I Told You So

My daughter, the typical Health-Conscious Teen Of Today (HCTOT), has passion for bagels. But not just ANY bagel; whole wheat ones that are ... of course,

Good for you. (Damn kid...)

Well, I will admit they are tasty. So delish in fact, hubby has a hard time finding them at the bakery. When he does, he brings home as many as he can.

Me, being the Health-Conscious Mother Of Today (HCMOT) [Hah!], threw them in the freezer after a few days so they'd stay fresh. But that didn't sit well with daughter, who insisted we keep them on the counter.

The battle begins.

Round 1:

I come out swinging, regaling daughter with stories of my childhood when decorative metal breadboxes were all the rage in every 1960's kitchen... beautiful on the outside, but they hid the terror of gross moldy loaves everyone forgot were in there.

It's no wonder I'm now obsessive about keeping all breads safe from fungus in our freezer.

Round 2:

Daughter counterpunches by insisting that the bagels are too hard to slice open when frozen.

Round 3:

I jab with a suggestion she mic them to soften before cutting.

Round 4:

She dodges, bobs and weaves at my solution, declaring that ruins them; making them tough.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The match is over and the ringside judges declare a TKO.

The bagels are sitting on the counter once again.

As a consolation prize, this morning I noticed another bag with a single bagel still remaining in the freezer, so I brought it to work. Lunchtime came and I couldn't wait to get to that chewy whole wheat treat. So I took a big bite and realized that yes, it HAD in fact gone stale.

Actually, it had passed Stale.

Way past.

Stale was just a dot on the horizon, it was so far past...

AFTER I swallowed that first bite (of course), I see the evidence. The green and white spots of "fur" that had me gagging and reliving that breadbox nightmare from childhood.

Spore Zoom

Spore Zoom

I would have smugly told daughter "I told you so!"

... if I didn't feel like throwing up.

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Ed (zoesdad) said...

I have a 60's metal breadbox. I love the nostalgia, the cool rounded look, the sound of it opening and closing.

I can't stand all of the moldy bread I've thrown out of that thing. (I've learned to always check first, eat second.)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I didn't know frozen bread could get moldy. Huh, thanks for being the proof on that.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

What kind of bagels are healthy???

John said...

growing up, bagels were quite a foreign thing to this WASP from the midwest! when my mom would buy the occasional bag of lender's bagels she would put them in the freezer also. but then it was a whole process to toast (this was pre-microwave ovens), re-toast, scrape off burnt edges, then eat.

so off i go to u-michigan where my new jewish friends taught me all about bagels. who knew it was ok to just tie the bag shut and keep it in the pantry?! 30 seconds in the microwave and life is good!

moral of the story: if you eat the bagels fast enough, they don't need to be frozen to be kept fresh.

Maureen said...

Ed: Ha! See, they ARE nice, just not practical...

Jeff: You're welcome. My contributions to society are numerous and varied. And selfless. And stupid.

CGG: Well, "healthIER" than a normal bagel, let's say...

John: Exactly. But how many bagels can you eat in a day or two? Then they are definitely NOT healthy.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Sometimes it's best not to say I told you so..Even if you are barfing at the time..LOL !

Ed & Jeanne said...

Look at the bright side...you can scrape off the mold and sell it as organic penicillin.

Bruce Johnson said...

I am so glad I don't have children......

Phoenix5 said...

You always make me laugh with your writing, Maureen!

I remember the days of the breadbox and the pairs of heals, end-pieces, or whatever you called them silently sitting inside growing green and furry. Bagels don't last long enough in our house to grow stale, let alone moldy, unless they are the cheap, pre-bagged ones. I think they are bagged stale! The fresh-baked are so much better, but then again, so much pricier too.

Jill said...

That's exactly why I moved around the corner from the bagel shop. Ok, so it's not the ONLY reason, but they're yucky out of the freezer & they don't last on the counter 'cause they're not chock full of preservatives. So what else can you do besides move next to the bagel shop?

Jill said...

Oh & btw - sorry you got a bite of blecky yucky mold!!!!!

Irene said...

I bet your daughter put a moldy bagel from the kitchen counter into the freezer, because there is no way mold can grow on a bagel in a freezer.

