A Van Called Christine

You could say it's been a crazy month...

First, my freezer dies.

Then our TV remote gave up the ghost.

Next came my cell phone which decided all it would do was display a bright white screen.

Yup, technology is failing all around me, all within a few days of each other.

To top it off, a doctor at work backed into the side of my Dodge Caravan while I was leaving the hospital parkade. He took full responsibility for the accident, so at least it's one thing I don't have to pay for. But it's yet another inconvenience dealing with Autopac, the police and a repair shop.

Good thing my insurance deductible was waived. I can't believe this little dent is costing over $1,800 and taking nearly a week to repair.

Yesterday I took it into the body shop and they gave me a free loaner to use. Usually they give you the same type of car you brought in; so I was expecting another van.

Instead, they set me up with (yes, I'll have to admit) a beautiful 2008 Grand Prix. But since I was used to driving a van and snow was in the forecast, I asked that if a van became available, could I swap them? Sure enough, later in the day they found a 2007 Grand Caravan for me.

Of course, my family thought I was crazy to trade in the sporty Grand Prix for a van.

Daughter especially.

When we arrived at Enterprise, there was a fierce windstorm on. I suggested to daughter she could keep warm by waiting inside the van while I transferred our stuff from the Grand Prix. Um, it should be stated clearly here, the Caravan had yet to be turned on.

As the storm raged, I hauled all our crap stuff over while she sat and waited. But then "Christine" the Grand Caravan sprang to life on its own.

The left turn signal started clicking.

The wipers began to clear the windshield.

Daughter freaked out.

Now she swears the thing is possessed and wants the Grand Prix back.

Not one to believe in spirits, I am leaning more to the conclusion it was either:

a) The 70 Km/hr winds playing havoc with the car


b) The two salesguys with a spare remote inside Enterprise having a bit of fun with the teenage girl sitting alone in the dark car lot.

I simply won't admit that the Gods of Technology have it out for me yet again....

14 People would rather be commenting:

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I think the Grand Prix was miffed you wanted to trade it for the van and possessed the van.

Amie Adams said...

Those are some guys with an awesome sense of humor if it was them.

I have been reading stories of poltergeists across the blogosphere lately though, so you might not want to rule that out.

toners said...

LOL!! My money's on b: just because it sounds funnier :) I hope you get your van back soon!

Em said...

I certainly hope the technology ghosts have subsided and things are working properly.

Nell said...

Dude, I would have freaked out if I was your daughter. Turned itself on? Take the Grand Prix. Take it!

Unknown said...

No, your van was possessed. It happens all the time. Especially minivans.

DJ Kirkby said...

Geez...this post remineded me of why we called it 'Winterpeg' when I was growing up! Snow already? We've only just started wearing coats over here and are complaining about having to have the heating on!

Maureen said...

CGG: I think you may be correct...

Mam: I am NOT telling daughter that!

Toners: Thanks! No word yet though...

Em: Well, the car hasn't done me in yet - actually it is quite nice.

Nell: You and my daughter would make quite a pair -- screaming in a vehicle which is turned off....

DD: Do you own a minivan? Hmmmm... perhaps you are right. Ever since I got one, it's the only thing I like to drive. Must have possessed me at the start.

DJ: Now how the heck did you know about "Winterpeg???" That is hilarious! Well, we only have a dusting of snow so far; it's not uncommon for us to get a snowstorm on Halloween; so it's actually late this year...

The Egel Nest said...

Most likely the guys with a spare key fob...but funny nonetheless...

I used to be a sporty car guy...now I am all about roominess and functionality...I drive a Kia rondo crossover...LOVE it!

The Egel Nest

Canadian flake said...

lol I would have hopped out and refused to get back in..y'all are braver than I am...lmao.

DJ Kirkby said...

I grew up in B.C. (see my wild hippie child blog for more detail). I popped over to say congrats, you are the winner of this week's wordless Wednesday.

Maureen said...

Bradley: Yup. I agree... I am spoiled for a high seat and 360 degree view now.

CF: Daughter never DID ride in that van again after that night...

DJ: Neat that you used to live in B.C. Been there many a time and love it. I will have to check out your other blog... and YIPEE! I won??? Cool, Cool, Cool! Thank you -- I am off to get my badge!!

Rachel said...

LOL! Your poor daughter. I think someone was having a great time, but I love the King reference!!

Jill said...

Oh! The Last couple weeks must have been bad for technology! My watch died, my computer died (got it back thankfully), my cell phone battery died...

How weird on the car! I wonder if the strong winds could have done it after all? You didn't ask the sales guys?????

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