I Killed Christmas

If you've been around here for awhile, you may recall the following post from last summer in which I totally embarassed myself at a place called "Department 56" a Christmas specialty store at the Mall of America:

See Maureen vacation

Go ahead and read it if you haven't already; I'll wait.

La dee dah...

La dee dah...

Oh, back already? Great.

Why the heck am I taking you back in time to last August? Well, when Daughter and I ventured once again to Nirvana er, the Mall of America a few weeks back, the one store I did NOT want to set foot into was Department 56.

I was positive they would remember me.

Remember what I did.

They probably had my photo up in a "Wanted" poster at the door.

But I couldn't resist... I needed to take a look.

Oh Gad:

Yep. Closed up. Empty.

No trees. No uber-fragile ornaments. No reindeer. No understanding clerks. No brooms. No dustpans. No hard slate floor.

All gone.

No, scratch that. The hard slate floor WAS still there...

And I swear as I peeked through the bare windows, I could still see a tiny shard of shattered glass ornament glistening off it.

14 People would rather be commenting:

Shawn said...

Nice WORK, Maureen! Please stay away from Best Buy. It really is the only store I enjoy.

FOODalogue said...

thanks for my morning chuckle!

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha ha! It was probably all your fault! The damage you did started them on a slippery slope to bankruptcy!

Unknown said...

Oh no-- so is it because of you some of us will not be able to attain more well-crafted Dickens houses? :) (I had a small British Landmark addiction this year after discovering a Dept 56 Big Ben at the thrift store.)

JoJo said...

Oh WAY TO GO Maureen! You put them out of business didn't you!


Swubird said...


Maybe after your last visit, they decided to close down.

Happy trails.

Jay said...

Oh, hahahaha!! Yes, I remember that post, it might even have been one of the first of yours that I read. LOL!

Yep, you did it. You killed Christmas. The loss of that one single blown glass ornament was the beginning of the slippery slope to financial ruin for them.

For shame.


Kathy said...

Oh, great. Now I know why a place near me, called the Christmas Barn, closed down a year ago. Everyone loved that store! Are you killing Christmas globally?

Karen MEG said...

Well, honestly, if they didn't dangle the ornaments so low, then other satisfied customers may not have also followed suit and shattered all their inventory ... and it's hard to sell shattered inventory.

Who knew you'd start such a trend?

Irene said...

To think you are single handedly capable of such a thing. Man, the powers you have, it's incredible. Are you maybe responsible for this whole economic crisis too?

Maureen said...

Shawn: Duly noted.... "do not go to Best Buy." Is Future Shop okay?

Joan: :D You're very welcome!

Babs: Yep; I am sure it was that one incident that started it all...

Jenn: Gah! I guess so. Because of me, there will be no miniature Christmas towns to adorn people's coffee tables this year. Or at least, not as many.

JoJo: I'm afraid so. It's bad enough to put a REGULAR store out of business... but a Christmas Store? I am going to Hell for sure.

Swubird: Probably. They just couldn't deal with one more idiot trashing their merchandise.

Jay: Shameful is right. I even checked to see if they simply moved locations in the mall. Nope. They were no where to be found. On the bright side though, at least they didn't leave any note or poster up in their window of my face blaming me for their finacial ruin.

Kathy: I must be. Never let it be said that I am not influential on a global scale. The Grinch should have hired me as his assistant; then maybe we could have finally gotten rid of those Whos in Whoville.

Karen: I know! At the very least, they should have replaced the old store with a craft store specializing in glass shards for home made stain glass windows or something.

The Gossamer Woman: Yes, apparently I AM responsible. First, I close down a store. The employees get laid off, the manufacturers close down due to lack of sales, the companies providing materials to the manufacturers go out of business... gad the implications are endless!!!!

MYM said...

LOL! Maybe Disney will make a cartoon movie about this. You have a few months to figure out how to save christmas now.

robkroese said...

If only you had insisted on paying for that ornament. You're the straw that broke the economic camel's back. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I am not sure what is worse, the bad economy closing all of our stores or your butter fingers. :)

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