Tony SopranoSo now we have our answer. The expositions and guessing can cease.

The controversy is over.

After the sudden earth-shaking blackout marking the finale of The Sopranos, I have discovered what happened.

Not many people know yet, but I do.

Was he whacked?

Or did he simply finish his dinner while listening to Journey on the jukebox?

Neither, it turns out.

Tony got on his All Terrain Vehicle and drove up here to Canada.

That's right. Tony Soprano is going to be my neighbor. Well, maybe not next door, but close enough. James Gandolfini has purchased a cottage lot up here so he can boat, ride his ATV and snowmobile.

But since James is a very private person, he probably won't be pleased the news broke of his new vacation spot. Apparently he's been here before and enjoys our peace and quiet.

Maybe I really shouldn't be blogging about this, come to think of it.

If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why -- they'll find me "swimmin' wit the fishes" as they say. So I'd better keep a lookout for Paulie Walnuts or any other member of the Family assigned to shut up the stool pigeons.

Coo, Coo...

8 People would rather be commenting:

Christine said...

Ooh, James Gandolfini. That is awesome.

Our nearest famous neighbor is Socks the Cat. And, um, John Glenn lived in our neighborhood, before he went to space.

Jill said...

I've never seen Sopranos, but...what was it? I just learned something about their soundtrack or opening song or something & can't remember what it was. Just stopping by to let you know that if you ****DO**** disappear, I'll be way too much of a scatterbrain to find you! Or remember why you might have disappeared... :-0 :-0 :-0

Canadian flake said...

lol wayyyyyyy toooo funny...

I have never been a Sopranos fan but giggled thinking about ya ""swimmin' wit the fishes"..

Be careful!!!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

As an Italian, I can give you the following advice:

Steer clear of oranges.
Don't accept any offers of "free concrete shoes".
If someone offers you something free down an alley - don't take it!

Canadian flake said...

omg wayyyy too funny..laughing at curly girl here..lol.

I have been here reading your blog...having some giggles and getting caught up on what I missed since I last visited...

I am going to add you to my list of favourite blogs and link you on my site...hope that is ok..

Thanks again for the giggles.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Good luck in your quest to stay alive!

That is very interesting...maybe he will be friendly in person...hey, it could happen!

Bonita Rose said...

watch your back.. lol

NH Yocal said...

Ah, he might not stick around that long anyway, it is quite a change from Jersey. That poor actor will never get past the stigma the Sopranos put on him. Maybe you could stop by his place with a nice pan of baked ziti to give him a good welcome.

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