The Best Laid Plans

10:30 pm Sunday

Stifling a huge yawn, I finally finish surfing, pack up my laptop and prepare for bed. At least if I head off now, I’ll get a decent night’s sleep for once. After all, I have to get up in 7 hours.

11:30 pm Sunday

Finally hit the sack after folding that last load of laundry I forgot in the dryer, letting the dog out and cleaning up a tad. After all, I have to get up in 6 hours.

12:30 am Monday

Attempt, unsuccessfully I might add, to evade the suddenly-energetic cat who decides it’s now time to play the “Pounce On the Human's Toes” game. Dammit, I wish I had never taught her that... and as I cringe in pain, I also wish I had clipped her needle-sharp nails lately. After all, I have to get up in 5 hours.

01:30 am Monday

Referee the cat fight that has erupted on my chest. Spitting, snarling and howling ensue as my three felines jockey for “Best Spot” that is, apparently, somewhere on top of me. But I need to get to sleep. After all, I have to get up in 4 hours.

02:30 am Monday

Let the dog out after her incessant whining prevents my falling asleep anyway. And I know all too well what happens if I ignore her. I shiver in my PJs and stare out into the pitch black backyard while she does her business, wondering if I'll ever get to sleep. After all, I have to get up in 3 hours.

03:30 am Monday

Let the dog out again; obviously she is not feeling well. Neither do I… it looks like I am not going to get those seven hours of blissful slumber I had planned. Hurry up, dog. After all, I have to get up in 2 hours.

05:30 am Monday

Slap the snooze on the alarm… Crap! I reluctantly pull myself out of bed and get dressed.

11:30 am Monday - Lunchtime at work

Place head onto desk for a quick nap. After all, *yawn* I have to go home in 4 hours…

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AshPup said...

Ooooh I know that feeling, it's rotten. I feel about the same today actually, I think I'm going to have a nap for dinner :o) Maybe you can have one too!

Shawn said...

And you had the wherewithal to write a post? That's impressive.

Dee Wilcox said...

Oh, my gosh, this is hilarious to me. I have two dogs and have been through that too many times! I work from home, and there are days I have to force myself to stay away from my comfy bed. I hope this post was followed by a much-needed night's sleep!

Irene said...

I can't imagine functioning on no sleep. How long did you sleep at your desk? Until it was time to go home again? Poor you, those are very inconsiderate pets you've got.

Babs-beetle said...

Oh I'm so glad our cats have their own room to sleep in. They take themselves in there every night.

I feel for you. I often have those sleepless nights but it's no big deal for me, being retired ;O)

Ed said...

Now that is a terrible Monday!

Keith Lodge said...

Now I know I should not laugh, but it did rather make me giggle. Marmite loves waking us up, so I know the feeling. Jo

JD at I Do Things said...

Ugh. I feel for you. Nothing worse than waking up, looking at the clock, and seeing the hours ticking away. Hope you got in a good nap at work.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I hate that. When I try to get the rigth amount of sleep and it seems everything is against me and wants me to stay up. Meanwhile I am staring at the clock and the time is just ticking away.

Viveca from Fatigue Be Gone said...

Sounds like my life right now and I wouldn't change it for anything!

I am recovering from a surgery last week. My dogs are doing their best to cheer me up and get me moving (walk, walk, WALK?!!!) My three cats take shifts lying next to hurt place and have been purring the pain away.

Last March at the age of 49 I adopted my first cat, Gengus Le Cat. Somehow two others pussy footed into my life over the next seven months. It took about six weeks to two months to “integrate” each puss. My husband thought I was a tad nuts and so did I but it felt “right.”

Well now I “know” why! Between the dogs and now the cats I easily laugh more than the "average" 15 laughs a day and the extra love is puuurrrfectly what I need.

I encourage everyone to add a cat or add one more to your clan to raise your healing purr vibration. There is power and humor in numbers!


JoJo said...

Call in sick. That's what I'd've done.

Bruce Johnson said...

Sadly, I am thinking that this sums up many of our lives these days (I know it does mine).

Maureen said...

Ashley: A nap for lunch AND dinner??? Okay... ;)

Shawn: Yes, it was done quickly during one short burst of lucidity.

Dee: Oh, I could NEVER work from home... I have no self-control at all. Yes, at least the next night was more normal.

The Gossamer Woman: Well, I got short naps throughout the night; and I did nod off at work for just a bit. But you know all too well, when pets are sick, you don't sleep.

Babs: Your cats have their own room? And they don't scratch at the door incessantly??? Man, I sure spoiled these felines.

Ed: Yeah, it was a LONG Monday, that's for sure!

Jo: Ha! Yes, that Marmite is a sweetie! I wonder who exactly is the boss, eh?

JD: Yes... thank goodness I have a private office with a lock on the door.

Vegas Princess: I couldn't believe how quickly the time went. And it's amazing how easily I can do math in the middle of the night.

Viveca: You are so right! I do love my Zoo... they sure ARE a great source of entertainment (and blog fodder). I hope you are feeling better, and thanks for coming by! I shall have to return the favor and visit you as well!

Jo-Jo: Well, I would have, but I was helping out a friend at work that day...

Bruce: So sorry to read that! Hope you find more sleep soon!

Maureen said...

Lady Banana: Yes, days like that can make me physically ill... luckily, I caught up on sleep over the week.

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