Living On the Banks Of De-Nile

I've been stretching the limits of my imagination this past week or so.

You see, a week ago Tuesday, I fiercely pretended that my throat was NOT becoming more painfully raw with every swallow.

I forcibly denied that my voice was NOT going hoarse; it was dry air... not a virus.

Wednesday I vehemently ignored the waves of nausea creeping up on me. I simply sequesterd myself in my office away from co-workers for the previous two days because I was busy... not "sick". Oh no.

That night I made grand excuses for the sudden hacking cough fits keeping me awake until I witnessed the sunrise. A 'tickle' is all it was... the Tylenol and Gravol I was popping were just precautionary.

Thursday I called in to work "for just a day" to rest and catch up on the hours of sleep that evaded me the night before; after all, it was quiet at work anyway.

Because I wasn't sick.

By Friday I pretended that dammit, I was NOT coming down with the flu daughter had the week before, but stayed home only because hospital guidelines had been distributed to any staff with "flu-like symptoms". My sinuses were NOT inflamed; my nose bleeds weren't THAT bad, neither were the neck and shoulder aches or lethargy.

I wasn't sick.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed, but that was NOT a fever I had off and on... I was simply, erm, overdressed. Yeah, that's why.

I wasn't sick.

By Monday, the inability to lay down without inducing continuous coughing spasms were getting difficult to ignore every friggin' night. Up. Down. Up. Down. Criminy, TV sucks at 3 am...

But I wasn't sick.

I refused to take my temperature. I avoided all articles, news reports or discussions about Swine Flu. I would NOT go to the doctor's office.

Didn't have to -- I wasn't sick after all.

Tuesday and Wednesday the pattern of sleep and awake were totally screwed up. Every night I went to bed propped up with four pillows, only to return an hour later to my chair in the living room to nod off and on sitting up, splitting awake time between surfing on my laptop and reading "Twilight" in two days flat.

But I'm not sick.

I've dropped 12 pounds, but that's just from an all-liquid diet I've preferred to partake of lately, is all. I mean, water and fruit juice is good for you, right?

But I'm not sick.

At least last night for the first time in over a week, I finally got six hours sleep in a row. I returned to work to get back to a normal life again, because, boy

I am so sick of denying I'm NOT sick.

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Janet said...

Maureen! I hate to break this to you, but you MIGHT be sick! Good grief...get yourself to the doctor, PRONTO! *said in my most stern voice*

On a lighter note, our LSS is doing a big promotion over the new Star Wars line of sb'ing paper. Real Star Wars characters are coming to our store on Saturday! I thought of you!

Have you seen the Hello Kitty Darth Vader???

ReformingGeek said...

I am so glad to hear that you are NOT sick!

Too bad you were not sick and had to go back to work.

PG said...

had you been sick I would say that I am glad that you seem to be on the mend. but since you were not sick you can not therefore be on the mend so I will take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my blog.

Come check out Annoyingly Boring. I have been posting a new photo each day, a photo taken that day, since February 4, 2008.

Go on fair readers of Maureen's fine blog click on my name, be magically whisked away to my humble photo blog.

Heather said...

Oh no! :( I hope you're feeling better!

Badass Geek said...

I hate being not sick.

Irene said...

I am sorry that you were really, really sick, you foolish woman. You are so stubborn. You could have gotten really very ill and then you would have been in real trouble. At least you were sensible enough to stay home, or you were forced to by you very sick body. Next time you go to the doctor, okay? I have to worry about you all the way over here, jeez!

Daisy said...

Sometimes, if you wish hard enough, your dreams really do come true! But not always.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

My dear, you are sick. In more ways than one. so...more importantly, do you have Swine Flu and can we catch it through the computer?

jay said...

Good heavens. You are mad, woman! Still, you seem to have weathered it OK, since you are no longer 'not sick' enough to stay home. Just watch it in future, 'kay?

Becky said...

Soooo... you're not sick? I'm confused.

Seriously though, was it the dreaded Swine Flu? Either way, it sounds like it was bad. Good to hear you're on the up side.

Maureen said...

