Crap, Another Vow Broken

Many, many years ago, a new type of store opened in our fair city. The first of which that had the audacity to actually charge people for the honor to shop there. Being the curious yet cheap frugal person that I am, I insisted on having a closer look before committing myself. So I sauntered inside...

...and was unceremoniously kicked out for not having a Membership Card.

Harrrumph!!!! Like some kind of Secret Society, I wasn't even allowed a peek!

Well, that did it. As I stood empty-handed outside their doors I vowed then and there, "As God as my witness, I will never again step into Costco", dodged the onslaught of crazed shoppers like a lone salmon swimming upstream, and slunk off to Wal*Mart.

I stayed strong though; enduring years of family and friends raving about great deals, special items and Members Only Privileges. Then Daughter started going with her friends' families and providing first-hand praise... the pressure to succumb to the Dark Side became nigh-unbearable.

When it was discovered that as a healthcare worker, I was entitled to a discounted membership rate, I was done for.

So today in true Scarlett O'Hara fashion, I declared "Oh, fiddle-dee-dee" broke down, AND broke my Vow of Costco Abstinance.

The Evil Empire
How the hell do you get those down?

It was quite the experience.

After hours of wandering around aimlessly pushing The Largest Cart I have ever attempted to manuever, I was sorely tempted for a bit of revenge by asking some poor Costco employee to get me down a box.

"No, not that one down here.

I want THAT one on the top shelf!"

Nah ... I couldn't.

But I also couldn't get over some of the merchandise.

Like cans of stewed tomatoes big enough to feed Italy.

Lotsa Tomatoes
Or crates of hockey sticks stacked above racks of fresh sliced bread.

Hockey Sticks only in CanadaNow I have to worry about the temptation of bulk shopping sprees resulting in the need for a larger van, bigger freezer and a whole lot more storage space in my home.

Oh, well. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

After all, "Tomorrow is another day!"

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Anonymous said...

I have never been to Costco myself.

I think that is the only store-brand in the Greater Toronto Area I have never been to !

As a bachelor I do not have the need to shop bulk - nor pay for a membership - nor do I know where the nearest Costco is.

Heck even that extra loaf of bread I buy from Food Basics on occasion goes into the freezer to save it from spoiling !

Thanks for the inside glimpse.
It reminds me of a similar store back in Saudi Arabia appropriately named - Giant !

Julie H said...

I'm there every week! Don't forget about the samples, my kids LOVE the samples.

Irene said...

Needless to say, I have never been in a Costco and I don't know what to think of it, nor what to think of Walmart. There are all sorts of objections against them, but I won't air them here. I can see the benefits, I suppose those outweigh the objections.

Happy Shopping anyway!

Ann said...

In Italy there is a store on the same concept of Costco & Sam's Club, but not nearly as huge or "cool". By the way, those cans of stewed tomatoes, MAYBE the entire pallet could feed the town I live in. The population of Italy - 60 million. The number of Italians that HAVE to eat pasta EVERY day - countless/priceless. Number of those Costco cans of stewed tomatoes to feed those everyday eaters of pasta - neverending.

Heather said...

LOL Maureen! I know what you mean though. My friend and I have split a Sam's membership for years. Last night we were there weighing the pros & cons of splitting a 50 lb. bag of popcorn kernels. ;o)

Babs (Beetle) said...

We have trade warehouses over here and we belong to all of them ha ha!

They each have items that are considerably cheaper in the other.

If it's food you go to one. If it's household items you go to another and if it footwear and clothes you go to yet another ;O)

Babs (Beetle) said...

P.S. Membership is FREE but you must be a business or charity to get a card.

JD at I Do Things said...

I've never been to Costco but we belong to its cousin, Sam's Club. My first visit was much like yours -- marveling over the shelves that reached up into the sky and the oil drum-sized containers of mayonnaise. Then I saw a mouse running around and I haven't been back since.


Maureen said...

Jaffer: I can see how a bachelor wouldn't have a use for a huge can of tuna... it reminds me of the "Price Club" episode on Seinfeld. That's all I could think of, that I was Kramer shopping for "Biosphere 4".

