A Photog I'm Not

Sure. I take photographs of family gatherings, for scrapbooking and a whole crapload for this here blog. I even have been called upon to take gross bloody pictures at work for the doctors (but I think that is just because no one else there is insane enough to bring their digital camera to work).

But I've never really considered myself a "photographer" per se.

Don't you have to take classes to acquire an "Official Photographer Extrodinaire" certificate or something to be called that?

Certainly I am nowhere in the same league as many talented bloggers who can produce amazing works of art with their cameras on a daily basis.

But every once in awhile, I DO stumble back-asswards into a fluke shot that surprises ME most of all.

Today was just such "in awhile".

My subject? Manitoba's favorite insect. Favorite because it EATS Manitoba's least-favorite-but-most-numerous insect; the vile and disease-infested mosquito.

Yup. The subject du-jour was a dragonfly. A HUGE dragonfly.

A beautiful black-tipped dragonfly that fluttered about me while I worked in the backyard. It perched on a bush, then flew around. Then perched again.

Over and over. Never straying far from me.

Of course as luck would have it, my camera was sitting inside the house.


After watching this fella flit about my head for ten minutes, I decided to take a chance and retrieve my little Sony 4.1 Cybershot from my purse.

And when I got back outside, he was still there. Flying back and forth like a minature helicopter, then landing on a branch to rest.

He let me point my camera mere inches away, while I snapped off 37 shots.

Yes. 37.

I couldn't wait to get inside to see if I even got him in the frame of at least one shot.


I sure did.

(Image is 1280 X 800, so be sure to click for the full effect)

33 People would rather be commenting:

AshPup said...

Adorable pic!!! I love dragonflies too, it definitely stems from seeing their presence as a small reassurance that they would smite my enemies (stupid mosquitoes!). I like their littler counterparts, damselflies a bit more though, maybe 'cause they are less furry :o) You *are* a photographer and obviously a good one at that! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you clearly are a photographer! That's a beautiful shot of a beautiful insect! Two thumbs up from me!

Kathy said...

I can't believe I kept reading after "insect." I'm all proud of myself. What an excellent shot! I tried getting some butterflies last weekend, but they never sat still for me. Don't they know I have a blog and I would have written about them if they'd posed for me?

Nice work, Maureen. I'd say this does make you an Official Photographer Extrodinaire!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Great picture. But the way you set it up I was so hoping to see it devouring a mosquito. That would have been juvinile-boy-awesome! Ok...I never did grow up...just get used to it...

JoJo said...

GOOD JOB!!!!!!! We have beautiful, large Green Darners here in WA, they are our state insect, but I've never been able to snap one.

I followed a Blue Morpho butterfly around for an hour last year, at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens, but came away empty handed, except for a far away shot of one on a window near the ceiling.

Janet said...

wow...he's beautiful! Love those wings. He must be Canadian...we do not have dragonflies like that around here!

Bruce Johnson said...

Damn, that thing is HUGE......

Babs (Beetle) said...

What a beauty!

And yes, you can fluff your feathers and say "I did good!" Great photo.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Your not a photographer?

Hmmmm...well, pretty good job if you ask me.

Like it.

Wouldn't call it "adorable" because it is a bug, but still cool.

VioletSky said...

The most lovely of insects! What a great shot. So glad to read it took 37 to get that one good one. That's the part most of us (well, okay, maybe just me) forget when seeing a perfect shot.

MYM said...

Wow! Fantastic shot :) Those things are huge! Almost like a hummingbird, but not as pretty. Altho that one is kinda cute, in a bug-like kinda way. ;)

Maureen said...

Thanks Ashley! You know, I love dragonflies... I have FOUR dragonfly necklaces.

Jay: Aw, you're too kind. I have to admit it's all luck.

Kathy: I'm proud of you too ;) Thank you! And darn for that shy butterfly... he could have been famous!!!

VE: Ha! I don't think I'd want to see it devour a mosquito, even though I despise the blood suckers. I have a hard enough time watching daughter's gecko eat crickets.

Jo Jo: I have seen tiny blue dragonflies around here, but this was the first time I saw this type and color. Wow, you ARE patient! I hope it pays off next time for you.

Janet: Well he was HUGE; so perhaps he was a Canuck version! I am tempted to look up more about this guy; he was the first black tipped one I have ever seen.

Lotus07: The biggest one I'VE ever seen for sure.

Thank you Babs!!

Jonny's Mommy: Nope, I ain't no photog... just lucky.

Violetsky: And you know, that one WAS the last shot! The rest were blurry or too far away.

Drowsey: He WAS cute! And not afraid of me at all. He was very cooperative!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

That is a nice shot. I'd leave out the 37 part. Maybe say three to seven shots. No one will ever know.

Maureen said...

Ed: Aw, crap, already let the cat out of the bag... but that is the way I take pictures now; never 1 or 2. Usually in the dozens.

