Sam Goes To The Zoo

Oh, hai again! Been awhile, hasn't it?

So March is nearly here. Bout frickin time...

For someone who doesn't possess a wardrobe, it shouldn't come as any surprise that I can't wait for Spring.

Especially when I get dragged taken on Winter excursions. Like the outing to the Zoo when it was a balmy -30 C, for example.

Oh sure, everyone had on thick coats, mitts and hats.

But me? Oh, gee, thanks for the teensie tiny scarf. At least my neck kept warm. Well, barely.

Fine. Take the damn photo quick. I'm frozen to this metal....
whaddya mean, "Don't look behind me?"

'Scuse me.... yeah you. Bandit-guy. Where's the Indoor Exhibits at?
Hmmmm. Won't squeal, eh? Oh, well, can't trust someone in a mask anyway.

Yo! Reindeer! Isn't ANYONE inside today???

Aw Crap.

Oh, sure, YOU like the snow. But this measly scarf, however stylish, is not doing anything heat-wise. My butt has turned into an icicle. For the love of fuzzy cats, won't you please point me in the direction of somewhere warm?

Hoo-rah! A tropical paradise!

Well, howdy turtles!

Helloooo bats. Bats?????? Gah!!!!

Mwah, goat-thingy! Gotta go.... but don't worry. I'll be back.

When it's Summer, that is.

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Irene said...

Poor Sam, the things he has to go through for the sake of this blog and a laugh. You could get him a little sweater and a pair of pants with a hole for his tiny tail. He doesn't have anything else tiny, does he?

Cupcake Blonde said...

I think Sam needs a vacation. Somewhere warm. He should come play with my stuffed cow Bob. It's been in the 70s here.

Unknown said...

I love pixtcha stories.

Babs-beetle said...

Poor Sam ha ha! I expect he'll be too hot in the summer!

Anonymous said...

I think Sam doth protest too much. It looks to me like he actually had a fabulous time... well, as much of a fabulous time as a stuff animal can! :p

Kathy said...

I think goaty thing is smitten. I love these picture travelogues. Sam needs his own blog, no?

JoJo said...

So CUTE!!!!!! Looking forward to more travels with Sam!!

Anonymous said...

i love your idea using that doll in your picture.
See you around.

Anonymous said...

That little stuffie has the cutest face! So does the polar bear, come to that.

I know which one I'd rather meet face to face though! LOL!

Maureen said...

The Finely Tuned Woman: I guess since Sam is a celebrity in his own right now I need to get him a proper wardrobe.

Vegas Princess: Oh, yes indeed. If we ever get down there, Sam will definitely be along for the ride!

Berry Blog: I like doing them too; less words to spell...

Beetle: Wouldn't you be, in a fur coat?? ;)

Tony: Yes, he did have a good time, he was a star in his own right.

Kathy: Ha! His own blog WOULD be cool; but I can barely keep up with this one!

JoJo: Thanks... Oh, you can be sure he will be back.

Lunaticg: :) Thanks for popping by!

Jay: Ha! You and me both!

brokenteepee said...

Hey, goats are good! I speak from personal experience...

Anonymous said...

ohhhh, i love sam already! more! =)

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