Mitten Mystery

This past Christmas, I was worried.

Really worried... about a small gift I planned to stuff into Daughter's stocking. A pair of woollen mittens in the likeness of racoons.

Yeah, you read that right. Racoons. With big ears, telltale "eye masks" and black pompom noses.

By the way, my Daughter is 17. Not seven.


Racoon mittsI couldn't help myself; when I discovered them among other fleece-lined woollen cuties - green bulbous-eyed frogs, snakes with long braided tongues, brown monkeys, fuzzy teddy bears... well, I couldn't resist.

But then I worried she would be crushed on Christmas morning, thinking I still considered her a child. I almost didn't give them to her.

But I did.

And I needn't have been concerned. She loves her racoon mitts and wears them constantly.

I liked them too... so much in fact, that I wanted some to cover my very own cold hands. So after Christmas I treated myself to a set - but not racoons.

Then a few days ago I acquired a second pair. This time some sad-eyed skunks (because you can never have too many mitts when you live in Winnipeg).

It's easy to tell that these last ones are, in fact, skunks. Okay, easIER to tell when they aren't being smooched by a cat.

Tawnee snuggles Skunks

But I couldn't figure out what the heck my first pair were... I thought they were cute with beady eyes and long floppy ears. But I had thrown out the tag that revealed what they were supposed to be.

I finally DID discover what they are; but let me ask you. What do YOU think they look like?

Oh, and if you're going to tease me about wearing kiddie mittens... well, in my defence, if they weren't meant for grownups, they wouldn't make them in adult sizes.

So there.


19 People would rather be commenting:

Irene said...

I think they look like members of the canine family, so I'll go for a wolf. Or a coyote. As in Wiley.

I love them and I bet your hands are really warm.

AshPup said...

Baby Roo?
I think I might agree on the doggie assessment, but it is an ambiguous dog at best. Perhaps they are just a little confused.

Anonymous said...

I kinda see a rabbit there.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Clearly what you have there is a pair of otters. Wait, wrong ears...

Babs (Beetle) said...

Well my first thought were rabbits or hares, then I thought you wouldn't be asking if it were so obvious, so my second guess is....I don't have a second guess :O)

Daisy said...

I think they are bunnies! Cute bunnies!

PG said...

rabbits, totally.

Jen said...'s all in the eyebrow thing.

Cherie said...

I think they look like Kangaroos

JoJo said...

I want some!!! I love them!!!!! I was gonna go with the obvious "rabbit" design for the mystery pair. But then I thought outside the box and wondered if they are kangaroos. I see I'm not the only one to guess those 2 animals.

Swubird said...


Way back in 1950 I used to watch a television program called, Time For Beany. One of the characters was a long-necked guy called Cecil the seasick sea serpent. Your socks remind me of a two headed Cecil the seasick sea serpent.

I like the new format. Good job.

Happy trails.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was bunny, due to the ears. However, when I start overthinking it I see dog. Hope you'll tell us soon!! :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Is there a right answer? I'll go with puppy dog. Cause they have cute widdo puppy dog eyes.

Maureen said...

The Finely Tuned Woman: Ah, yes, at first I thought it was a wolf too...Ha! Wiley Coyote! But then he would have a stick of TNT in his mouth... ;) They ARE really warm and even though they look silly, they are fun to wear.

Ashley: Aw..... Rooo! Ha! A confused dog!!! Perhaps...

Anon: I thought rabbits too. Those ears ARE long... hmmm.

Ed: AW.... otters! Now THOSE would be cute!

Babs: Heh Heh!!! I definitely have to agree with some sort of bunny, but no....

Daisy: Oh, I wish they were! But sadly, no, they're not bunnies! Even WITH those floppy ears! I think they need to make some Daisy mitts! Now THAT would be cute!

PG: Nope. Not rabbits...

Jen: I know; the ridge is what really confused me.

Cherie: Nope, not Kangas either, I'm afraid.

Jo-Jo: Sorry. Both guesses are wrong.... even though I have to agree with you on both counts. It could be either!

Swubird: Ha!!!! A seasick sea serpent!!! Maybe THAT's what those green snakes were!!! ;) Thanks for the compliment.

Beth: Should I tell you???? Do I havta???

Jeff: "cute widdo puppy dog eyes"????? Ahahahahaha! I see Jeff needs some kiddy mitts too!

Okay, I won't torture you all any more....

They are

"Wrinkly Dogs"

I kid you not.

What the Heck??? One ridge over the eyes DOES NOT a "Wrinkly Dog" make.

GAH! I think I shall just pretend they are wolves. And when people cut me off while driving, I can make my wolves growl and sneer at them.

Thanks for all your guesses! I loved hearing someone else's POV on this!

Anonymous said...

I think they're probably meant to be rabbits, but their faces are too square.

They actually look like dogs.

Cupcake Blonde said...

They could be dogs, but I am leaning towards rabbits. Whichever, I so want a pair, they are adorable! Don't know if I would get much use for them here in the desert though. :)

Unknown said...

OMG, those are SO CUTE! I think I like the raccoon ones best, but I would TOTALLY wear those and I'm 38.

Janet said...

Donkeys? They're pretty darn cute. I'm off to look up exactly how cold it is these days in your neck of the woods...

Janet said...

Okay, I'm back. Holy cow. I thought it was cold here. At that temperature, you can wear whatever you want on your hands!

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