Cat Scan

Hold on.... hold on... something doesn't look right here.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Nope. Not right AT ALL.

Yeah, yeah. Birds pooped on her car. She still has clothes from the 70's. Toilets explode on her.


Sheba scanning the blog

Um hello??? Where am I? My photo hasn't adorned this insipid blog for 4 months!

I mean really! She natters on and on about her pathetic life, when instead, she could garner thousands of hits by featuring me and all the wonderful things I do!


Time to take things into my own paws and remedy this situation post haste.

Writers BlockHmmmmm. Now WHAT to write about....

Think. Think. Think.

Dammit. Writer's block.

Cat Writers Block
Well, the next time I do something other than sleeping, eating or... err... napping, it'd better be posted.

And if she knows what's good for her, she'd be wise not to make me look stupid.

Now if you'll excuse me,


I'm late for my 47th nap of the day.

Giving Up

25 People would rather be commenting:

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of life?

Well, to feed our cats of course. What else?

JoJo said...

LOL!!!!!!! Silly kitteh!!!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Now this is an LOL cat I can tolerate! I'm just wondering if she(?) was at all intrigued by your picture of that mouse on the screen.

Ed & Jeanne said...

We're all secretly jealous that they get to take 47 naps...

Rachel Green said...

Ha! Fabulous!

Kathy said...

This is great! I love the Thinking Cat photo. That's exactly how I look (minus the whiskers and fur, of course). This is too cute!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha! You should know better!

JD at I Do Things said...

I love it! Your cat is prosh. She definitely looks intelligent enough to be included on a DAILY basis!

JD at I Do Things

Bruce Johnson said...

Is this like Toonsis, the cat that could operate a computer..?

Liss said...

Oh you're so pretty. She should feature you more often!

Swubird said...

I heard a funny cat saying once. It went like this: Matter, antimatter and it doesn't matter. That pretty much sums up my cat's attitude.

Happy trails.

Janet said...

It's about time you featured a feline! ;-)

Cupcake Blonde said...

The second photo is priceless. I love the look of pure satisfaction and righteousness. Reminds me of my kitties when they have done something naughty.

Don Mills Diva said...

I actually guffawed out loud at that second picture.

And my own cat? He's now frowning disapprovingly in my general direction.

DJ Kirkby said...

Awwwww sweet.

Irene said...

She looks exactly like one of our cats that we found another home for. her name was Lotje and she was just as curious as that. Must be her lost twin living in Canada.

VioletSky said...

Watch out for the spam comments. Cats love revenge.

Maureen said...

Be.Bart: Ah, your cats obviously have YOU trained well…

JoJo: Silly, yes, attention whore, oh yeah.

Jeff: I was wondering that too; I realized the focus of her attention WAS on that mouse once I saw the photo on the computer.

VE: Yes, tis true. I am jealous… especially when some of those naps occur on my lap while I’m trying to blog!

Leatherdykeuk: :) Thanks!

Kathy: Thank you… Glad to hear about the absence of whiskers and fur BTW. She has been a real cuddler for the past few weeks; she sees me sit down to surf, and gets up not only on my lap, but insists on laying across the laptop, gently pawing at the screen… weird cat.

Babs: I know! With three felines, I know who rules the house. And it's not me.

JD: Har! I am NOT telling her that! ;)

Lotus07: Ooh, I haven’t heard of Toonsis; now I have to Google that.

Liss: So as not to swell her already large ego, I am not telling Sheba you said that. I’ll never get back to my OWN stories here otherwise!

Swubird: Har! That sums up Sheba’s as well… she certainly fits her moniker of “Queen”.

Janet: ;) I KNEW you’d like that one! But I bow to the Master; Feline Fridays at your place is a must stop for me every week!

Vegas Princess: She has cattitude alright. Yes, your two are very similar in looks too, aren’t they?

Don Mills Diva: Ha! I swear she sees herself on the screen… what a “Diva” she is too!

DJ: Well, she’s sweet… MOST of the time…

Irene: Aw, Lotje! That is a great thought; a long lost twin on the other side of the world. Very cool. Glad to hear you found her a home, I know you already have a houseful!

VioletSky: Har! Well, cats may love Spam too… ick!

Anonymous said...

I think The Princess sometimes thinks something similar. I often find my left hand dislodged abruptly as she shoves her nose between me and the keyboard!

Sadly, as I keep reminding her, dogs do not have opposable thumbs, so it would do no good to give her a turn. It could be why she poses for the camera so willingly though, huh?

Love the cat photos! Cunning creatures, they are. You have to watch 'em! ;)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that cat is so cute.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Awesome photos and post.

The shot of my cat? Her big, hairy butt sitting in the middle of the keyboard. That is what it would be.

Oh yeah.

Maureen said...

Jay: Hah! Sheba was doing the same... literally pushing my hand off the keyboard so she could lay down on the laptop.

Jo: She certainly has a unique personality... quite the Queen.

Jonnys Mommy: Ha! What is it about keyboards that cats like? The heat? The attention? I don't know.

Tara: I was able to take dozens of photos of her; she refused to move!

Jill said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRAVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PG said...

kitty needs a new contract. great post, but the signature at the bottom isn't feline at all. hmmmm. I smell a work stoppage in the offing.

Maureen said...

Lady Banana: I know! It must be the heat or something... but lately I can't seem to get her off it; she's even taken to trying to push the buttons and move the mouse around. I am always swatting her paws off the keyboard.

Jill: She's a character, alright.

PG: Oh, crap, I didn't even THINK about the siggy... I should have done a pawprint. Next time. Well spotted!

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