Mom Taxi Julie: Oh the Samples!!! Daughter beelined to each and every one; whilst I struggled to keep up with the tank they consider a shopping cart... yes, they were delish!

The Finely Tuned Woman: I know what you mean; I love smaller, homey shops too. But if I can save a few bucks on some things (like tires at $ 60 off), then I'll go to the big store once in awhile. But I still shop at shops too where I can pick up one-of-a-kind goodies you'd not find anywhere else. So I'll spread out my patronage.

Ha Ann! Well thank you for taking my good-natured jibe so nicely, which is how it was meant. Yes, you are right about the pallets; I was stunned at the huge case of croutons; some people must make HUGE ceasar salads to go with all that pasta too! ;)

Heather! Hahahaha! Funny you should mention popcorn! My daughter wanted me to buy the box of 100 microwave popcorn bags! It's taken me nearly a year to eat my box of 16, nevermind 100!!! Gah!!!!

Babs: The thing that amazed me about Costco was that you started in electronics, wove your way thru books, past couches, and viola! You were suddenly standing in a full grocery store; huge bakery, a whole room of salad fixins, fresh seafood and huge racks of ribs... then upon leaving, you were met with heavy rolls of aluminum foil 100 meters long.

LadyBanana: It can be dangerous, but they sure have it down to a science. Even waiting in line; THEY walk up to your cart, scan your items and your bill is all ready by the time you're up to the till.... like an accident, it happens all so fast you wonder what the heck just happened!

JD! Ha! Well, this place was just built, so hopefully they'll keep it as clean as it is now. Just be happy that mouse wasn't "Sam's Club" sized too!!!

VioletSky said...

I used to make up for the membership cost by stopping in very frequently for the samples and not buying anything. Yes, I can do that.

I once bought an oversized jar of sauce that seemed a good deal, but was scared to open it for almost a year, as I knew I'd have to eat it every day 3x a day to get through it.

Swubird said...


Yoiuare so funny. I am also a member of the Secret Society. I paid the bucks for my secret membership card, but the problem is that I never go to Cosco. Why? I hate mega lines! My wife loves the place and we would go every weekend if it were up to her. So, I carefully drive a route where she can't see the store and, therefore, she forgets about it. But the laugh is on me. Since I bought the secret membership and I never use the secret card. Therefore, I loose the secret savings!

Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was once turned away. A coworker used to bring in the most delicious overly salted snacks and she told me I could get them at Sam's Club and so off I went.

Snacks in hand, I sauntered up to the cashier and was discharged immediately. "Ma'am, you have no card. We cannot sell you anything." "But! But! Can't I just pay a higher price!?" "No ma'am. You are not one of us. Now leave or it's off with your head!"

I have never gone back. But I showed them. Whenever I drive past it, I give them the stink eye. So there.

Anonymous said...

I'm ticked that we don't have a Costco around here.

We have a BJ's (which, contrary to public belief, does NOT stand for bl*wj*bs ... I'm not sure what it stands for but it's definitely not that. I think.) and a Sam's Club and while they're OK, nobody raves about them like they do Costco.

JoJo said...

You must obey this one rule of shopping at Costco: STICK TO THE LIST. ALWAYS STICK TO THE LIST. You must put on the blinders and not veer off or else you'll find yourself $400 lighter.

Washington State is HQ for Costco. I refuse to patronize Mallwart, but Costco rules.

Ed & Jeanne said...

"enough tomato sauce to feed Italy"... I just love that line!

Did you get out for less than $200? You're doing good then. Did you get out for less than $100? You're'd you steal that stuff?

Cupcake Blonde said...

I used to have the same feelings towards Costco until my husband got a membership for his birthday one year from a well meaning friend. And now I love it! We can buy all of our non perishables like toilet paper and paper towels etc in bulk and have them for 6 months. Saves a lot!

mr zig said...

I had a membership once... a free one cuz of my place of employment. After it expired I never got another one... and... I'm not sorry :)

Momo Fali said...

I don't do Costco, but I am a member of Sam's Club. I love that place, but it is dangerous to my bank account.

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Unknown said...

