I Have A Secret

For years I've had an inkling I was perhaps, just a bit, of a Nerd. Or smidgin of Geek. Perchance a dab of a Dork?

I have to admit the evidence is overwhelming that I may be slightly more than a loser with a capital L:

1) I work all day at my PC and the first thing I do when I get home is to fire up my laptop.

2) I know programming languages, build databases, webmaster corporate and personal websites.

3) I love techie gadgets.

4) I wear glasses.

5) I carry around my inhaler in my sweater vest pocket.

6) I own both a microscope and a telescope.

7) I can pull apart and re-build computers.

8) I adore science fiction and fantasy.

9) I collect comics and toys.

10) I think Weird Al is a genius.

But the most telling validation that I may be a Major Nerd are the years I spent as a Star Wars fan.

Star Collector gift from LucasfilmEr, Hard-Core Star Wars Freak, more like it. Not only do I probably have Canada's largest Star Wars collection (as documented on TV, radio and in newspaper articles), I wrote for one of the Internet's biggest Star Wars fan sites for years.

I've been a guest speaker at three Star Wars Conventions and worked with many of the stars of the movies. Dubbed "The Northern Jedi" by staff at Lucasfilm, I visited Skywalker Ranch in California in 2005.

So I HAD a feeling I was not a typical middle-aged woman, but I refused to admit I was who I was.

Am who I am.

However, it seems the official test confirms it. Yes, the secret is out.

I AM an "Uber-Dorky Nerd God".


Oh, and I BLOG too. How Nerdy is THAT?

15 People would rather be commenting:

Ann(ie) said...

hehe. I think my hubby might leave me for you.

toners said...

LOL!! What a fun post! I'm too scared to go and take that test... :)

Irene said...

That's okay, Maureen, we'll still love you anyway. It is such a funky addition to my blogosphere. Imagine, me knowing a real nerd! Not just any old nerd either! I think it is really cool.

Christine said...

I am only a Kinda Dorky Non-Nerd. But I am in awe of your mad skillz.

Nell said...

I can't go take that test. I'm kinda proud of the nerdy parts of me, and I don't want to admit that I might not measure up on a real nerd test. I too am in awe of your nerdiness.

Anonymous said...

Maureen - I'm not a real nerd. I only play one 8-5.

p.s. Did you design your header logo? I love it. I'd like to create one for my blog, but don't even know where to start. See how much a nerd I am not?

Jill said...

Yeah I was going to say - I don't think anyone who devotes as much time as either of us do to a blog can deny nerdiness...

:-0 :-0 :-0

Sofia said...

You're one of the coolest nerds I know.

I'm a slightly dorky non-nerd. Hmmm....

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I'm only a "high nerd". I can only aspire to your nerdom.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're a nerd. I am too, but you put me to shame. I thought I was pretty Star Wars hip, but you're the real deal. I only ranked a nerd king on the test, largely because I've spent the time you learned to compute learning to play the piano. If that wasn't the case, I might be able to hold a candle to your nerdly genius.

Okay, here's the question: Have you ever done your hair in the Princess Leia "Double-headphone" style?

Melissa said...

lovin your "nerdiness" ;) the whole star wars fan is pretty cool in a way . my stepdad and you would get along perfectly, lol

Maureen said...

Ann(ie): :O !!

Toners: Aw, go on; revel in the nerdiness!

Sweet Irene: Thanks… it’s good to be loved for what you are.

Christine: Well, a Kinda Dorky Non-Nerd is cool too (whatever the heck that is)

Nell: Thank you… but you know, admitting is the first step to recovery.

Kathy: Yeah, I did design that header..it’s just a photo I took and manipulated in Fireworks (oops, sorry, there I go showing my nerdiness again). But thank you.

Jill: So, so right. I spend hours tweaking my blog, yet my garden is a mess…

Sofia: Awww, thanks … it’s good to hear from you again!

Curly Glamour Girlie: Ah, I just know, with a lot of effort, you too, can be a God (or Godess)…

The Frogster: Ah, thank you… yeah, I was pretty deep into Star Wars; these past few months I have been taking a break from the insanity. And don’t think that piano playing can’t be nerdy; it all depends on WHAT you play. And no, I haven’t done MY hair like that, but my daughter? Well, more on that actually in an upcoming post…

Hey Melissa: See how the guys love a Star Wars chick? I was surrounded by men at those conventions; too bad they were all even nerdier than I was…

Canadian flake said...

I TOTALLY love Star Wars...have passed that love along to my son...

Are you a trekkie too????

Anonymous said...

Too bad we're both married...

Janet said...

But you're a good nerd. In our world, nerds rule. I'm off to take that test...

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