Thank you Morpheus

Sometimes you just have to accept what happens and not question the reasons. Still, I can't help but wonder if my latest dream was somehow inspired by Jay's wonderful blog "The Depp Effect" (and her tantalizing "pale biscuit coloured trousers" photo in particular).

Or perhaps it was from staring at this calendar over my desk at work for the past month:

Mmmmmm Captain Jack
Then again, maybe it was the wallpaper on my large office monitor:

Mmmmm More Captain Jack

If it was your blog, thank you Jay.

Yummy JohnnyAnd thank you Morpheus, the God of Dreams for finally bestowing upon me the best imaginary experience I have ever had.

(Err, don't tell hubby, K? Thanx.)

Now, I am not giving out any juicy details; suffice to say, it was a very romantic encounter with Mr. Depp.



Yes, even more Johnny
Huh? Oh, sorry. Just recalling, is all.

Don't beg me for details; I won't reveal them...

Go ahead, try

... for fear of atrracting Internet Pervs or Mr. Depp's solicitors (who, as far as I know, aren't Internet Pervs, but are probably far more relentless).

It's my blog, I can post as many Johnny photos as I wishAnyway, it's pretty rare that my dreams turn out the way I would like them to. Most of the time if I DO remember them, they end with some kind of plunge in an out-of-control elevator. All alone.

Oh, I KNOW there is some Freudian psychoanalytic theory for that one...

So, why the heck am I sharing this?

To brag?

Or to simply have a blatant and unabashed excuse to decorate my blog with post some delish Johnny Depp photos?

Well, duh...

It's also my Dream to get on Humor Blogs front page...
help make it come true by clicking on the Smiley Face, won'tcha?

22 People would rather be commenting:

Anonymous said...

Aaahh ... you lucky wench, you! You've had an SJD - otherwise known as a 'Sweet Johnny Dream'! Or maybe a 'Sexy Johnny Dream' .. take your pick.

Now, look, no-one can blame us for what we do while we're asleep, right? Right. So all we need now are some lessons in lucid dreaming and there'll be no holding us!

Beautiful pics. Just beautiful. *Sigh*

BTW, if it was my blog that did the trick, I'm very happy to have been of service, although I rather think that might have been Johnny's department.


Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha ha ha! Whatever are we to do with you JD fans? Is there no controlling you or Jay?

Did you say we can summon those dreams? tell, tell! ;O)

Swubird said...


As a man, I truly don't know how to comment on this post. I'm vexed. It reminds me of the years when my daughters used to bring home their dates. I was always dumb founded that they would even be caught dead with those guys. But, by the time my third daughter went through the system, I had learned to keep my big fat mouth shut. Some things are just not for me to know. Now they are all grown and out on their own, and I am even more vexed!

All I can say is...

Happy trails.

Bruce Johnson said...

This is all pretty normal. If you had the same type of dream involving Chewbacca, I would be concerned.

Heather said...

Honey, anytime you want to decorate your blog with his pics, go for it. I check in with ya quite frequently, and it wouldn't bother me to have totally random Johnny Depp photos inserted here and there amid your other posts. ;o)

Tara R. said...

I for one appreciate your honesty about your pirate-y post. The pix are a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

Pandora Wilde said...

He's shooting a movie at a location not far from me here in Wisconsin. I wonder how much of a beating I'd have to take to get you some primo candids...

Anonymous said...

Oh great ! Is this your version of Drowsey Monkey's "Hump Day" ?

I digg Depp's facial hair - I wish I could have those !

Anonymous said...

Babs - look up 'lucid dreaming' on Google. You'll be surprised. Takes practice, I'm told, but the rewards might be worth it! LOL!

Pand0ra - Whatever kind of beating you'd take, it would be worth it! DO IT!!! Pretty please?

Sorry, M, rather took over there... *Ahem*

Had any more dreams? Is that why you're not in here? You're desperately trying to get back to sleep, aren't you?

Tee hee.

Maureen said...

Har! Jay! How the heck did you know!

"No... I don't WANT to wake up"

SJD eh? Wow, never knew it had a name! (I'll choose the latter one, thx). Yes, you are right. I've never asked hubby who HE dreams of, and he's never asked me... doesn't have to; I'm sure he knows. He feeds my JD addiction with all kinds of Deppy stuff. Whatta guy ;)

Babs: Jay and I really DO need to meet face to face one day. Jay, you up for a trip sometime????

