Thank Goodness For Timmie's

It sucks driving to work on a Monday morning.

It sucks even more having to drive to work on a Monday morning in the rain.

It really sucks having to drive to work on a Monday morning, in the rain, behind a police car that just turned onto the street up ahead.

Ack! Police!
Because no matter how slow they drive (and of course they drive as s-l-o-w-l-y as legally possible) no one has the guts to pass them. It doesn't matter that we are all law-abiding citizens. All the traffic slowed down too.

Including me.

Stay out of their sight! Don't do anything stupid!

Are my tail lights working? Gad, I didn't do my "walk around the car checking them all before every trip" this morning. To be honest, I have NEVER done my "walk around the car checking all the lights". Ever. (Well, not since that day I got my licence in 1976).

Is my insurance sticker still stuck to my licence? I put it on in February... maybe it fell off.

Are my windows clear? Are my tires inflated properly?


Stupid police car.

But I knew the snail-like procession wouldn't have to crawl behind them much longer. There was a Tim Horton's up ahead.

Yup. True to form, the Call of the Donut saved Rush Hour once again.

After they turned off, we all rushed past to make up for lost time.

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Swubird said...


It's always better to have this slow cop ahead of you than behind you.

Naughty on you. Always check your taillights, blinkers and dimmer switch before you drive---especially in inclement weather. You don't want to get stopped for something as stupid as an equipment failure. I learned the hard way and I've gotten tickets for everything imaginable. A cop stopped me one night because the light over my license plate wasn't working. He said the only reason he pulled me over me was because he was training a rookie. Believe me, I would have been happy enough letting the rookie remain ignorant.

I wish I could have a donut.

Happy trails.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooh yes, I remember it well. People don't slow for cops here, well not much anyway, not like back home. Mind you we don't have TH here either so win some, lose some eh? xo

VioletSky said...

...she asks, while balancing a camera on the steering wheel to grab a photo hoping cop is too lazy to check rearview mirrors. yep, you're safe.

Maureen said...

Swubird: You mean people REALLY do that old walk around each and every time they jump in the car??? Crap.

DJ: Yes, but other than drawing the cops off the road, I detest that particular Timmie's. They built it right on the corner of a busy intersection, and nearly every day I see some Yahoo take unecessary turns/risks just to get a coffee... baffles me to no end.

Violet Sky: Oh crap. You weren't supposed to notice that.... dammit. Well, at least the police didn't see the flash. So that's the main thing.

VioletSky said...

Hey, have done it myself - as I admit on my blog. They don't read blogs do they?

Maureen said...

Violet Sky: Gsd I hope not. If so, meet you in the hoosgow ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, they pull you over for going to slow....seriously. The speed limit here is only a suggestion.....saftey speed is considered to be the 'flow of traffic'...if everyone else is doing 85, you had BETTER be doing 85.

AshPup said...

Ahhh, what I would do for a double double and handful of Timbits. There is just no equivalent down south.
How is it that just the presence of police always makes you feel like you are doing something wrong? It's the same with customs officers, like when they ask you simple questions to see if you actually know your own identity and you screw them up 'cause their stern tone makes you nervous. Typical exchange:
"And what are you studying down there?"
"Winnipeg. I mean, Chemistry. I'm coming from Winnipeg though. If you were wondering". Sigh.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Oh gosh! We do all do this, don't we!? I always slow down with the cop behind me and get nervous. Here they always pull into the local pizza place, ever since we lost DD. But recently we got another donut shop and now they have a new hangout.

Maureen said...

Bruce: Ah yes... when driving down in the US, I noticed the Minimum and Maximum signs; we don't have those here...

Ahahahaha Ashley!!!! I laughed out loud at that one!!! I will definitely recount that when we're going thru Customs in a few days! You are right though; after the police, Customs guys freak me out.

Lisa's Mommy: I think they get some sick sense of satisfaction watching us everyday law-abiding citizens spaz out...

ReformingGeek said...

Some of them will pull you over just because you passed them. They will find something to hassle you about.

Then there is the cops that fly around you with no lights or sirens. Sheesh!

But you are right. They are predictable about their donuts!

Ann Imig said...

Wow. Your blog is soooooo awesome. Thanks so much for your comments on the forum.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but I'm paying someone to help me.

Cupcake Blonde said...

My favorite is everyone going 80+ on the highway screeching down to 60+ when a Statie pulls on the interstate. Uh, I don't you think slamming on your brakes is a larger signal saying "Look at me! Speeding and breaking the law!"

Momo Fali said...

My husband once got pulled over for passing a police car. The officer said he was going EXACTLY the speed limit, so my husband had to be exceeding it...even if it was by 1 mph. Jerk.

JoJo said...

God I hate it when I see a cop up ahead of me on a highway. I always say out loud, "Damn pig, cramping my driving style". lol

Ed & Jeanne said...

Ha! It always happens when I'm running late. I swear last time I had three different ones get on and off, like they were communicating with each other "Ok, VE is coming up to you in one minute..." AAAGH! How can I do 90 through the school zone with them around?

Maureen said...

Reforming Geek: I know! I always jump when all of a sudden the lights go on, and their siren starts... even when I haven't done anything. I swear they get a thrill outta it.

Ann: Aw, thank you so much. I do hope you get your Feedburner issues sorted out!

Vegas Princess: Believe me, seeing brake lights was the only thing to alert me of the State Trooper hiding in the ditch up ahead on our last trip to the US. So I was glad of that!

Momo Fali: Holy crap! I would have thought that there was some degree of leeway... I guess not! (at least with some cops). Wow.

JoJo: Ha! But I'll bet you don't say that within earshot of said Damn Pig!

VE: Har!!!! Yeah, I'll bet they ARE syncronized. Why else do they need those stupid radios???

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I'm with VioletSky, that was the first thing I thought... hey wait a minute, she's taking a picture while she's driving!

I'm giving you points for style. ;b

Sistertex said...

I'm a little surprised the cop car wasn't going faster to get to the donuts! Sirens and lights flashing....

Ugly weather...we have been having much the same, though hot too, yesterday about 2 pm here the thermometer hit 100 degrees F. Way too hot!

Maureen said...

Jeff: You mean you DON'T take pictures when you're on your bike??? Why the heck not?

Sistertex: Yikes. I would die in 100 degree weather. We have had a lot of rain; but at least I haven't had to water the garden... said...

People won't pass cop cars? Ain't that the truth!

My ex-father-in-law was a medical examiner and had lights on top of his car. We used to love to drive it around annoying the shit out of people. You could have the entire highway to yourself because nobody would pass you. We also had fun using the spotlight to announce our arrival at friends' and relatives' houses.

And they say you can't have a good time in a police car!

Maureen said...

Larew: Har! Well, I am guessing (probably correctly) that you never encountered any REAL police on one of these jaunts! Now THAT would be interesting!!!

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