Merry Christmas, Maureen

Ah, The Holidays.

A time of the year to give and receive.

To create wonderful memories for years to come.

To grant, if possible, even the most wild wishes of your loved ones.

As the song says, it truly is "the most wonderful time of the year".

And it seems that here in Winterpeg, Christmas has come early this year.

For I have given... and I have received.

I have granted the wild wish of a loved one.

Who may you ask? (Yes, I heard you)

Erm.... Moi.

Yes, today I gave myself an early Christmas prezzie... (especially since I have nearly finished shopping for the REST of the family)

You may recall last summer I was having, well, lets call it "issues" with my Nokia cellphone. I was dismayed last week to see it starting to act up all over again. Since it is now off warranty, I took the plunge and decided to finally "trade up".

Holy Crap. Now I can surf, blog, email and even Tweet from freakin' anywhere. I already uploaded all my notes from my old Palm Pilot. It will replace my Tungsten Palm, my digital voice recorder, and my phone. I can take pictures, video, play music and even use it's GPS and maps. Oh, and it has games too. And YouTube. Facebook. Free TV Cartoon shows. Guitar Hero 3 .... and more.

Now I just have to LEARN how to do all that.

IF I can pry it from the hands of my teenage daughter, that is.

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Irene said...

I couldn't deal with all of that, Maureen. I would have a nervous breakdown with all those possibilities. Too many options, too many choices, too many things to learn. This old head can't handle that.

Babs (Beetle) said...

I LOVE my iPhone, that can do all those things too. I've decided that you're either a gadget person, or you're not. I am :O)

Great Christmas pressie!

Maureen said...

The Finely Tuned Woman: Oh, I don't know about that... you are very adept at blogs, Facebook, online music, all that. You are more technically savvy than you give yourself credit for.

Lady Banana: My old Nokia was nice; but undependable... which is why I finally bit the bullet and finally treated myself to what I REALLY wanted.

Babs: Oh, Daughter would LOVE an iPhone. And you're absolutely right about either being a gadget person or not. I think a lot of us on the net are just naturally techies.

PG said...

NICE! Good for you.

my father in-law just got the blackberry storm (the one with the onscreen tap keyboard) very sweet.

my phone, which I love, has been acting up off an (mostly on) for a few months. I have to hold out until March to trade up.

90 days remaining.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Yes--but can you still make phone calls on it?

JD at I Do Things said...

I dearly want one of these, but I just can't justify it. I hate cellphones and only use mine for emergencies. I'm never away from my laptop. But I love gadgets. Geez, I see even Babs has an iPhone!

JD at I Do Things

Cupcake Blonde said...

So I should be seeing tweets from you every hour now, right? :)

Jill said...

Oh that sounds like fun! But I'd be sort of afraid to have internet available all the time. When I'm driving for instance or who the heck knows. I might NEVER stop messing around on the computer! Still, sounds like yours is self-monitoring to a certain extent (in that your daughter doesn't give you access!). Merry Christmas Maureen!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Congrats... that thing looks sweet!

I agree with Babs about the either/or thing. Unfortunately for the gadget manufacturers, I'm not a gadget guy.

MYM said...'ve obviously been a very good girl this year!

toners said...

I have one...and it ROCKS! I've found it useful at the strangest times - ENJOY!

Anonymous said...


You lucky woman, you!

By the way, Hi my name is Sandie, nice to meetcha....and I tagged you!

Hope you don't mind!!! I figured since you'd rather be blogging, I'd give ya something to blog about!

hee hee?


JoJo said...

One of the local talk radio show hosts calls them "Crackberry" b/c people are sooo addicted to them! It's the main reason why I won't get one! lol

Bruce Johnson said...

You have taken another small step toward becomeing a BORG.......congratulations.....

Babs (Beetle) said...

@ JD I got my iPhone from the US, before they came to Britain. I even jailbroke it and upgraded it myself, so I could use it with my BT Pay and Go card ;O) That's how much I wanted my iPhone.

Maureen said...

PG: Well, I decided to replace mine BEFORE it totally crashed. And their offer to upgrade was too good to pass up.

Ed: Um, I THINK so.... Hmmm, I'll have to try that "Application" some time.

JD: I used to hate cells too; until I got one. Now I feel lost without it. Not that I use it to constantly yap at the store, or in the car. But it does make life a bit more organized.

Vegas Princess: Ha! I did install the Twitter app, now I just have to find the time to USE it.

Jill: I am sure after the honeymoon has worn off, I won't be on the net ALL the time.... I hope. Happy Holidays to you too!

Jeff: You're not a gadget guy unless it has a keyboard -- right? ;)

Drowsey: Yes. I HAVE been very good. Ha!

Toners: Whoo Hoo! I now have a contact to bug, er ask questions of!

Quirkyloon: Welcome Sandie! I shall have to pop by your blog too... thanks for stopping by (and letting me KNOW you stopped by!)

JoJo: Oh, yeah. Crackberry is indeed an apt name.

Bruce: Har! Yes, I think I was doomed back a dozen years ago when I started my first webpage...

Babs: I bow to your superior geekiness... upgraded your iPhone yourself? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I wondered who bought those things! LOL!

I SO do not need Guitar Hero right now! Looks a lot of fun though.

OK, maybe I am just a teeny bit jealous. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Maureen, I think you're just a guy in a dress.

So much for stereotypes

Anonymous said...

let me know how it works for you. I need a new phone too and was thinking of this one. I had an iPhone but it really sucked as a phone. I liked all the other bells and whistles but really needed a phone.

Maureen said...

Jay: I have wanted a Blackberry for a long time... I was so jealous of the others who had this or an iPhone. Now it's my turn to make others green... ;)

Be.Bart: Ha! But truth be told, I haven't worn a dress in years...

Jen: I was surprised (I shouldn't have been) that the sound quality of the phone is excellent. It's going to take me awhile to set it all up tho... the games, tones, music, etc that I want on it. At least I was able to transfer all my office notes into it automatically - that saved me a lot of work!

Pandora Wilde said...

I don't think I could deal with two machines that do all of that--learning to do it on the computer's enough of a struggle, so my phone? I do have a camera in it and it takes micro-sized chips so I can put things on my comp, but otherwise I'm not up for more.

Guess I'm an old-fashioned girl.

Karen MEG said...


Okay, now put it down, I know you're still playing with it ;)

Maureen said...

Pand0ra: I am totally a techno geek... the more features, the better. I'm still learning all the bells and whistles.

KarenMeg: Har! I picked up your comment on it and laughed out loud!!! Yes, you are correct!

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