If I Never Hear That Song Again

...it will be too soon.

This happens every time an artist descends on the city for a concert.

In an obvious effort to promote sales, all the radio plays is ONE and only ONE of the featured act's songs over and over.

And &*%^#! over again.

I was ecstatic Kid Rock was finally here last week. Not because I am a fan and eagerly awaiting the show.

Oh no.

It's because I never, ever, ever want to hear "All Summer Long" for as long as I live.

Ever again.

I am positive listening to it once per hour for the last bloody two months will do me just fine. It is now permanently etched on my brain.


A lot of Big Name Acts*(BNAs for short) have come / are coming through the city in 2008:

Kid Rock
Tom Jones
Iron Maiden
Kanye West
Foo Fighters
Avril Lavigne
John Mellencamp
Tom Petty
Def Leppard
Billy Idol
Motley Crue
Simple Plan
Elton John
Kelly Clarkson
Reba McEntire
Sheryl Crow
Neil Diamond
Celine Dion
Lenny Kravitz

And you can be sure that each time there will be massive overplaying of the BNA's latest hit until I am sick to death of said BNA.

Well, perhaps with the exception of Elton John.

These musicians have a plethora of music to offer; some with decades of compositions to choose from. But instead of delving into those resources, we are forcefed BNA's newest single on their new CD ad nauseum.

Until the next BNA is on its way. Then we go through the same torture once more.

Marketing at it's finest. Make listeners so disgusted that they can't wait until the BNA is well out of town.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go turn off the radio and put my iPod on shuffle.

Thank God for iPod

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Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I was sick of that song the 2nd time I heard it. I feel your pain.

Maureen said...

What makes me cringe the most about that song is the incredible lyrics:

And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things

Wow. He rhymed "things" with.... "things"


Ed (zoesdad) said...

Wow, does your iPod really have Mickey ears? That's cool!

Maureen said...

I found that skin dirt cheap (like $2 I think) at the Disney store awhile back... Good spotting there Ed!

Momo Fali said...

There are a couple of bands in there that I would prefer not to hear any of their songs EVER, let alone over and over.

ShannanB said...

That sucks. I hate it when that happens. I do hope you won't hate me but I like that song.......

Maureen said...

Momo: Agreed. Celine may be at the top of that list for me as well.

ShannanB: No hate! I am sure there are a lot of Kid Rock fans out there. But even my favorite songs get me irritated if they are played way too much.

Anonymous said...

From radio to i pod,you have done a very quick progress.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

So ... beyond shuffle play, where do your musical interests lie?

Karen MEG said...

Those are a lot of BNA's coming your way.

I never noticed this trend myself, but I do tend to be listening mostly to my CDs in my car, rather than the radio which tends to play the same old, same old.

Yeah, I'm so feckin' old school.

Maureen said...

Do You Need (man, that name is way too long to type the rest ;) ) :
Yes. I tend to listen to the radio in my office where I can't put in the headphones... but man, am I tempted to when certain songs come on!

Speedcat: I like a variety (and that is the key - VARIETY). Modern, classic rock, even soundtracks. What I don't like is the same song over and over. No matter how good it is, I can't stand repetition.

KarenMeg: I am old school too; in that my car doesn't have a CD player :( So I have to listen to the radio in it, unless I steal my daughter's dohickey that allows me to play the ol' iPod in there. But then I miss the traffic and weather reports...

toners said...

I was so glad to read that Elton is the exception. I love that dude. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I guess I am the same way, come to think of it!!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

See this is why I don't listen to commercial radio.

For me at work it's either:

WQXR.com - classical station of the NY Times
WFUV.org - Fordham University's station that plays the most wonderful blend of music ever.
Pandora.com - I can make whatever mix of music I like. (Been digging Sia lately)

In the car it's either FUV, QXR, NPR or a cd. Can't deal with commercial radio anymore.

Maureen said...

Toners: Oh, yeah... I was thinking about you whenever I mentioned Elton.

Speedcat: :)

Lady Banana: Well, in moderation I don't mind some, but to have them constantly on is too much.

CGG: My next car is definitely going to have a CD player!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I have a new song on my blog!!

Phoenix5 said...

I feel your pain, Maureen! I have to admit that I'm NOT a Kid Rock fan... espcially now that he openly plagerizes other artist's work to create his music! Even with the original artist's persmission, I still feel it lessen's the copier's credibility as an artist. As for the radio station's endless repeats, well... they just dance to the tune the record companies play, and after watching the RIAA bite the hand that feeds them these last few years, there's no doubt that intelligence is in short supply there! CD and MP3 players are the way to go! Or Satellite Radio. That might be cheaper than buying a new car! LOL!

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