactly where you are coming from (obviously)... sucks being a parent sometimes, doesn't it?

Lynn: Thanks! We always stress that it has to be her decision... I have left it up to her to make up her mind. She is very gung-ho to get it all done; so whatever she decides, I will support (as long as someone supports me!)

Toners: I'll let her know about your experience too ... thank you! She has to make a decision before they start with the braces. Then in about a year she would have the surgery (while still having the braces on) and then another year of braces. At least she doesn't need head gear, which would be devastating in Grade 11!!

Wow, who would have thought I would be able to pass on such great advice so quickly? Thank you everyone!

Maureen said...

My oldest is going tommorrow to see when he needs to get his full set of braces on.

Glad she has been ok with all the work she has had done.

Sofia said...

LOL Anything to do with dentists freaks me out. Gives me the creeps.

Monica Loewen said...

Oh dear - well, so long as you're they're to hold her after you wake up! :)

Heather said...

Bless your heart! (Yes, I am from the South. LOL) You sound like my mother...she would faint at the drop of a hat when it came to surgeries, blood, and other things of that nature.

Irene said...

That's a tough decision to be made and maybe best left to be made by your daughter. Children are capable of being sensible about these things. I know you are a worried Mom, but look at the bright side, your daughter seems to be a real trooper and that really helps.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation to vegas princess - the jaw surgery was recommended to my and my family when I was a teenager, but it was very expensive and and because we didn't KNOW that I would have difficulty later. I ended up with very painful headaches and jaw pain and cracked enamel on my teeth. I finally had the surgery at age 32 (9 years ago) and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It is not an easy recovery though.

Janet said...

You poor thing! It's so hard being a parent, isn't it? My DD is in braces now. They talked about jaw surgery at one point, but whatever misalignment she had resolved itself with growth. At least the cost is going to be more manageable...otherwise you would definitely faint when you got the bill! :-)

Heather said...

I had to leave the room during MY prenatal classes so I wouldn't pass out! And I wasn't even WATCHING the video! I just heard it and got sick to my stomach!

Marlee said...

Aw...u poor thing! Hoping ur doing alright!

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