When I retired from teaching a year ago, I had to forfeit my discounted card to a similar store. I discovered quickly that once teachers are out the door, a lot of little benes disappear along with a lot of people who used to proclaim undying love.
When I thought about the fact that we have to bring our own bags or boxes, that buying bulk is simply dumb for a single guy, and the general apathy of the store staff- if I could even find one, I just let it go.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have Costco here, but then again, I didn't think we had Primark either and some places do have one.

We do have Matalan though, and that at least used to be a card-holder's store only. It wasn't food though, just clothing and household goods. Haven't been in one for years.

Janet said...

Never been there, either, but I too have heard tales of great deals. We have a couple of other similar places and I don't shop there, either, but sometimes I think I'm surely the only one who doesn't! Have you checked out their photo printing? One of my friends swears by it. :-)

Ann said...

Maureen, not a problem ma'am! I'm not Italian, I just happen to live here but am married to one. When I read the jibe, couldn't help but laugh! Hard-core Italians are a bit "sensitive" when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar ban on Wal Mart. We don't have a Costco nearby.

mincognita said...

The membership thing irks me too. Even our grocery store requires you be a card-carrier to get the sale prices. I think it's their way of gathering marketing info.

Anyway, ee don't have a Costco in out area, but I do have a membership to another wholesale club..... which I won't name here or you'll be getting google traffic for porn related searches. ;)

You've just been tagged. Stop by kewlstuffifound to learn more....

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I wish we had a Costco here because I would go with them over Sam's Club. I'm trying to not help contribute to Walmart's destruction of the global economy.

Maureen said...

VioletSky: Oh yes! The free samples! Daughter made sure we hit them all...

Swubird: We are now members of the Secret Society; and I shall remember your avoidance technique when I am short of funds... thank you!

JunkDrawerKathy: Ahahahahaha! Man, they must REALLY be hurting with the ol' stink eye to deal with.

Creative Junkie: The only BJ's I have shopped at was the toy store. Had to have been the stupidist name for a store where children shop... no wonder they went broke.

Jo-Jo: Ah the list!!! I should have known. I was a Costco virgin, so I didn't know. Now I do. Thank you!

VE: Ha! $106, but don't tell hubby...

Vegas Princess: Saves a lot as long as you use the stuff... I refuse to get something just for the price. We'll see how well I stick to THAT rule...

Mr Zig: Free? Crap. That would have been nice.

Momo Fali: Oh, yes. I have to make sure I don't make it a weekly outing. Danger! Danger!

Ah, thank you Ranran, and welcome! I shall pop by your blog as well.

Berry Blog: I notice that teachers get discounts; and well-deserved too... but yes, I can see how it would be missed when it's gone!

Jay: I have never heard of Primark or Matalan...

Janet: Ever since I got a good printer at home I haven't done any printing at the store. Used to do Walmart, and they totally suck at photo developing (at least at ours).

Aw, thanks Ann!

Unemployed Asshole (wow, that was hard to type!) We have nearly every store available in Canada nearby; one of the perks of living in a fairly new section of town!

Mincognita: I shall have to check on that tag! But I still think you shouldn't have to PAY to shop at a store...

Jeff: Even with all our shopping down there last year, I never saw a Sam's Club!

Ann(ie) said...

I spent roughly 5,000 dollars everytime I set foot in that store. ug. But, I can eat lunch there and I find SO many things I just need. =/

Anonymous said...

You should have walked through the exit door as to make a return to customer service. They don't ask for cards on that side. ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

I used to have a membership, but not any more. I sort of fell out of love with the place when I realized that the concept of profit was volume, Volume, VOLUME.

I really don't need a pallet of JIFFY peanut butter, but that is the only way they sell it, and then say that this way it is only so many cents a jar.....

...irrevlvent, I don't need that much, nor should I own that much. I have friends whose garage is simply a secondary storage facility for all the crap they buy at CostCo.

Maureen said...

Ann(ie): I SAW the tables for dining, and they were packed too! I guess a lot of people needed refueling before shopping some more ;)

Chris D: Ha! I couldn't get past any of those "guards" at the door!

Bruce: I hear ya. I think I will be splitting a lot of what we buy with my parents.

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