Two Forms of Garbage

The other night I was blogging / surfing / otherwise wasting spending quality time on my laptop in the living room when I heard a familiar "Crunch" outside the front window.

The kind of "Crunch" I have heard too many times before. Definitely a car running into something.

I peered into the darkness, but couldn't see anything amiss on the front street.

Must have been on the highway. I presumed.

And then I didn't give it another thought.

Until I went out an hour later to put out our trash and recycling, for tomorrow was Garbage Day.

That's when I realized just WHAT the "Crunch" was.

Garbage Day

Yup, some idiot going too fast lost control on the icy street, careened over our driveway (luckily hubby had just moved his truck up near the house) and through a snowbank to push our neighbor's trash can and recycling bin across their driveway and out into the middle of the street.

Of course hurling cans, bottles, cardboard AND garbage everywhere.

Of course it was windy, causing newspapers to fly into yards halfway down the block.

Of course it had to be - 48 C that night.

Of course they didn't stop to clean up their mess.

And of course I chased down all the debris in the arctic wind, dodging cars who graciously ran over what I hadn't yet collected propelling it further down the street.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I mean, there was no way I would have left it... our neighbors are in their 80's.

Yes, it was disgusting picking up all that trash in the street, but it didn't make me half as sick as the garbage behind the wheel did.

After The Cleanup

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Cupcake Blonde said...

What a great neighbor you are! I can't stand people who drive over something and keep going. I once saw someone hit a dog and pause, roll down their wondow, look at the poor creature and then keep going. It made me sick.

Irene said...

You've done a good deed, girl. There are many selfish and stupid people in the world and, luckily, you are not one of them.

I hope people like you keep outnumbering the other kind.

Phoenix5 said...

Is there a "Good Citizen" or "Good Neighbour" or "Local Hero" award in Winterpeg that I can nominate you for? You're amazing! You're my kind of person! I doff my cap (or would if I was wearing one) to you! I'd even play you a fanfare on my old trumpet... IF I could get the valves to go back in... and IF I could actually still play it! Kudos to you, my friend! The world needs more people like you in it! (Are you suitably embarrassed yet? Tee hee heeeee!)

Seriously, though, I really wish more people were like you. Our cities would be kinder, gentler places if that were so. Have a great week, you deserve one!

Ann(ie) said...

Good for you, darlin. I love that you did that. SO many wouldn't bother. xo.

toners said...

((hugs)) to you for being such a thoughtful neighbor! And thank goodness it was only trash!

Kathy said...

Oh, what a sweet neighbor you are! Your elderly neighbors won't even know anything was amiss. You do deserve a Good Neighbor award!

the frogster said...

Look. I would have stopped to pick the stuff up but I was late getting home for "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Sorry. I'm sure you understand.

MarĂ­a said...

That would so piss me off. We had someone hit our car last year and keep trucking. Ridiculous!!

I'm glad you picked it up. I so would not have done that if it was even +48. I hate cold weather!

Nell said...

Ugh, people are such jerks. But then again, there are people like you, who take the time in the freezing cold to pick up someone else's mess.

Janet said...

Grrr...that is aggravating, to be sure! Kudos to you for risking life and limb to tidy it up!

darla said...

Very nice of you to pick up their mess! I've had to do similar things.... something really disgusting about picking up someone else's trash, isn't it? lol

Ed & Jeanne said...

Don't worry, Karma comes around. Perhaps it'll be him you wipe out next time you're on the ski slope! ;)

Heather said...

I'm sorry you had that happen. It was really nice of you to clean up the mess, though! :)

Rick said...

Love the "crime scene" photo. Save it for the trial.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I hate chasing garbage down the freakin street! But thanks for entertaining me with that story.

Maureen said...

VP: Oh my goodness… they left a DOG??? How can people live with themselves??? That is sickening.

Sweet Irene: Aw, thank you. There are a lot of good people; unfortunately only ONE selfish and stupid person is one too many.

Phoenix5: You’re too kind. And yes, I’m suitably embarrassed ;)

Ann(ie) Thanks, but it’s simply the right thing to do. What amazes me is the number of people who don’t KNOW the right thing to do. Something as simple as taking responsibility for your actions. That’s what is sad, really.

Toners: Yes, thank goodness most of the loose stuff was recycling. It could have been a lot worse.

Kathy: Yes, I made it a point not to tell them… unless, of course their box and bin were damaged too much. What damage there was they probably just assumed the garbage guys did.

The Frogster: Haw!!!! You’re priceless Frogster… and NO, I don’t understand!!! (especially since I am a Star WARS fan) ;)

Maria: Yeah, hit and runs are the most despicable; people running away from their responsibilities like cowards.

Nell: There are jerks everywhere; I just wish I would have seen them to hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind.

JP: Yeah, I couldn’t believe the cars just whizzing by, not even slowing down when they could clearly see me picking up the trash from all over the road… geez.

Darla: Thank you. And yes, it wasn’t pretty, but leaving it would have been worse.

VE: Ah yes, Karma… I hope their car was damaged… ah, I shouldn’t be so vengeful, but it’s true.

Heather: Thanks. I can’t imagine ignoring it!

Rick: Heh, heh… I did have a fleeting moment when I wanted to rush back inside and take a “before” photo of the trash on the street, but I didn’t want it to get worse… that stuff was really flying around! I wonder if any of the neighbors saw me in their driveways wondering what the heck I was up to…

Noble Pig: Well, at least it was entertaining… you’re welcome ;)

The Egel Nest said...

The nerve of some people...

How dare they not come back to continue pushing your garage all the way to the dump...some people...I tell you!

The Egel Nest

United Studies said...

The world needs more people like you. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's just nasty. We have people in our alley way that like to pick through our garbage looking for cans and bottles. Nothing says fun like having to pick frozen diapers up from behind your garage.

Momo Fali said...

Aw! I hope some good things come your way, since you did such a good deed.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Thre was a cycle company van with two young guys driving like idiots on our icy streets yesterday as I was out shoveling (AGAIN). I stared them down as they drove past intentionally swerving skid around. When they skidded THROUGH the stop sign and didn't slow down I waited for them to come back. (I have seen the truck before) I stared them down again and would have kindly asked them to please be careful as it is 3:00 and kids are getting home from school at this time (I was out waiting for the bus, too). They didn't stop, but gave me a sarcastic wave and smile. I took down the liscence plate and called the company. The guy on the phone was nice, but I don't know if anything came of it. If I ever see the kids driving like that again, I will call again. I am not a complainer, either! I just thought with someone driving a company van, they need to have more responsibility than that.

Maureen said...

Bradley: Yeah! You’re right! How dare they? After all, it was heading in the right direction…

Jacki: Aw, you’re too kind.

Andi: When I first read your comment, I thought you typed "frozen dinners" not "frozen diapers"!!! Wow, how the mind does play tricks. And ewwwww....

Momo Fali: Well, not so far… I had a hell of a day today, but thanks!

Angie: Oh, that would have made me mad too. Sometimes you HAVE to complain before someone gets hurt! I hope the company did something…

Unknown said...

Holy crap, what an a$$hole. But good for you for taking charge and getting it cleaned up in that cold weather.

Aimeslee Winans said...

I cannot get past what minus 50 degrees must feel like....

Canadian flake said...

That was really nice of you to clean it are a great neighbour!!!

Jill said...

ICK!!! Sorry you had all that to pick up but it was really nice you you. :-(

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