Yesterday as I walked through the ER waiting room I stopped in my tracks at the magazine rack -- because sitting there prominently among the donated periodicals was a magazine called "CRAP".

Well, I THOUGHT it said "Crap". Obviously my dyslexic brain was at it again. Either that, or I use that word way-too-much. (Hey, my family reads this blog, so I can't use the s- or f- words...)

Sadly, I'll be buying this soonIn fact, the magazine was titled "CARP".


Carp. "The magazine for Canada’s Association for the 50 Plus."

Um, someone needs to inform them that DOESN'T spell CARP.

I think it should be CRAP. As in "Holy, crap! I'm 50!!"

Because "Carp Magazine" is this.


Or this.

More Carp

Or this.

Even more Carp

Or this.

Make it stop!

And THIS apparently is Total Crap, er Carp:

Total Crap

Crap. That's a lot of magazines about Carp.

26 People would rather be commenting:

Unknown said...

To think they started life as goldfish.

VioletSky said...

I was looking forward to Retired Persons and 50 Plus being the same thing. But wasn't it 65 the usual retirement age? Then Freedom55. Next it'll be the Forty And Retirement Times on the magazine racks.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Wow, you get to retire at 50 in Canada? I'm defecting.

JoJo said...

LOL!!!! I guess CARP is supposed to be like our AARP?

The question is, can you find any magazines about the fish called "crappies"???

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

You're right... the only "r" in the phrase for CARP comes from the last letter of "for." That's not legal acronymizing!

Maureen said...

Iceel: Ha! Yeah... that's a scary thought. I swear some of those fish on the covers are the same one; they're just handed off to another poor schmuck to have his trophy photo taken...

VioletSky: "Forty and Retirement Times"... now that sounds like a good magazine. Sad to say, the first ads I saw in the CARP was for hemorrhoids and arthritis meds. Yikes.

Ed: Well, if you have 30 years of service, you can reach your "Magic 80" by age 50. I can retire in March 2010; six months before my 50th (since I started working here at 18).

JoJo: I guess so... Ha! I don't know whether I would WANT to read a magazine called "Crappies" to be honest.

Jeff: Ha! "acronymizing"! It's hard to say, but I like the term!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Bwahahahaha. That's a whole lot of c..p (you place the a and r) magazines there! I especially like the one that says something like French Week of Dreams. What? A week with carps wouldn't be my dream...more like a nightmare!

Karen MEG said...

I know, they seem to be marketing CARP/CRAP to younger and younger all the time. I guess, wishful thinking to retire when you actually have the energy to do anything.

Pop on over when you get a chance, I've got something for you ;)

Maureen said...

VE: HAHAHAHA!!! And I love the one that says "Big Common Carps Nibble At Full Moon".... OUCH!

Karen Meg: Ha, how true! And, aw, thank you!!! Heading over now (work can wait, no?)

Anonymous said...

I think your family know you use the s and f words. ROFL!

Carp. Did I give something away there?

Babs (Beetle) said...

Ca*p, C*ap, it's all the same to me ;O)

Irene said...

I am over fifty and I would look forward to a magazine called CRAP, not because it is so bad being over 50, but because you can't call it F**k. I need a magazine like that to bitch and complain in about all sorts of life issues. When you get our age, you should be entitled to.

DJ Kirkby said...

You have mags that feature over 50's smoking? I strongly suspect that mag cover would be banned to the top shelf over here or never allowed to go to print at all.

MYM said...

LOL ... I know, it's stoooopid. I forget what it used to be called. Sis & I actually went to a CARP funded event ... when she first told me about it I was wondering when did she become a fisherman?

I think it used to be called silver or something...they got a lot of flack when the changed it. LOL

robkroese said...

Are those seriously all real magazines?! WTF?!

toners said...

Who would have known there would be so many??? :) What a load of carp!

JD at I Do Things said...

That is the worst acronym ever -- and not even correct. As jojo said, they must be thinking of AARP. But no one in their right mind would make THAT association before making the one you did: CRAP! Or even the one involving a rather ugly fish.

Poor 50-and-older Canadians!

JD at I Do Things

Phoenix5 said...

You had me laughing so hard I started coughing again! Oh man.... Dyslexics Untie!

Reminds me of the first proposed name for the Canadian Alliance Party... The Conservative/Reform Alliance Party... which was swiftly changed when an astute journalist asked them if they knew the acronym was CRAP! I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard when I heard that on the radio!

As for Freedom 55... I'm looking at Freedom 70 at my current pace! :-S

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I can't believe there's that many magazines about carp. That's just plain sad.

Don Mills Diva said...

I had no idea there was so much interest in carp out there.

Or that they were so big.

And I WISH Canadians could retire at 50!

Ann(ie) said...

I can never imagine being bored enough to sit down with a stackful of magazines called CARP. Now mags called CRAP might be sort of intriguing. ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

Every wonder that the ONLY people that subscribe to magazines such as this are doctors offices? Who else would?

Momo Fali said...

Wow. So many magazines! What a pain in the bass.

Karen and Gerard said...

LOL, how funny! It does make you wonder why they chose CARP for their name.

Maureen said...

Jay: Who? Moi? Never! ;)

Babs: It is, isn’t it?

Irene: Ha! I’ll bet a mag called F**k would be a huge seller!!

Lady Banana: It does smell.

DJ: Well, only in Montreal; they all smoke there, I believe.

Drowsey Monkey: I much prefer Silver. Ha! A Carp-funded event. That doesn’t sound too exciting. Either way.

Diesel: Yup, all real. And those weren’t the ONLY ones. There were more, believe it or not…

Toners: Ha! It was a load, all right!

JD: I know! I wonder how many subscribers they have that thought they were getting a magazine about fishing…

Phoenix5: Sorry about the coughing! Ha! Conservative Reform Alliance Party…. HAR!!!! Now that WOULD be CRAP!

Curly Glamour Girlie: It is sad. Fishermen must have a lot of spare cash to throw away.

Don Mills Diva: I had no idea either. It was just a fluke (ha! “fluke”) that I came across those when searching for a better image for the CARP magazine.

Ann(ie): Well, I guess if you’re fishing, you ARE bored enough to pass the time READING about fishing…

Lotus07: And doctor’s offices don’t even subscribe. They get free copies usually.

Momo Fali: Ha! Pain in the Bass!

Karen: I have no idea. Maybe some elderly gent who loved to fish was in charge and thought no one would notice…

Jo Beaufoix said...

Catching up. Hilarious. :D

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