And I have found out that this is a female 12 spotted skimmer dragonfly. Wingspan is about 3 inches!

Apparently common throughout Canada and the US, although this one is the first I've seen.

Baker Watson said...

Great capture. That looks like one big honking dragonfly, lol. Congrats.


Yellow Beads said...

GREAT PICTURE! :) Hubby laughed at me because I took my pictures of dinner on Sunday night for the blog--he doesn't get it!

Irene said...

That's a very big dragon fly. We don't have them that big over here. It would spook me to see one that size. It could carry away a small child, by the looks of it. Is everything in Canada that big?

Jenny said...

WOW! That's so beautiful, Maureen. I love his gold body. My mom and sister had similar luck with a huge black (and many jewel colors too) butterfly last evening as we strolled the streets of Newberry, South Carolina, after a birthday dinner for my dad! I had left my camera at home as it is a very poor relation to their amazing newer cameras, but they each got great shots of him. He was breathtaking as is your dragonfly.

Fancy Schmancy said...

That's an awesome picture. I feel the same way, I love to take pictures, especially of unusual stuff. I don't know if any of them are any good, but I enjoy it. And really, isn't that all that counts?

Unknown said...

I'm willing to bet that in the 500 million years or so that those things have been around (Yes, they PRECEED the dinosaurs), very few have taken a better picture of one.

Day Dreamer said...

It's a great shot! He's a ham!!!

Surprised he didn't bring you your purse himself! (Can you see him, fluttering by, buzzing "get the camera already!") Probably thinks he's a Jolie-Pitt....

:D You did good!

toners said...

You certainly are a photographer! This ROCKS!! How beautiful!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Sweet picture! And 37 shots? That's like a roll and a half of film!

Maureen said...

Baker: Well, thank you! She WAS big!

Jennifer: Ha! Our family should KNOW by now us Bloggers will photograph nearly anything…

Irene: She was big, but not scary… and I think we grow them large here to be able to survive the severe weather. ;)

JenniferW: I know! I was shocked to see the metallic look of gold on her body. Something that was hard to see out there in the bright sunlight! And butterflies; they are beautiful as well.

Fancy Schmancy (Ha! Love the name!): You are absolutely correct!

Iceel: Aw, was an incredible thing to say… especially from a photog like yourself! Thank you.

Day Dreamer: I think she enjoyed the photoshooot… she certainly wanted to pose!

Toners: Thanks so much… I think I see a scrapbook page coming on.

Jeff: Thank goodness the days of film processing are far behind me! I no longer have to worry about the cost of developing photos that don’t turn out. Which, obviously was huge with the way I take pictures.

Bonita Rose said...

wow that is amazing! what a gorgeous shot!

Bradley's Mom said...

You sure ARE a photographer! EXCELLENT shot!!

Hope all is well and that you are having a nice summer.


Anonymous said...

Just popping back over to let you know you have an award over at my place! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's beautiful! Someone on Cre8buzz once asked why I hadn't signed up in the Photography category. It really threw me for a loop; I have never seen myself as a photographer. It was a cool awakening; I AM a photographer, just like you :)

Mojo said...

That's one seriously big bug. But if they eat mosquitoes, send a squadron of 'em down my way. They'll be fat and happy and so will we.
Excellent shot by the way.

PG said...

Maureen, I feel exactly like you re: photographer. I hesitate to use the term in relation to me and my dabbling with the camera.

Sooooooo, the fact that you linked to me as a 'talented blogger who can produce amazing works of art with their cameras on a daily basis" really warms my soul.

Very kind, I am floored. And I apologize it's taken me so long to come over and say THANKS!!

Maureen said...

BonnieRose! Long time! Thank you so much… hope you’ve been having a great summer.

Linda: Aw, thank you; you’re too kind. Yes, so far it’s been nice and quiet. Hope you’re enjoying it too!

Jay: No way! Thanks! I shall pop by… I always love some bling!!!

Half-Past Kissin’ Time: The categories on Cre8buzz have always confused me. I never really knew where I fit in…

Mojo: Hah! Yeah, anything that eats mosquitos is alright in my book. And thanks!

PG: Oh, but you ARE a photographer. You have the eye for different POVs, interesting shapes and beautiful images. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you saw the link ('cause I meant it!).

Phoenix5 said...

The fact that you took 37 shots to get just one awesome one classifies you as a "photographer" as far as I know! Way to go!

I'm wanting to get back into photography full time. I used to be a "pro" (as in I made my living takng portraits...lol!) Back in the days of film, I used to try to get the perfect shot on the first try, because it cost so much to develop them! I was usually disappointed, but did have some luck! The advent of digital is a blessing for me, but I need to learn to snap like crazy, playing with all the settings to get that "perfect" shot!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Gorgeous pic. Well done. :D

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