Good Sign, Bad Sign

"Egel-Eyed" Bradley from The Egel's Nest not only bestowed his awesome award on me a few weeks ago, but he also sent me this photo of a local street sign he passes by on his daily rounds.

This is very cool since my name isn't exactly popular. I've met only one other Maureen in real life.

Yes, it's lonely.

It can be frustrating at times too. I mean, ever try to find your name in those kiosks of cheapo keychains, personalized pencils or teenie-tiny novelty licence plates? Unless you're Kathy, Susan, John or Mark, you're probably out of luck. 99% of the time, I can't find "Maureen" on anything personalized which absurdly makes me want that crap even more.

And I don't think I've ever seen my name on a street sign before either, come to think of it.

In OUR nieghborhood, there is a disturbing new trend. The streets are being named after ... gagggg ... Local City Councillors.

Yup. Politicians names splattered across our fine young development. And not just during election time in gaudy colors on flimsy cardboard posters. Nope. There they are, in big black letters on shiny metal posts. To ensure they are recognized, they don't just use their last names either. Oh, no. These extra-long (and more expensive, of course) signs display their FULL names, first and last.

I would have loved to be at that historic City Council meeting where they nominated each other to be enshrined for ever-more in Civic History, or at the very least now have the ability to point to themselves on the City map.

Then again, maybe not. I would have gone crazy listening to the same Great Thinkers that came up with the necessity for this sign:

Thank goodness it was there.

I might have actually walked off the safe pavement and onto that strange and dangerous squishy green stuff.

More than likely, I would have smacked my face straight INTO the sign...

Maybe they should post another sign that warns me of the "Sidewalk Ends" sign.

Excuse me whilst I ring up my Local City Councillor to rectify the situation ... whoever the hell that is.

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Kathy said...

Maureen -- I can't stand my neighborhood. All the street names are women's names. I hate giving directions. Turn right on Harriett, right on Maria, and a quick left on Janet. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Oh, not that dumb. The "Sidewalk Ends" sign is dumber!

Canadian flake said...

My hometown used to do the same thing with new streets...naming them after local politicians...until they found out they named a street after a guy that turned out to be a pervert that messed with a couple of little boys...

I think they have rethought that policy now...

Janet said...

That Sidewalk Ends sign is classic. Could you not just refer to your map to find the name of your able-bodied city official? :-) Tax dollars at work...gotta love it!! :-)

Thx, too, for the Thanksgiving greetings! Janet

NH Yocal said...

The sidewalk ends sign is hilarious...sounds like you and I have the same retarded township people.

I know what you mean about the name though...Melinda isn't exactly a common one. Unfortunately I bestowed upon my children the same problem...guess they won't have too many keychains and silly license plates, maybe they can get one with their initial on it.

Jill said...

I LOVE signs and posts about signs...

Last spring I saw this woman walk full speed ahead toward one of those "sidewalk ends" signs & I wondered if she was going to go around & walk through the grass or step into the street or what. But no, she did a complete about face - just turned around & went back wherever she came from.

I always wished I could have a job naming streets. I'd dispense with all these whimsical names - Creekbend where there's no creek & no bend, Plantation Drive where there's no plantation. I'd give them more realistic names like "Ant Hill View Drive" and "Stickerburr Acre Road"...

The Egel Nest said...

I was wondering how you were going to use that "Maureen" sign...well played my friend!

loved the sidewalk ends sign also...I LOVE funny signs!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Egel Nest

Burfica said...

I can't find stuff with my name on it either, I can find it with the y spelling but not the ie spelling of my name.

Our town has streets that are numbers, then the older streets are all trees Elm, Fir, Birch, Tamerisk, then we have horses. Morgan, appaloosa, then we have animals. Elk, Hawk, Mule court. Funny stuff.

DJ Kirkby said...

Can't stop laughing!

Boatwoman said...

How wonderful to know your name is there for all to see.
I used to work with a Maureen, she was lovely.

In the Uk we have some really stupid signs and they get put in idiotic places.

Ann(ie) said...

That sidewalk ends sign cracks me up! heeheeeeeeeeeee! Might help those stumbling home from the pub, no?

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Maureen:

Thank you SO much for the lovely birthday wishes! It made me so happy!!

Happy holidays to you and yours!!


toners said...

LOVE IT! And you're not alone with the personalized mug frustration - very rarely is there a Toni on there....which does, as you say, make me want that darned mug even more!!! LOL!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Love the Sidewalk Ends sign. It's so poetic.

And you think "Maureen" stuff is hard to find? Try "Tiffany" personalized items!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Ahhh don't you love how city officials think of ways to waste our tax payers' money? Brilliant!

My (real) name is awfully hard to find too. Although it has gotten more popular since I was younger, but it is still a little rare. My grandmother used to comb stores searching for items with my name on it and she never failed to amaze me with what she could come up with.

Creative-Type Dad said...

I need a sign like that.

By the way - I work with two Maureen's.
Maybe you guys can start a club?

Bruce Johnson said...

I work in State Government, so this sign makes perfect sense to me. I have been brainwashed by my abusers.

On a lighter note, check out the song "Maureen" by great song, I must say.

Irene said...

Luckily, my name is popular and I can always find a mug or something with it on it. I can be on such an ego trip! Wow, I can have useful items with my name on it all over the apartment and everybody will know who I am and I will get Alzheimer and wonder who Irene is.

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