Sam Goes To The Hockey Hall of Fame

It was our second day in The Big City of Toronto. And I would have thought that after the experiences I had endured previously, I'd be treated to some relaxing time on the soft green pillow in our hotel room.

How wrong I was.

Of course, I was once again dragged to another event. This time to something called a "Wine and Cheese Reception" at the Hockey Hall of Fame, to eat, drink and meet some hockey player named Luc Robitaille.

Before even entering the building though, I was NOT impressed being plunked down on a cold bronze statue at the entrance to the Hall.

No, I am NOT going to say "cheese"... just take the stupid photo before I slide off into the prickly bushes, ifyoudon'tmind.

Can we get inside now that my butt is sufficiently frozen?

Gee, thanks much.

Ah, now THIS is better... Somewhere warm and important-looking to "hang out"... literally.

Now if only I could reach to bend that mic down... I want to make a speech proposing that old Stanley Cup behind me be re-named the "Sam-ley Cup". Yup, that has a nice ring to it. I mean, Lord Stanley has had a good run, but *I* think "Sam-ley" sounds better. Don'tcha?

No? Darnit. This little kitty, she was so close to fame.

I spent the rest of the evening wandering around looking at jerseys, awards and various hockey paraphernalia until I found myself perched on this huge net thing.

Oh look. A big stick. Hmmm... this looks interesting. I wonder what happens nex....

Whaddya mean, you're going to "shoot" that hard round black rubber thing at me?

Are you freakin' crazy????

Ahahahaha!!!! Mr. Dryden, at twice his normal size has come to my rescue....

Yes, I am there... look closely and you'll find I'm bravely positioned on his right leg pad. Just TRY to get a puck past us now. Bwaahahahaha....

Finally! Food and drinks are served, including itty-bitty burgers just my size!!!! Yum... de-licious!!

Now get me my own teenie tiny wine glass; we're taxiing back to the hotel tonight, right?

Nom nom nom....

I STILL think "The Samley Cup" is a better name...

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Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha! I had to look hard to see Sam on that statue! They must have known he was coming to prepare such teeny weeny burgers ;O)

Bruce Johnson said...

I will never, never, never understand the Canadian fascination with Hockey. It must be genetic.

Technodoll said...

Hope Sam shared that burger, it looks nummy :-D

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I thought the Hockey Hall of Fame was in Eveleth, MN. How many of those things are there?

Maureen said...

Babs: That statue of Ken Dryden (my favorite goalie of all time) was HUGE! I tried to put Sam on his arm, but I couldn't jump high enough to get her up there! And the burgers WERE teenie (and soooo good!) They had a lot of fancy food too; all wonderful. And all the wine or spirits you wanted. Gratis.

Bruce: It's not just Canadians... but we DO produce some very good players.

Technodoll: It WAS delicious!!! And yes, she shared ;)

Jeff: Nope. The official one is in Toronto... and that is the Stanley Cup sitting there. We could walk right up to it. If you Google it, you'll find the official site. I don't know what the heck the one is in MN....

Jo Beaufoix said...

So cute. That burger is tiny, I hope they gave you bigger ones.

JoJo said...

Aw Sam! What a cute little kitteh! The burger looking nummy too.

If hockey is Canada's game, then how come there aren't more NHL teams from Canada? And is semi-pro hockey more popular than the NHL up there?

Janet said...

I'm enjoying Sam's adventures immensely. :-) Now I have to ask...did you attract any attention whilst taking Sam's pic in various spots?

Irene said...

In the Netherlands, when we talk about hockey, we mean field hockey as it is played on grass and which we are good at. We never mean ice hockey, which we specifically call ice hockey, as to distinguish it from field hockey, which we call hockey.

Sam had a good time. It is fun to see your trip through his eyes. It makes all the nonsensical seem more sensible, if you know what I mean. I think that from now on, travels with Sam should become a regular feature on your blog. Even if you go to really boring places, or maybe especially then.

Don´t let Sam have any gin and tonics or martinis, I think he is still too young for that.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Funny...I see Sam with a giant thought bubble over his head in every picture saying "why are all those people staring and laughing at you taking pictures of me?"

Laura said...

Toronto eh! My home town. Next time contact me and I'll tell you where you can rest. Did you try ketchup chips?

VioletSky said...

Sam could have hidden out in Ken's pads for days before being found. I had no idea he was literally that big - stature yes, statue no.

darlene said...

hey~~ added you to ecart!!...

Swubird said...


So funny. Nice post.

That hamburger reminded me of the time way back in the day when my uncle Bob drove us all the way from California to Washington DC. He didn't have much money, so we stopped in DC at a fast food place that advertised ten cent burgers. Wow! A ten cent burger? So we ordered a couple of dollars worth of burgers. They were about the size of a silver dollar. But we ate them and they tasted just as good as the regular burgers.

Happy trails.

Maureen said...

Jo: They gave us all kinds of munchies; beef satay, spring rolls, cheeses, stuff on crackers, we were stuffed. But my favorite was the teenie burgers!

JoJo: There aren't more up here because of two things; money and Gary Bettman... his goal in life is to see all the teams move to the States; grrrrr.

Janet: You wouldn't believe how people reacted; they wanted to help pose her! Even Mr. Robitaille got into the act when we were posing with the Cup!

The Boisterous Butterfly: Ha! Yes, Sam IS too young to drink. Which is why I had her portion ;). Yes, I am sure you will see more of Sam's Adventures... the next one up is the trip to Ikea, I believe.

VE: Ha! I think you're right. But no one really took notice of all the toy photos. Which, come to think of it, is probably more strange than my taking the pictures!

Hey Laura! Well, being a Canuck from Winnipeg, I am well aware of ketchup potato chips... but I still prefer Sour Cream and Onion.

VoiletSky: That statue WAS huge! I was afraid I would lose Sam up there!

Darlene: Thank you... er, I think... what is ecart?

Har Swubird! I love your stories. Yes, those little burgers were so juicy; and they even had condiments on them... they were some of the best burgers I have ever had. Shhhh... don't tell hubby!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Sam looks like he had fun! And that statue is HUGE! I almost couldn't see itty bitty Sam.

MYM said...

lol I love Sam!

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