This May Sound Harsh But...

...thank goodness this sign recently appeared across the street:

Yeah, I know. Love Thy Neighbor.

But in reality, there ARE some neighbors I can do without.

I can do without the late night front driveway drinking parties.

I can do without the kids shooting BB guns at bunnies in OUR yard.

I can do without the mother's wordless stares when I go pick up our mail.

But I can especially do without the risk of splattering one of their kids on the pavement.

You see, even though thier house borders one of the largest parks and playgrounds in our whole development, the parents let the boys skateboard in the middle of the street. They even built them a metal ramp in their tiny front yard -- which directed knarley switch-stance landings where?

The middle of the street.

They let the boys snowboard in the winter too. Even packed down a curved snow ramp in their tiny front yard. That also lands kickflips in...

The middle of the street.

So I am glad.

Glad *I* won't be the one to accidently run one of these poor kids down one day.

Here's hoping they move to the country, or at least a deserted street no cars travel down.

For their kid's sake.

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Cupcake Blonde said...

Oh I have some of these kinds of neighbors too...the kind you can't really say anything to because technically they are not doing anything wrong, just being stupid. Hope you get some new good ones.

Anonymous said...

I heard there's some prime estate to be found in Iraq for ridiculously low prices.

We had neighbours like that too, some people don't understand the difference between their property and your property, unless you make that mistake.

Irene said...

Well, good riddance, here's to really good new neighbors!

Ann(ie) said...

I wish some of my annoying neighbors would put up pretty signs like that!!!!!

Bonita Rose said...

hopefully your new neighbors will be nicer and wiser ppl.. lets hope anyways! hugs

toners said...

We spent a couple of years waiting for some of our neighbors to get a sign like that, and they didn't, so we got our own :) And here we are!

Jill said...

Hope they do end up somewhere that suits them a little better & that your new neighbors are a little more safety conscious!!!!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

You're certainly not the first nor will you be the last. We rent in a house, and we did the "Balki and Cousin Larry Dance of Joy" when we found out the ridiculously obnoxious loud neighbors were leaving. They were guilty of:

Screaming at each other across the house.
Having office chair races across the kitchen (knocking lighting fixture covers OUT of our ceiling).
Using the shower 23 hours a day.
Running the sprinkler the one hour they weren't in the shower.

Good riddance!

Janet said...

Good grief, and good riddance! :-) Hope you get some new, nice ones! Janet

Citizen_Stu said...

LEts hope you don't get that same kind of neighbors again.

Maureen said...

I have to say, the other neighbors are just the two on either side of us. But those ones across the street... well, let's just say they were different all right.

be.bart and Toners: LOL!!!!
Curley Glamour Girly: Oh my...glad they went away too!

I can't believe I forgot to include one hilarious incident regarding their youngest son in my post; I'll have to do a follow up with that one...

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