Oh Gad. I Really Didn't SAY That, Did I?

DiaryJanuary 1, 1975:

Today I made a new Year's Resolution that I would be a faithful fan of Elton John's. I start my scrapbook today.

Ah, yes. My first full-blown obsession at the ripe old age of 14.... I was crazy for Elton John ever since I heard "Tiny Dancer". Perhaps this is why I have never again made a New Years Resolution.... gaahhhh.

January 2, 1975:

Am finding it hard to collect things for my scrapbook right now. But I'm listening to "Greatest Hits".
Geez. I had given it one whole day to "collect things" for my scrapbook. Bravo, Maureen. Patience was obviously NOT my virtue.

January 21, 1975:

Today I got "Caribou". It's fantastic! Listened to it all night. #2 Elton.
And my parents were upstairs thanking the Gods that my bedroom was in the basement.

January 29, 1975:

Today I got "Empty Sky" #3 Elton.
Hmmm.... Eight days later and yet another record purchased. Albums must have been cheap back then. And I don't recall a music store so close to home that I could run to it every friggin' day.

February 3, 1975:

Got "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player". #4 Elton.
What the hell? Did I get a load of cash for Christmas that year or something???

February 4, 1975:

Listened to more of Don't Shoot Me.
Oh good. Play the poor things till they were scraped smooth. This is why I recall taping a penny or two to the stylus so they wouldn't skip...

February 14, 1975:

Want to get "Yellow Brick Road!"
Well, of course I did! I mean, it HAD been a whole 11 days since my last Elton John purchase! What the hell was I waiting for???

February 22, 1975:

Painted first portrait of Elton. Turned out good, if I do say so myself!
Oh, gad. Modesty was obviously not a trait of my 14 year old self.

March 12, 1975:

Second portrait of Elton completed. I hung it up right away with the other one over my bed.
Okay, give me a break. I was a naive teen girl and this was before he "came out of the closet"... ahem... But I DO still have that one with the yellow background. I think I painted over the others.

First two (of many to come) portraits

March 25, 1975:

Today I celebrated Elton's birthday. Hope you had a happy one!
OMG. I can't believe I wrote that. Did I REALLY think HE would even care that some geeky teen in Canada wished him a Happy Birthday? Criminy. Maybe I thought I could send him good vibes via telepathy. And yeah, I shan't have worried. With his millions, drugs and alcohol, I am POSITIVE he had a "happy one"!

May 12, 1975:

Got Tommy! FANTASTIC!!
And I remember seeing the movie later... Um. Let's just say the music was the best part. Yikes. I would never look at baked beans the same way again.

May 19, 1975:

Got "Captain Fantastic" # 7
What? No "FANTASTIC" comment???? Oh yeah. I already said that - twice.

May 30, 1975:

100 Pages!! Finished First Scrapbook!
And that was one of the last entries I ever wrote in my diary.

I wish I still had that scrapbook. Unfortunately it's been lost with the most of my collection over the years. But I still have a photo of my Elton John shrine... and there's the infamous Scrapbook sitting in the middle of it all.

Obsession in full swing
So this was my first bout of OCD, as documented in my Five Year Diary.

Man. I kept that thing squirreled away, locked and hidden for years. It's only with age that I am now brave enough to show you the most embarassing Elton John entry of them all:

March 2, 1975:

Oh. My. God.

25 People would rather be commenting:

Jill said...

It's okay Maureen - "OMG" will be "far out" soon enough!

It's funny, I did a couple drawings of Jackson Browne at that age (around 14), but I don't think I was ever that singularly into one person - that's a LOT of Elton John stuff! And you've got a remote for each and every one of him...
:-) :-) :-)

Anyway, it must be nice to have that stuff to look back through. I have a few journals from my late teens/early 20s, but I think I abandoned earlier journals too soon to have bothered saving them.

Jill said...

Oh yeah - and nice portraits too! No reason for modesty there, especially not in a personal journal!!!!!!

Heather said...

OK I have to LOL at the Elton John obsession, but in all honesty, you should be really proud of those paintings. They're really good! And thanks for being brave enough to share your diary entries...I don't think I could do it. LOL

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Wow... if only Elton knew how much you worshiped him. You are quite the talented artist Maureen! And quite the little hottie too. I bet you had all the guys drooling over you. Well, the straight ones that is.

Unknown said...

Please, please. please tell me you're an Artist.

Unknown said...

Okay, I read your profile. You do do 'Art'. But with that talent - do should be a professional. Really.

AshPup said...

Love it! Totally FAR OUT post. I can't believe you had all that stuff. I guess I did the same thing, at the same age, with a rockstar who also may or may not be gay. Except you are a way better artist than me :o)
I'm bringing "Far Out" back!!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

I think everyone has a story similar to this and if they say they don't they are lying. Because every teenager was obssessed with SOMETHING. Whether it was a singer, movie star, sport, there was something that was all consuming because that is what teenagers do best. Lament and obssess.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Your "appreciation" of Elton is a bit disturbing.

Great artwork, though.

Jessica said...

lol that was an awesome post! Thanks for sharing, and I agree with those above...you are a great artist. :)

Ed & Jeanne said...

