Set the Wayback Machine to 1966 Sherman

My Mom is quite the seamstress. Not only has she made all her kids beautiful quilts and other household linens in recent years, she even used to make us clothes when we were small.

Yup. Lucky us.

That Kid In The Red DressNow I realise it was another way to make ends meet during lean times in the 60's, like my Dad's homemade haircuts. But back then? Not overly thrilled.


But I still remember the clothes she made for us. The terrycloth pants with huge cuffs, the peasant-style shirts, the soft flannel pyjamas.

And I remember this red dress with the sailor collar and white lace trim.

But I don't quite recall the matching er, "scarf".

Now let me make it clear, we are NOT Ukranian. Or Russian. Or any other Eastern European nationality that requires young girls to wear babushkas. We are half English and half Irish.

So I don't exactly know why I was dressed like an 80 year old lady heading off to church. I guess I was too young and naive to point this out to my Mother at the time.

Even if I did, I wouldn't dare hurt her feelings. She worked so hard; hunched over those flimsy brown paper patterns, pinning, cutting and calling us downstairs for repeated fittings and hemming.

So don't feel sorry for me. I was just six.

But you can, if you wish, send condolences to my older sister:

Poor Sis...

23 People would rather be commenting:

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Oh my!

My mom didn't sew. Boy how she could iron on a patch though.

Irene said...

I send condolences to both of you and hope you weren't observed by too many of your peers. Mothers with sewing machines ought to be locked up sometimes and be rehabilitated.

Maggie May said...

Hi Maureen I have come over to check you out! You left a comment on my blog! I had forgotten that other parts of the world did not know what Morris dancing was..... Now we have linked it with an explanation!

The little headscarves WERE all the rage once upon a time........! You looked sweet! But then, I am a Grannie!

Kathy said...

Maureen -- I scared my cat when I screamed at the pictures. I do believe this makes you the new bad pictures champion. The scarf? Yeeeee-ikes!

Thank you so much for posting these. Since I started posting my own, you are the first person to out-do me. And in a big way, I might add.

You're such a cutie. It's a shame to have dressed you like that. But God bless your Mom!

Kat Mortensen said...

Thank God in Heaven, my mother did not sew. Is there an address for your sister's Sympathy card? Did she run away from home to join the circus at 15? Did you?
I'm trying to photograph the tiny pic in my yearbook, but I'll never match the horrors you both must have felt over those ensembles.

(Thanks, Kathy for starting really picked up my day!)

Bruce Johnson said...

My guess is, your older sister remains scared for life.....

Day Dreamer said...

My mother would have made stuff like this if she could have sewn.

She sent stuff like this for my kids from used stores. She still sends this stuff!

It's the bonnets she loves the most!!! I do feel sort of sorry for your sister!

Georgina said...

Oh My God I've still got my hand over my mouth! Your sister's outfit looks like a maze. Did she ever find her way out? I'm sure we had such shocking outfits when we were kids, but thankfully the evidence has been destroyed. Debs x

AshPup said...

AWESOME. If only my mom had saved that dress to hand down to me :o) I love those pics!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Did you live with the Amish?

Maureen said...

Ed: Ooooh, now you've reminded me about all those groovy patches I covered everything with!!!

Sweet Irene: Well, she meant well... and no, I don't think my friends saw us (or they would never would have let me live it down).

Maggie May: Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I guess headscarves did have their day...

Kathy: Oh, I KNEW you'd like this one... see? We all have photos from our past we'd like to forget. So instead, what do we do? We post them on the net for the entire world to see... :)

Hey Kat! Thanks for stopping by! I will HAVE to return the favor and take a look at that photo of yours ;)

Lotus07: I hope she forgot about it... but now, thanks to me, she can relive the horror!

Day Dreamer: Thank you for your condolences... I shall pass them on to my sister. If she's still speaking to me after I posted this, that is.

Debs: I am sure my sister had hoped this would never see the light of day.... :) thanks for popping by!