Swubird: Vexed? Nah, it's normal with nearly all females out there. And don't tell me YOU don't have someone you dream (or want to dream) about ;)

Lotus07: Har! But Ewwwww! Yeah, Chewie is NOT my idea of dream-worthiness.

Heather: Now yer talkin'. My next one will probably be for Halloween. However, I do go to Jay's blog for my Johnny fix. She can be trusted to fulfill that need on many an occasion.

Tara: You're welcome! Any time we can share his beauty, the better.

Pand0raWilde: Oh, don't tease... crap, why can't I be on one of my many training courses down in Milwaukee now? Sure, I've been there five times, and another one is coming up in the next year or so... but not now. Dammit.

Jaffer: Oh, I could never keep up with Drowsey! But honestly, no one she could post can hold a candle to JD... IMHO. And as to the facial hair; I've come to the realization that I love men with beards and mustaches. Hubby has both; I also love Ted Neeley, who has the same beard and stash....

Jay: Ha! You are more than welcome to say whatever you want and visit as much as you want here... doors are wide open for a woman who shares my heart. And no more dreams; but that one will last a lifetime. Thank you!

Babs (Beetle) said...

I'm off to look up 'lucid dreaming' on Google mow ha ha!

I have something for you on my blog :O)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

That must be the same thing as me having a Jessica Alba dream.

Which unfortunately has never happened.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a trip to Canada? I'd like to come back some day, but it won't be for a while. Meanwhile, you're more than welcome to drop by chez nous! You can stay in the Depp Room and everything! There's some good reading matter in there, I can tell you. ;)

Can't remember which province you're in, now. Alberta? Manitoba? I could do a trip from West to East! I know people in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario already! :D

Going to bed soon. I need to try to catch me some SJDs.

Unknown said...

I was bored so the Little Black Box sent me here. Now I can move on to my own Sweet Johnny Dream, thanks!

Irene said...

I've had that same dream about mister Darcy and he was pretty ravenous, believe it or not. Yes, him from the BBC series. Collin What's his name...

Janet said...

Makes you want to take a nap, doesn't it?? :-)

Hey, I left a little something for you on my blog today! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That 2nd to last photo of Depp was funny :-P (I see we have a lil crush on Johnny eh?)...

Jill said...

Sometime during the hurricane I dreamed I lived with Townes Van Zandt. I should have decorated my blog...

Anyway, nice decorations!!!!!

I clicked on the smilie but then I had to make an account to vote and then it didn't like my avatar and then I decided it better wait because I'm sort of in the middle of moving right now...and also I'm sort of afraid of that website because I thought that was where frogger's/the frog blog's spammer-extraordinaire-who-caused-him-to-shut-down-his-entire-blog came from, but I could be totally wrong about that.

But once I have less anxiety over moving I'll try again!

Maureen said...

Babs: Ha! Aw, thank you! What a nice B-Day present for me!!!

Jeff: Keep hoping there Jeff… perhaps you need to find a Jessica Alba blog to visit on a daily basis… that’ll imprint her on your subconscious for sure.

Jay: Anytime you can come, I’ll be happy to host. I’m in Manitoba, so yes, it would definitely be on the route! But, oooooh… the offer to stay in the “Depp Room” may just be too tempting! Just think of the dreams THAT would incite!

Megryansmom: Ha! Welcome, AND you’re welcome!!!!

Irene: Oooh, now you’ve got me curious… I shall have to look him up. Er, on the WEB, that is… I’m not really a stalker… Did you hear that Johnny?

Janet: Ha! That’s for sure!!! Oh, my ANOTHER Birthday Prezzie for moi! How did you know? ;) Thank you!!! Have a great weekend too Janet. I shall be by your blog this evening.

Ricardo: Hee, hee… yeah, I wonder how comfortable he was doing that pose; not really something I would expect a shyish person to do… poor guy. What he won’t do for us fans.

Maureen said...

Jill: Aw, thanks! Yeah, I know Diesel is working on the site; I wish non-members could vote, so thanks for trying! I don't think the hacker specifically came from HB, not that I know of anyway; and yes, anytime we can "decorate", I think we should.... ;)

Carla said...

Hey, I wandered in through the magical Black Box. Very fun blog. Imagine my delight when I find that you share my lust for Mr. Depp. Although, I have lately been seeing something special in Robert Downey Jr.

Maureen said...

CeeCee: Welcome thru the Black Box! That thing is awesome, no? Almost as awesome as Mr Depp himself. I can see the Downey thing; a bad boy for sure! ;)

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