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"Well, *I* haven't been sick in a long, long time!" I proudly declared to the dental tech cleaning my teeth.

"Oh, yeah" she continued. "There's been a really bad bug going around the office lately. The other girl got ill, then I was away yesterday, and we nearly cancelled your appointment today."

Scrape, scrape.

I glanced again at her.

Gloves. Check.

Mask. Check.

Whew. I sat back in the chair and relaxed. We moved on to other albeit one-sided-for-the-most-part conversations.

An hour or so later, I was outta there. Yay! No more medical appointments for me! After five visits, the work was finally all done. Now I could enjoy my weekend which, because it was early Friday afternoon, started just a wee bit early. Woot!

How wrong I was.

What started out as a sore throat Saturday has now blossomed into what suspiciously feels like strep throat again. Although "sore" throat doesn't quite describe it adequately.

Searing pain that travels from your throat up into your ears painful.

Pain reliever commercial "Lightning-Bolt" style painful.

Chewing-on-glass-shards painful.

Well, you get the gist.

Staying home from work yesterday and today because I basically can't talk, I was hoping this was just a simple cold. But no congestion, sneezing or runny nose... then I feared the flu; but other than severe larygnitis with a touch of fever and nausea, I don't think it's that either.

Aw crap.

Maybe I need to go to the doctor.

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But I sure as hell am NOT going back to the dentist.

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Julie H said...

Ugh that sucks!

Daisy said...

Oh rats! Going to the dentist is bad enough, but now you got sick, too? I hope you feel better soon.

Irene said...

Poor Maureen, that throat sounds very painful and like something my nephew just recently had. He also had a fever and a sore stomach and a headache and sore eyes and was home from school for more than 8 days. He's still not quite better yet, but had to go to school in order not to get too far behind. You take good care of yourself and nurse yourself back to good health carefully. When you're sick, it's on the sofa with a nice warm blanket and warm socks on. That's an order.

AshPup said...

What a sad weekend :o( Feel better soon (and go to the doctor silly)!!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh poor you! Dentist should really stay away when they have a virus. They get so close up in your face!

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor you! Get well soon.

JoJo said...

Oh man that's awful, Maureen. I hope you feel better soon. ENT pain is the worst.

Bruce Johnson said...

being at home sick is just a good exuce to catch up on blog reading and daytime television.

Hope Ya Feel Better Soon.

Maureen said...

Mom Taxi Julie (Ha! Love that name!): Yes, it sucks. Big time.

Daisy: Thank you ... at least I have your funny blog to keep me smiling!

The Finely Tuned Woman: Yes, that does sound like it. I do hope it passes sooner though. And I shall take your recommendation to heart; although my ears hurt too much lying down, so here I sit in my comfy chair, reading blogs, watching TV and nodding off every once in awhile (oh, yeah, with a blankie and warm socks too!) Thanks!

Ashley: Well, I just may if it doesn't go away on it's own...

Babs: I know... when she started telling me about being sick, I had the old "I've got a baaad feeling about this" come over me.

Thanks Carol! Will try.

Jo-Jo: Yeah, I've had this before, so I know what I'm in for...

Thanks Bruce. Good thing blog reading is far more entertaining than daytime TV. Gad it sucks!

Swubird said...


You poor thing. You went into have your teeth cleaned and ended up in bed sick. That's never good.

Your story, however, sounds surprisingly similar to my own trip to the dentist. A few weeks ago I went in for a routine teeth cleaning. My favorite technician was there but I sensed she wasn't doing too well. She admitted to being unusually tired, achy muscles and a low-level head ache. Bingo! I was hyper alert. Gloves. Check. Washed hands. Check. Mask. Check. I kept a keen eye on everything she did. Two days later I had a sore throat. What-a-ya gonna do?

Take care.

Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I can only hope it's like the bug I picked up where I woke in the night with a raging thirst, then was OK next day, only to wake up the second night with a raging thirst plus the impression that someone had stuffed two marbles up the back of my throat and set them on fire.

Lasted a day. I seem okay again today. Fingers crossed it works that way for you too.

Kathy said...

Oh, so sorry. I'm in the stage where I'm wondering if I'm picking something up. I was around a snot-nosed woman yesterday and a co-worker has a cold. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Take care of yourself, my dear.

VioletSky said...

So those masks really work?

I've just gotten over that myself, so hope nothing transmitted via blog reading...

Unknown said...

Ick. I just got over some sore throat flu thing. I frankly wish they had a name for it. How about Ifeelliketotalcrapidis?

Hope you feel better!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Oh no! My dentist always wears gloves and a face mask, plastic thingy. When I asked why she said so they don't get us (the patients) sick. I asked what about us laying here with a mouth full of germs wafting up at you? She smiled and said, well this helps for that too, but really unless we actually cough on them and make contact with their mucus membrances nothing in your mouth can make them sick. I never knew that.

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, no! Feel better soon. Sore throats are awful because there is just no way to avoid swallowing, unless you happen to have a spittoon nearby.

Hope you get over this thing quickly.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I knew it! Dentists are EVIL!

Get better soon. And don't come to my blog. I totally don't want it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing better today.

The Wife and I had a stomach flu a couple of weeks ago. We both hadn't been sick for a while. Nothing like being sick-- and winter, to boot.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Bleh. That's all I can say.

Except I hope you feel better soon.

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Janet said...

Oh, that is terrible! They should have canceled! Hope you are better by now!

Anonymous said...

Well, the other shoe dropped. I've been sick since Wednesday. I'm blaming it on the snotty-nosed woman whose laptop I had to touch. On my second box of tissues. Hope you're feeling better by now!

Maureen said...

Oh, Swubird! So sorry to hear that... yeah, it's been a week and I'm still coughing up a storm. But I am on the mend. Hope you're better too.

Jay: Nah, unfortunately, I was home for two days, then I HAD to go in for an important meeting, but didn't last long before the doctors at work sent me home again... I am better now though.

Oh, Kathy: I just read BOTH of your comments; that sucks!!! Don't you feel like sometimes you need a mask and gloves at work too? I know being at a hospital makes me extra concerned about picking something up... I work on wards, in the ER... yikes. Get better soon!

VioletSky: It appears not! Can I come by your blog now??? ;)

DorkyDad: Ha! "Ifeelliketotalcrapidis" has struck down you, me and now Kathy. It's an epidemic I tell ya!

Vegas Princess: Yes, it goes both ways though; your mucous membranes are very susceptible to infection of all kinds... especially when they are being poked and prodded.

Thanks JD. The worst is the middle-of-the-night hacking sessions... there's something about lying down that makes me have fits.

Jonny's Mommy: Aw, another person shooing me from their blog... well I think I am okay now; may I visit if I promise not to cough all over it???

Unfinished Rambler: I think the only good thing about this session was just the mild nausea... so it wasn't a typical flu. Really weird.

Thanks Jeff! I am better, but not completely over it yet.

Jen: Thank you! I swear the worst thing about staying home is the crappy daytime TV. I could never be a stay at home person...

Janet: You're right. They should have told that tech to stay home. I nearly called them to tell them what happened.

LadyBanana: I know! I should have shut up, especially since there was no wood to knock on when I said it!

Like I said Kathy, I am so sorry to hear that. Mine has been so strange; no runny nose or sneezing, really. More of a bronchial thing I guess. Take care, eat soup and rest!

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