Janet: No, No, No.... er, okay maybe. Star Wars scrapbooking paper??? Coolness! No, I haven't seen it yet... but now will be on the lookout!

Reforming Geek: Yes, unfortunately, my non-sickness got better enough to get back to work after a week.

PG: On the mend indeed. Yes, I loves your piccys... awesome PG!

Heather: Getting better slowly... what? What did I say?? Er, I mean, fit as a fiddle... *cough* *cough*

Badass Geek: I hate not being sick too. ;)

Aw, thank you Green Stone Woman! Yes, I am very stubbon (well, that's a better word than chicken) when it comes to the flu. I got to the point that I really was terrified to find out if it was H1N1 Flu (and yes, it was, in fact - but now that I am feeling better, the news isn't so terrifying).

Daisy: Aw, you had me hoping there for a second! Didn't Disney say all your dreams can come true? If you can't trust Disney, who CAN you trust??

Lisa: Yes, I am or not. And no, my H1N1 cannot be transmitted over the computer; unless you are typing on my cough-riddled keyboard, that is.

Jay: Yes, the worst is over, but I have been warned the cough will last a bit yet. Last night was another up, down, up, down, sit to nod off night of horrors...

Becky: Yes, I was one of the lucky ones to add to the statistics. I was told that today. It's much better hearing that after the worst is over. So you see? Denial has it's advantages.

Louise said...

Oh YUK! This is so not fair in summer!

Babs-beetle said...

Oh my! I never had you down for a swine! I'm sorry to hear you've been ill (or not as the case may be) but glad you are feeling well enough to go back to work now. Not that going back to work is a good thing ;)

Irene said...

We in the Netherlands don't call it the swine flu, we call it the Mexican flu. It sounds much better. But you had it anyway, didn't you?

Maureen said...

Louise: Yeah, but at least we weren't on vacation somewhere. That would have been worse.

Babs-beetle: Good thing it's slow at work right now - a lot of people are on vacation so I wasn't missed much... hmmmm. Perhaps that's not such a good thing, eh?

The Green Stone Woman: Looks like it. I finally saw my Doc yesterday because my side was aching and I feared another bout of pneumonia I had a few years back. He confirmed I had all the symptoms of H1N1, and that my sides were sore from all the coughing. So that's a relief. It will just take time and patience now to get over it completely.

Swubird said...


Wow, it sounds like you've had a heck of a week. I've had a similar problem. Only in my case the doctor thinks it allergies. I have a constant cough when I lay on my back. But I don't have any other symptoms of flu or a cold.

I don't like the sudden weight loss, but if you can explain it by your diet, it sounds okay.

Take care of yourself.

Happy trails.

Sistertex said... are you feeling today? :)Denial does have its advantages.

Did you like 'Twilight'?

Momo Fali said...

Whew. For a second there, I really thought maybe you were sick.

Maureen said...

Swubird: I think the only GOOD thing to come out of it all was the weight loss... now if I can just lose a few more pounds.... ;) Hope you're feeling better too.

Sistertex: I am gradually getting better, but still cough at night; so I have to medicate myself to sleep through the night still. Gah. LOVED Twilight. So much that I got the DVD and watched the movie. Even hubby grudgingly admitted it was good. Now I'm reading New Moon.

Momo Fali: Me too! Whew, it was a close one! ;)

toners said...

I'm thinking - you're sick...but I hope you're better by now!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

I hope you are feeling better. But I couldn't help but notice you slipped in there that you read Twilight! I am still worried about your health, but tell me, what did you think?

Jill said...

Oh no!!!! I always vehemently deny any illness to the bitter end too. But you know what? I notice that my guy gives in and takes to bed right away and he tends to recover WAY faster than I do...

Maureen said...

Toners: Yes I was, and Yes I am.

Vegas Princess: I LOVED it! And I thought of you all the time I read it.... now I am just finishing New Moon.... loved the video you posted of the Comic Con sneak peek!!!! (Yummy abs....)

Lady Banana: Yes, better now. Just the occasional cough now.

Jill: Maybe so... but who ends up nursing them? Us. So I deny being sick so they'll feel better too. It sucks when the whole family is sick.

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