ASHLEY!!! I was SO hoping you'd see this.... oh, how I wish I could have scared the heck out of you by telling you, yes, in fact we saved it for you. Your mom is going to kill me, isn't she??? ;)

VE: It looks like it, doesn't it? All we need in that photo is a horse and carriage in the background....

MarĂ­a said...

What's the problem? I think you guys look pretty fierce!

Anonymous said...

Young fashionistas! My sister and I had outfits a lot like those ... only our mom spared us the scarves ... thank God for small favors. Love your blog! I'll be back! No matter what I do, Google/Blogger will not accept what I know to be my password!


Phoenix5 said...

1966, huh? I was born the year after that, but I remember my mom trying to make shirts for me one time - I think she finally gave up and went to making clothes for orphans or something - I was NOT a good model! What scares me were the clothes from the 70's... I still get hives and the shakes when I see the pictures of the horrible wool suits my mom forced me to wear to church back then!

Stacey said...

Oh my freaking goodness, your poor sis! ;)

toners said...

ROFL!! My mum wasn't much of a seamstress...but boy, could she knit. And those lovely 70's patterns - wooo hoo!!

I send my sympathies to you and your sister and hope the effects weren't too long lasting :)

Have a terrific weekend!

Meg said...

What? NO fishnets? I hope you're making up for it now!

Cupcake Blonde said...

How cool if you still had those dresses and made your kids wear them! That would be sweet justice. :)

And I have meant to ask since you started doing this incredibly cool Wayback Machine is Sherman? The boy in and cartoon? And what is that from? I am not up on today's cartoons so I have no idea.

Allison said...

My mom sewed often. I loved the skirts she made me when I was in first grade.

At least, looking back on them now I do. I don't remember back then.

And I'm proud to say I'm able to make my kids things now. I love to sew, and can actually improvise some things (though I haven't tried anything as big as an outfit---I still need the brown paper patterns). But I need more practice---I can't do sleeves well. My hems are getting better though!

Happy Blog Hoppin'---hopefully I'm making a comeback!

BusyDad said...

I'm so sorry... I am laughing my ASS off. It's both out of sympathy over the headwear, but also because I fondly remember my mom sewing pants for me. I remember one really ugly brown checkered pair that had pockets down to the knees. I could literally stick my entire arm in them!!
- buzzeedad

Maureen said...

The Immoral Matriarch: Well. Thanks. I guess ???

Jenny: Aw, thanks for stopping by! Lucky you you were spared the scarf fashion of the 60’s!

Phoenix5: Oh, the 70’s clothes!!! Now THAT’s a whole other horror post in the making.

Worker Mommy: Yeah. I hope she doesn’t hate me now that I’ve made that pic public!

Toners: Oh, KNITTING…. I definitely remember the knitted vests of the 70’ made from granny squares. Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

Meg: Hah!!! Well, let’s just say I’m a pretty conservative dresser nowadays.

Vegas Princess: Oh, my daughter would KILL me if I even joked about that.

Mr. Peabody (the dog) and his boy Sherman were from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show in 1960… the series of cartoons centered around the genius dog building the Wayback Machine and they would use it to go back in time, showing how they affected historical events. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

Allison: Well, I just hope your kids never have to wear a scarf…. I’ll be back Hoppin’ again tonight!!

BusyDad: Don’t be sorry… but I you reciprocated by making ME laugh at the pants pockets story… I can just imagine those! HAH!!!

Karen MEG said...

Oh Maureen, I haven't been by in a while and I really should put you on my reader, my dear. You just crack me up.

My mom used to put my sister and I in matching outfits ... matching, bad 70's outfits. And guess what, we are not twins; almost 2 years apart; in fact we don't even look like sisters! I think I have photos of me at 12 where we match. Brainwashed, I say.

btw, I can still tell even with the babushka look, that you were a cute little thing.

Have a great weekend!

Aimeslee Winans said...

omg, i remember those fashions and had a few of those too. I think they are cute. Date me, please. LOL Love that red collar, it's cute and your mom was a great seamstress.

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