Either she did it or there is another culprit in the house.

Rigorous questioning is called for.

NH Yocal said...

I love bagels but I can't get over freezing them either. It is just one of those things I have to have fresh. I usually only buy a few at a time so they don't go to waste. As for the mold, urgh, that would send me barfing too.

Maureen said...

Peggy Sez: This is true. So true… Not that she’d even listen to “I Told You So” anyway!

VE: Too bad I have an allergy to penicillin!!! (True… so is daughter)

Lotus07: Well, it does provide some good blog fodder… so maybe it’s worth it ;)

Phoenix5: I know. The bakery bagels are much better. Yes, more expensive, but it is worth it. I just wish we could find them every day so we don’t have to “stock up”.

Jill: You hit the nail on the head! I will definitely need to find a bagel shop nearby that stocks some good varieties. On a DAILY basis. Oh, and yeah, I can’t believe I didn’t hurl right then and there. I kept it down and fought the urge to Google “mold poisoning”… (just kidding).

Sweet Irene: Although that’s a good theory, nope, I am sure daughter had nothing to do with it… she didn’t even know it was there. It’s my thought that it was moldy BEFORE I put it in the freezer… and stupid me didn’t even notice.

Melinda: I don’t mind freezing them. Once they are mic’d, they are quite good and chewy (the way I like them… Oh, and I prefer them without the fur coat).

Canadian flake said...

okkkkkkk I am not laughing...honest I am not laughing...

wellllll maybe just a little bit..but only because I have a teenager ...roflmao

toners said...

I remember the breadboxes!! We had big metal ones with strange designs on them...

Bradley's Mom said...

Any blog about bagels makes me happy!

Just love bagels!

Sorry you got a moldy one, though. Moldy is always gross.

Have a great weekend!


Cupcake Blonde said...

I had no idea bagels could still mold in the freezer. I thought the whole point of putting them in there was to keep them from going bad. But I have to agree with your daughter, they never quite taste the same after being frozen. I am sorry you ate a moldy piece of bagel and am gaging in response to the idea. ECHHKK!

Ann(ie) said...

ewwww. *gag*

I'm a bagel fanatic. Ours don't get a chance to get moldy around here.

Karen MEG said...

I stick all our bread in the freezer. But I too was shocked that they got moldy there too! I'm always on mould alert... married to a microbiologist.

Bagels are sooooo yummy, but they pack a punch in the calorie department. I love those *EVERYTHING* bagels though.

Tara R. said...

I remember those metal boxes... or the roll top bins. Your bouts with your daughter sound a lot like the ones I have with my kids. Do we ever get to win?

blog hopping - etcetera

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...


hilarious - yet EW at the same time.


great writing ma!


April said...

Sorry, I'm with your daughter on this one. I've tried to do the 'keep the bread in the freezer' thing, but it just takes all the good, fresh taste out of it.

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

damon said...

Round 5 - Goes to the fuzzy fungus by TKO! Sorry! (Now go brush-twice)


Unknown said...

I keep the unused bread in the freezer and it stays pretty fresh...the current one is always on the counter, but with bagels, we try and eat them fresh within a day or two. That's the beauty of bulk type bagels :) PS. Don't feel too bad, I've also eaten mold on numerous occasions.

Janet said...


Maureen said...

CF: Hah! So you CAN relate! And it’s okay to laugh…

Toners: Yeah, I’ll bet they are collectibles nowadays.

Bradley’s Mom: Hope you had a great weekend too… always nice to hear from you!

VP: I think it must have gone before the freezing; either that, or it wasn’t cold enough, being the freezer over the fridge, not the deep freeze…

Ann(ie): “Gag” is right!

Karen Meg: Hah! Married to a Microbiologist… I need one of those! Obviously.

Tara R: No. We never win, at least if you ask THEM, that is…

A-Licious: :D Thanks!

April: But I’d take not-so-fresh taste over mold anyday…

Damon: Heh! That’s for sure.

Huckdoll: Well, I guess I’ll live then… I’m sure many people have eaten mold and not even known it!

JP: Yessssss!!!! ;)

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