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Here's a post from last year that didn't get any comments... so I'm rehashing it for WayBack Wednesday:


I should know better.

I really should.

In between working at two hospitals today, I thought I would save time and grab a quick lunch to eat in the car on the way back to my office. Throwing caution to the wind, I decide to be "bad" and pull into a local A&W. Going inside to order, I puruse the menu and decide on the Teenburger Meal. Mmmmmm. Bacon.

"Fries or onion rings?" asks the elderly woman behind the till.

I'm brave: "Rings, please. Oh, and iced tea instead of root beer."

Thump. A bag INSTANTLY appears on the counter.

In just seconds.

I am unsure whether to be really impressed or really afraid.

Looking around, I realise I am the only one in line. In fact I am the only customer in the restaraunt. This has to be mine. I open it up and yes, a burger and onion rings, ketchup AND napkins are all inside.

Now this is where I made my big mistake: I pay for my meal, pick up the drink and greasy bag and I leave.

At the first red light my grumbling stomach succumbs to the aroma of fried sinfulness. I unwrap the burger, which surprisingly, looks NOTHING like the Teenburgers on TV.

It was a limp, dripping mess.

But hunger overcomes common sense and and I take a big bite. Mouth full of soggy bun and lukewarm patty, I swiftly come to the conclusion that yes, I SHOULD have been afraid.

It was gross.

And the worst part; the bacon was "off". Crap. Grabbing a napkin, I removed it from my mouth before I swallowed.

So much for lunch. Back in the bag it went, along with the onion rings I now have no appetite for.

I sip on the iced tea.

Yes, I should have known better.

And saved myself $ 8.50 to boot.

NOT what a real Teenburger looks like

18 People would rather be commenting:

darla said...

Ahh, nothing worse than soggy, wet bread!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Take it home, put it in the Jack LaLanne juicer and preto...a nice hamburger smoothie.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Oooh. I don't suffer bad service lightly. Go email the company or call the restaurant. $8.50 is not pennies. (Or loonies or tunnies for you Canadian folk)

Unknown said...

That post made me hungry and then not hungry and then hungry again when I saw that picture....ew...A&W is always such a disappointment :(

Aimeslee Winans said...

Yup, the last time I did fast food drive-thru, I ordered a desert and they left it out. Pissed me off good.

Megan said...

Yuck! Nothing worse than bad fast food. When I indulge myself, which is way more often than I would like to admit to, I get so very upset at bad food. I should know better! Why would a burger king hamburger taste like gourmet? It's the wasted money that kills me. I am always half way to my next destination when I realize something is wrong. No turning back then.

Cupcake Blonde said...

This is why if I got to A&W I insist they make it fresh for me as I stand there. And the way their counter is set up yu can see the kitchen so I can watch them. Yes, I am obsessive but I get fresh food or I can't eat it. THey are the only place I know of that makes their food and lets it sit. Even McDonald's makes it fresh near me!

Phoenix5 said...

I remember when A&W was a great place for a "burger and a rootbeer" as the song goes. Now, I find A&W over-priced and always a disappointment. I don't mind their Mozza Burger every once in a while, but the price always makes me think twice.

On another note, when I was a young buck, I worked at McD's, and during the slow mid-afternoon period, we'd have contests to see who could make the best "TV Burger"... ie. a burger that looked closest to the ones you see on TV. The winner got to eat their creation free! I think I won once... it was no easy task, I tell you!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

My wife loathes all things fast food and has impressed her disdain upon my kids. I made them all sack lunches today but forgot to make me something. As I pulled into the line a BK my son says, "This is just for you, right? And don't tell mom, right?"

Smart kid.

Canadian flake said...

ok I have totally had this happen to me too...a teenburger can be SOOOOO good or really really bad...all depends on the location I

Better luck next time (if you ever have the courage to try

Maureen said...

Darla: You got that right!

VE: Ewwww... hamburger smoothie? Yuk.

Curly Glamour Girlie: This happened last year... when looking for a Teenburger image on the A&W site, I found their "feedback" page. So I wrote them. They sent me coupons for free meals and drinks; but you know, I never DID go back and use them!

Huckdoll: Yeah, it all depends on the actual restaurant, it seems. And I know what you mean about swaying back and forth... mmmmmm bacon.

Aimeslee: Sad to say, most times there is something wrong with all our takeouts lately.... They just don't care anymore.

Megan: How true... especially with take out. By the time you realise you were shafted, are you going to waste the gas and time to go back? Probably not.

Vegas Princess: Yeah, I always thought there were regulations against having food sit... next time, I'm going to follow your lead and insist on freshly made bad food!

Phoenix5: Hah! That's hilarious!!! Trying to make the food look like on the commercials... I thing I saw somewhere that most times what you see on TV isn't even FOOD... it's sculpted out of other stuff and sprayed with varnish... or browned with a blow torch.

Ed: Yeah! Smart kid! And smart to keep to healthy foods too. I was raised in the 60s and 70s when fast food was a novelty... so we still treat it like a special thing.

Canadian Flake: I haven't returned to THAT A&W, but the one nearer to us is better... but they'll never be like they were years ago.

April said...

$8.50?!? I'm totally stunned by that. We go once a week to fast food (enough to hopefully keep them from over-indulging as adults who were supposedly "deprived" as children, but not often enough that they don't know what real food tastes like) and the total for all 3 of us is always less than $15. $8.50 for one person?!?

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Sarabeth said...

Oh, gross. Oh. Ew. Ew.

Blog hopping--HP


Yuck...nothing worse than not getting what you wanted, nor what you paid for...time allowing, I would have taken it back.

Blog hopping...

Ann(ie) said...

ewwwww. A&W around here is the same way!!!

ShannanB said...

uck. Growing up I loved A&W doesn;t sound like it's quite the same!

Anastasia Beaverhousin

Anonymous said...

Just blog hopping through, have a great weekend.

Bruce Johnson said...

Regardless.....this is still making me hungry.

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