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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

So today is the day. The day when bloggers all over the world will be writing about some kind of environmental issue. When I came across this idea, I knew I wanted to participate, but I've been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with something intelligent and worthwhile to say.

What the heck can I type that you haven't read before? How we should all recycle, cut down on packaging, carry cloth shopping bags and use CFL lightbulbs? Yeah, I am doing these things to be a good Earth citizen and reducing the amount of waste I create. If you click on the link above, you too will find great resources on how you can do the same. I don't have to reiterate it here.

So what to write? What to write?

Maybe I just need to state WHY I need to be environmentally responsible. That's easy enough: I simply want future generations of Canadians to feel the same rush I do when the beauty of nature is all around me... like the thrill I get watching the Canada Geese flying overhead, for example.

Last evening I was out on our driveway standing in awe as the sky filled with geese gathering for their annual trek down south. Thousands of the majestic birds were flying in thier familiar V formations, each group at varying alititudes criss-crossing on East, West, North and South trajectories.

Some were so low, I could hear their wings flutter in the wind. Flup, flup flup... I stood there open-mouthed; amazed at the sight of the aerial ballet playing out just over my head.

Then I heard a "splat" on the driveway beside me.

It was at that moment I decided it might be wiser to watch the show from the safety of the house. Hey, I may love nature, but not when it deposits ITS waste on my head.

Taking flight

Hmmm... Perhaps it was a sign.

A sign that WE should stop crapping on Nature's head as well.

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Anonymous said...

Maureen -- I thought about posting for Blog Action Day, but I felt like a hypocrite. I live in the suburbs, where apparently all the eco-unfriendly people live, or so I'm told. I do manage to cut back on unnecessary packaging, carry a cloth tote to the store, and some months ago kicked the bottled water habit. I know we can all do more and I have the fortune of working along side a guy who knows how to do it. He gives me tips I can live with. A little at a time....

Canadian flake said...

wow I hadn't even heard of this or I would have posted about is a really good idea....

I haven't been as environmentally conscious in the past as I should have been...

But we are recycling and trying to do better now...every little bit helps right???

p,s. I am another Canadian that loves to watch the geese fly...

toners said...

great post...very thoughtful! since moving to CO I appreciate the great outdoors a lot more - and how lucky we are to be able to live in such a beautiful state.

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