Sam Goes Christmas Shopping

With only 15 days left until the Big Day, I've noticed Maureen has now entered "Official Panic Mode".

Yes, the dreaded OPM. For you see, she still has a few things to pick up.

One major gift bought online hasn't arrived through the mail yet.

None of her cards are made or mailed.

She hasn't started baking. No shortbread. No mincemeat.

She has to clean house and shampoo the carpet.

Oh, yeah, and the wrapping... oh, the Wrapping!

But I have done my part. A few days ago I helped her fight against OPM with OPS for OCD'ers. (Overdrive Power Shopping for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-ers).

In keeping with tradition, we HAD to start with brekkie at Starbucks.

Why hey there.... come here often?

Ummmm... hellooooo....

Hmphfff. Must be shy, hiding behind that cardboard tag.

After fueling up on a venti Peppermint Twist and Cranberry Bliss bar, we began our hunting, er shopping in earnest. I loved the decor section, but she refused to get me my own little tree, sparkly garland, or

any of these cute ornaments that come in just my size!

Well, the LEAST she could have done was buy me a sled. This one was perfect. It even came with it's own Penguin to pull me around.

But noooo.... she was only interested in buying PEOPLE gifts.

Good thing I found Santa. Maybe HE'LL bring me a sled for Christmas.

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The Self-Deprechaun said...

I see that that the bigot reindeers haven't learn their lessons and don't let Rudolph or Maureen play in their reindeer games. Haters!

Pandora Wilde said...

Funny, I got taken Christmas shopping this past weekend too! And I didn't get a tree either--but I'd rather have the electric throw so I don't freeze my fat butt off while blogging anyhow.

Kathy said...

I despise Christmas shopping. But usually I do it anyway, kicking and screaming. I'm in trouble because I haven't begun the kicking and screaming yet. I'm oddly non-flailing. This can't be good.

Did Sam help you with that yummy pie? What kind was that? Looked good :)

Swubird said...


As a man I take the shortcut: no shampooing the carpet, no baking and everything is store wrapped. Presto. Merry Christmas everyone!

I still have a few things to buy, but I'm with Kathy, I despise Christmas shopping. Thank goodness I'm retired so that I can get to the mall ahead of the crowd.

Happy trails.

JoJo said...

My shopping's all done, as I do it throughout the year. Got the package mailed to my mom & ordered a holiday centerpiece for her, but the cards never did get made. I just bought some and sent them out on Monday. I'll be lucky if I get one batch of my award winning cranberry bread baked!

Bruce Johnson said...

I think your use of this poor stuffed kitten is bordering on Animal Abuse.

MYM said...

LOL!!! Oh dear, I do love Sam.

Oh yeah, you're great too Marueen.

I do my Christmas shopping on the 23rd. Not having kids and family has it's benefits ya know ;)

Babs (Beetle) said...

I do my shopping for presents online! I hate trudging around the shops, looking for stuff I can't find!

Maureen said...

The Self-Depechaun: Har! Well, it turns out she wasn't snotty afterall... just hard of hearing ;)

Pand0ra Wilde: Oooohhh... I could really use an electric throw whilst blogging too; I sit beside a frosty window!

LadyBanana: Yes, tis true; but I DO love Christmas. Not the gifts; but just enjoying the day with my own family, with traditions I had when I was young.

Kathy: Agreed. I think the most stressful part is simply the parking.... not a good start to the day. Oh, and that was a Cranberry Bliss Bar at Starbucks; and no I didn't share; I gobbled down the whole delish thing myself.... buwahahahahaha!!!

Swubird: Ah, yes, to have the time during a weekday to shop! I can hardly wait until I retire too (which I can do anytime after March 2010)!

JoJo: Did you say Cranberry Bread???? OMG.... recipe pleeeeeze!!! (I LOVE cranberries in anything.)

Bruce: Good thing there is no such thing as the SPCSA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals).

Drowsey Monkey: Aw, thanks... cripes, all your shopping on a single day??? Holy crap!

Babs: Now that is a good idea. I only got one thing online this year and I have yet to receive it.... gah.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

OMG - is that a cranberry Bliss Bar? I've been waiting all year for those to come back! Well nice talking to ya gotta go BEEP BEEP ZIP BANG!

(*screeches out of driveway to head to nearest Starbucks*)

Karen MEG said...

Too cute!

I'm only about half way done the shopping ... oh wait, I was talking about the girlie's Birthday and those of 3 other relatives ... then we'll get to the Chrismakuh stuff ... ahhhhh!!!!

VioletSky said...

Well no wonder you aren't done with shopping what with taking that cute little guy's picture everywhere he goes!

BTW love the breakkie idea! Need energy.

Maureen said...

Nanny Goats: Ha! Sounds like the Roadrunner .... I had me yet ANOTHER Cranberry Bliss bar today; have to keep up that Saturday tradition, ya know... ;)

KarenMeg: My condolences... I actually... wait for it... think I FINISHED power shopping today! Woot!
Now I have to start baking.

VioletSky: Ha, you're right... but what amazes me? With all those photos, in Toronto and here, not ONCE has someone questioned me, or even given me a weird look while taking photos of a stuffed cat. Never. Which says a lot I think; no one really looks at others in public anymore...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I'm pretty close, just have my wife left to buy for... which of course is the most stressful one.

Hey, you've met her! Suggestions???

Cupcake Blonde said...

I am freaking out as well because I have to ship all of my presents back East and I just got finished yesterday. Which means tonight will be a flurry of wrapping and tomorrow will be a flurry of shipping. I hope they all get there on time.

Sam, you find the coolest things on your trips with Maureen. But I have to ask, is she ever stopped for taking so many pictures of you tagging along?

Maureen said...

Jeff: Well she has YOU. What more could she want? ;)

Vegas Princess: Well, I guess wrapping and shopping are about the only kind of "flurries" you get in Vegas... not the white stuff WE get. And no, we have never been stopped, asked or even looked at weird when we are out together. Which is very telling of today's society, no?

NH Yocal said...

I am almost embarrassed to say I am done my X-mas shopping. Since I am claustrophobic and mallophobic, I have to get it done before mid-December. I cannot tolerate crowds...well, maybe I could if I had one of those Peppermint Twist and Cranberry Bliss bar, that sounds divine!

Maureen said...

Melinda: Starbucks makes ANYTHING better! ;)

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