Isn't that how Hinkley started out?

Loved the drawings...I envy your talent. You even got his thinning hair in there on the one. How awesome is that?!!

Phoenix5 said...

You never fail to crack me up! That was one of your funniest posts yet! I'm still wiping the tears of laughter away! I agree with the comments about your art talent. I really wish I had an EIGHTH of your talent! And oh yeah, you were so HOT back then! Love the hair! ;-)

MYM said...


Oh damn, I think I had that same diary, I'd give anything to still have it. Got lost in a flood (maybe that's a good thing) I was obsessed with Bay City Rollers ... at least Elton John was cool, and talented.

Those drawings are amazing! Wow, very talented.

Anyway, you were a teen, what's my excuse for my tv crush, I'm 46.

Anyway, loved the post.

Far Out! (your diary is proof that people really did say that back then.)

Maureen said...

Jill: Hah! You are probably right… oh, and thanks for the compliment on the paintings.

Heather: Aw, thanks… and yeah, that Diary has a few gems. Some I will reveal here, some I won’t… ;)

Jeff: Maybe I should tell him when he’s here this fall doing two shows in the city. Then again, maybe not... Unfortunately the tickets sold out in TWO minutes and I don't have one. Crazy. And “hottie”??? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (but thanks!)

Iceel: Not a professional one. Always wanted to be, but I had to pay the bills so I went into business and then the computer field. But thanks… you are sweet.

Ashley: Yeah, I can’t believe I STILL don’t have it all. I don’t recall throwing it out… Yes, to bringing back “Far Out!” That would be groovy.

Vegas Princess: You are right. I think we all have something we focused on ... very true.

Ed: Yes, disturbing but not unusual… just wait until your little ones find something to obsess over. It may be sports, music, art, entertainment… but they will.

Jessica: Aw, thanks. *blush*

VE: Yikes! But it never lasted. I moved on to other obsessions over the years. It’s what I do. Aw, and thanks for the compliment – yes, those were before his hair transplant!

Phoenix5: Aw, you’re too kind, thanks!

Drowsey Monkey: I think those were “the diary of choice” back in the 70’s. When I first posted about it in a previous post, I couldn’t believe how many readers had it. In other colors too. I remember the Bay City Rollers! Every time I hear them I think of the “So I Married An Axe Murderer” movie! Thanks so much…

Bruce Johnson said...

I am speechless. We all do crazy things in our youth, but few have the courage to post them in all there embarassing greatness. You must have a lot of fortatude and courage.

Angelo azzurro said...

Hi Maureen! Great work about those portraits, you're really a good artist!!

Guess what? Yesterday Elton John was here in Venice, Italy. He made a great concert in S. Marco square for saving Venice. for free!

P.S. I like so much your blog!

toners said...

I agree with Jill...in the not-so-distant future, "OMG" will be considered "far out" - and perhaps "far out" will come back!! I just love reading your blog!

BTW, your art is awesome! Elton would be proud!

Don Mills Diva said...

This post CRACKED me up!

At least you had a weird obssession with someone halfway cool who was a good musician. I worshipped Andy Gibb when I was that age!

Mz. Common Sense said...

Great painting skills! I'm jealous. I love the fact that you included your journal entries...nice personal touch! I especially loved your commentaries...you have a great sense of humor!

Janet said...

Your portraits are really amazing! Do you still have them??? I loved EJ but ...brace urself...the Bee Gees, too. I even sent for albums only released in England, I was so obsessed. Until they went disco, then I dropped them. :-)

robkroese said...

What a great little 70s time capsule. Thankfully I never had a diary, or it would have been all about Huey Lewis.

Irene said...

At fourteen, you're forgiven everything, don't worry about it. I was in love with Bobby Kennedy myself and he didn't even sing.

JD at I Do Things said...

Aw. I freaking loved Elton John---maybe a few years before you. I remember getting all his albums. I had a huge crush on him. I still love his earlyl stuff.

And your drawings are great!

JD at I Do Things

Maureen said...

Lotus7: I wouldn’t call it "courage" per se… Crazy, more like it.

Angelo: Aw, thank you and welcome! Free EJ concert??? Far Out! (sorry, couldn't resist).

Toners: You are too kind…

Don Mills Diva: Thanks! Andy Gibb, eh? I remember him too, but he came around a few years later…

Demiera: Thank you… at least others can laugh at me.

Janet: Oh, thanks. There were a lot of Bee Gee fans. I admit I have "Saturday Night Fever" …

Diesel: Hah! I would have LOVED to have seen entries about Huey! And yes, we have "Sports", if not more HL albums still collecting dust.

Irene: Thank you… yes, I was quite the fan. Bobby Kennedy eh? I can see that. Those Kennedy brothers were quite the ladies-men…

JD: I love his early stuff still too, to be honest. Some of my favorites were Skyline Pigeon and Take Me To The Pilot. Not very well known, but incredible songs. Thanks for the compliment!

Sydney said...

Trust me it's not a bad thing to be obsessed with Elton cuz even though he's gay he is very talented and was really HOT in the 70's lol and trust me I love him too (I've got 677 pictures of him on my computer) but they are the really rare ones so I like to save them.

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