Tivo's Twisted Sense Of Humour

A most unexpected thing happened while watching our recorded version of the Survivor finale on Sunday.

Something that had my daughter in stitches as I screamed in horror.

Yeah, go ahead; tease me now about reality shows...

I fully admit to being a Survivor fan since the first season. I've even met two Survivor All-Stars; Ethan Zohn (winner of Survivor Africa) and Jenna Morasca (winner of Survivor Amazon). Following that first meeting, Ethan and I traded a few emails back and forth about my donation to his African Grassroots Soccer AIDS charity (which his million dollar prize money founded).


That's enough.


Finished with the wisecracks yet?

Good. Now back to Sunday.

Because hubby made my Mother's Day dinner, we Tivo'd the show and watched it together on delay a bit later in the evening.

With constant interruptions.

After two-plus hours, just as Jeff Probst was to read the final, possibily tie vote for the million dollar winner, the recording stopped.


Jeff just about to read the last vote
Just like that.

Film editors for the Sopranos couldn't have timed it better.

As he unfolded the last parchment, the Tivo beeped and asked if we wanted to delete the show.

I howled.

Hubby just sat there and blinked.

Daughter laughed hysterically at my pain.

I couldn't believe it! I had to find out if Amanda (my choice) or Parvati (hubby's choice) had won... what the hell?

I went back to our program list and desperately searched - and sure enough Tivo had recorded the final hour of the show (including the Reunion special) in a separate file.

Rats. Parvati won.

And daughter laughed hysterically at me once more.

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Maureen Fitzgerald said...

I've had the same thing happen with my DVR and the last few minutes of American Idol (stop laughing!).

Thanks for stopping by - there's always room for another Maureen in WI!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Huh, I thought Pavarotti died last year. And I certainly wouldn't have thought he was in good enough shape to be on Survivor! I'm so uninformed.

Bruce Johnson said...

That Parvati is such a bitch....I can't think of anyone that needs a million bucks less.....hope the IRS has her number.

Kathy said...

All around the world, people with DVRs and Tivos were crying at the screen at 9:59. Luckily I saw on my list there was another show following and I knew it would start with the last minute of the previous installment. Whew! (I didn't like the outcome either).

You know I would never laugh at you for watching reality TV. But I would be jealous of you for all the reality stars you seem to run into. [insert pouty face here]

Anonymous said...

Great post!!! I almost missed the finale!!!! We have a DVR and it has been crazy this season cause the coding has been all screwed up.....it is called different things each week...one week fans vs. favorites, the next Survivor Micronesia, and several other names. So no matter if I set it to tape each week , it WOULDN'T!!!! I had to remember to manually record it that day!!!! I would have much rather had Amanda win, too!!!

Can't wait til next season!!!!!!

toners said...

LOL! That happened to us a couple of seasons ago and now I have to double (OK, triple) check it every time a season of Survivor finishes so that we don't have a replay of the drama and sudden gasps when TiVo jumps in and asks us if we're ready to delete!

Nora said...

Daughters can be really mean like that, especially with moms who are addicted to TV shows.

Maureen said...

Wisconsin Mommy: I won't laugh... I watched the first coupla seasons of AI too. But since then, have lost interest in that one (apart from the crazies in the first few episodes).

Jeff: PARVATI, not Pavarotti... Man, Jeff, you ARE uninformed! ;)

Lotus07: Agreed. I so wanted Amanda to win.

Kathy: Hey if you get on The Amazing Race, I'll have to ask YOU for your autograph too!

KFJ: Thanks! Yeah, back to Africa, should be good (although this was one of my favorite seasons).

Toners: Exactly! Since Tivo just came into Canada and we have had it for just a few months now, I thought I did something wrong!

Noortje: Yeah! But boy would she be sorry if that happened to Gossip Girl!

Whiney Momma said...

Awww...feeling your pain here. If my Tivo did that, bam! I have had problems with our DVR with my favorite show, Lost and with that show if you don't pay attention you are rally "lost."

Sorry to hear your Tivo was being a pain.

Ed & Jeanne said...

I used to watch reality TV too. Of course, now, I don't watch TV but I stopped after reading somebody that blogged about how essentially all reality TV is essentially just like a "bully". What do bullies do? They isolate you and pick on your weaknesses and judge you. The essential ingrediants to reality TV. Judging and feeding on the weak. I thought that was interesting and even though I enjoyed the shows, I don't like bullies and I agreed with his point of view so I stopped.

JD at I Do Things said...

You won't hear me making fun of you for watching (and getting hysterical over) Survivor. I practically shoved my mom out of the car after Mother's Day dinner so I could get home in time (I'd forgotten to set my tape).

You met Ethan??? Does he want to e-mail me, too? I'll donate . . . something.

(loved your graphic)

Maureen said...

Whiney Momma: (love that monniker, BTW...) Lost is one show I never started watching, so I have never tried to watch it as I too would be hopelessly Lost. I will probably catch it on DVD.

VE: What a profound way to think of it that way... you are right. I don't watch a lot of TV, mostly I listen while I tap away on the laptop as hubby channel surfs... but Survior and TAR are must-sees.

JD: Har! I can just picture it, you scrambling to get to the TV in time... Yeah, daughter and I met Ethan and Jenna in October 2004 at a charity dinner... he is even better looking IRL (if that's possible), such a humble, kind person... we spoke before (one on one in a separate meeting room with only a few special guests) and after the meal and got their autographs and pictures taken together too. I tell ya, if I was only younger ... ;)

MYM said...

Thanks for reminding me about that frustrating Sopranos ending! Argh...lol

I'm not a survivour fan, but that would have been devistating!

OHmommy said...

Oh no.... my DVR is my best friend.

Peggy Sez.. said...

I always note that EVERY commercial is intact when this unspeakable horror occurs!

Canadian flake said...

Hey there, Been gone for awhile so thought I would pop in and say hi. Hope you don't mind if I sit for a spell and read up on everything I have missed.

BTW I wanted Amanda to win too..I think that Parverti is a real tart..lol

Momo Fali said...

Oh no! We've had that happen too, though not at such a suspenseful moment!

I really wish Parvati wouldn't have won. I told my husband that if she won I would quit watching...though that's a total lie.

A friend of ours won the Vanuatu season. At his wedding reception there were a lot of Survivor folks there. None of them were as skinny as they were during the show though!

minijonb said...

i hate it when TiVo misses something like that. i then get all OCD and add 5 minutes to every recording. like i need to have to worry about all that.

Unknown said...

Is this the part where I'm supposed to laugh at you?

I've totally lost track of television. I don't even know what's on anymore. Thank God.

Maureen said...

Drowsey Monkey: Oops, sorry to reopen that old Sopranos wound…

OhMommy: Yeah, mine too… when it works, that is!

Peggy Sez: How true! But I DO love scanning thru them… beep, beep, beep!

Canadian Flake: Welcome back! Yeah, but Amanda got the guy; which I think is great!

Momo Fali: Hah! You sound like me… if my choice doesn’t win, I get all pissy… but then I tune in again for the next round! I am such a sheep… baaaa That is so cool about the wedding! Even at the reunion shows, it is funny to see them all dolled up, so different from the show.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Ha the same thing happened to us! We moaned and cried until we remembered that we had taped the reunion show. And we wanted Amanda to win too. I still don't know how Perverted won. Except that her lovers Catwoman and Ozzy-Stealer voted for her, Cirie was pissed at Amanda, Jason is an idiot and Bug-Eyes is just crazy voting for someone who talked smack about her the whole time.

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