Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap

It's amazing what a difference a few hours makes.

One minute the roads are clear, dry and covered in crunchy leaves.

A perfect fall evening.

Then I wake up the next morning to this:

Makes me want to go Christmas shopping.

Or at the very least, beginning to THINK about Christmas shopping.

On the other hand, I think I'll take a nap first. Christmas shopping in early November is simply insane.

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Anonymous said...

Yup ! The Weather nuts in S. ON have been keepin an eye on the snow activity in MB, ND, SD and IA.

2008 has been one long winter ! We are expecting our first flurries next week.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh Wow! I want some! I love snow :O)

Carol said...

I actually got a start on my Christmas shopping today. I hope to get it done long before the mad shopping rush. I have a much better chance of that happening than of seeing snow.


Karen MEG said...

It is insane... once the Halloween stuff came down I actually thought about Christmas already. Ugh.

Beautiful snow... although we don't want it here just yet...

Anonymous said...

Snow??? That's almost as insane as Christmas shopping in November!

musingwoman said...

Snow! Love to look at it. Hate to drive in it.

Keith Lodge said...

Oh wow Maureen please some send my way. I just know Hadar will look lovely with some snow on her top.
I love the snow, you are so lucky.

Hugss Jo

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I've been fighting the urge to play Christmas music. I don't want to peak too early.

Maureen said...

Jaffer: Well, I can't complain TOO much; usually our first snow is around Halloween. What IS weird is that there are still a few geese flying overhead! I guess they are the procrastinators.

Babs: Me too!

Carol: Truth be told? I never did get to that nap; instead I went out to just pick up a few things at the mall and ended up started shopping too. Call the asylum; I am indeed insane.

KarenMeg: Luckily, I am off work for a few days till Wednesday, 'cause it got cold and now there is LOTS of ice. I slipped three times yesterday.

Jay: Yep. But that's Winnipeg er, Winterpeg for ya.

Musing: I love the look too; so clean and bright!

Jo: Yes, I remember from last year how great Hadar looked in the winter!

Ed: Ugh... all I heard the mall yesterday was Christmas music. I felt like I had lost a month of my life there...

Tara R. said...

It's been so warm around here my azaleas are blooming again.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Please! Keep that stuff up there! We got a few of your leftover flurries this weekend, but nothing like that. Whew!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Those pictures would make me want to go right back to bed.

Technodoll said...

Holy CRAP is right! Oh I am dreading that morning where we wake up to white "shovel meh!" stuff... but the dogs, oh they are counting the minutes. Brats.

Anonymous said...

I'd really advise against spending any sort of currency this Christmas. There is a financial crisis going on. So instead of purchasing possessions you don't really need, why not help out a banker this Christmas?

Did you know that more and more banks are going out of business and a small donation of 500 million or more can make a small difference. Much better than any iPhone or Laptop would ever be.


AshPup said...

lucky! i can't wait to play in it when i get home. it's winter here too- you know it when at least two days a week everyone has a brown line up their back from where their bikes sprayed wet dirt up behind them as we pedaled furiously to lab in the rain.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Yuk, please keep it all for yourself up there!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

No! No! Nooooooooo!

We had flurries this morning and I became woozy while standing at the kitchen sink.

Jo Beaufoix said...

You have snow, sighhhhh. We hardly get good snow anymore over here. It makes me so sad.

And I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping. I'm trying to spread the cost a bit as January is always such a tight month.

Maureen said...

Lady Banana: Yes, I DO love the snow too... but it does last long here; until the end of March at least.

Tara: I read that on your blog! Kerrrazzzy!

Jeff: I'll bet everytime you guys get cold weather you blame it on us Canucks... as if WE had anything to do with it. (Actually it IS our secret weapon to take over the US you know... freeze you all and then we'll invade armed with Poutine and Universal Health Care). ;)

Vegas Princess: I guess it's something you don't see a lot of, eh?

Technodoll: I can see why! You've got beautiful big dogs that would love to jump around in the snow I am sure!

Dwayne: I already made my huge donation to our bank... we recently paid off our mortgage. Those guys are NOT getting another penny outta me!

Ashley: Ha! Yeah, I guess seasons are not as distinct down there, are they? Can't wait for you to come back too! (bring warm clothes).

Fancy Schmancy: Well, if I had my druthers (what the hell is a "druther" anyway?)... er, I prefer snow to rain.

Johnnys Mommy: Man, you'd never survive up here then!

Jo: Good planning. I used to be like that too... spread out the spending. Truth is, I DID break down and did some shopping on the weekend. I couldn't help myself... the Christmas songs being piped in, the snow outside, the mall decorated and Santa's display being built at the center of the mall was too much to resist.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is coming and my mood is getting more and more better. I'm looking forward to buying Christmas presents and celebrating this holiday.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, it's so beautiful . . . over there, not here, that is. How I'd love to get my X-mas shopping done in November, but it does seem insane. It makes much more sense to wait until the last possible minute.

JD at I Do Things

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