My Bacon Number is Three

Not three strips of bacon (although.... that DOES sound yummy right about now come to think of it....)

No. No. No! Focus, Maureen.

This is about the actor Kevin Bacon.

About fifteen years ago, the phenomenon known as "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" first surfaced.

After Bacon was quoted saying "he had worked with everybody in Hollywood or someone who's worked with them", a group of college students postulated that any actor can be linked to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps.

Of course, being college students, it started out as a trivia party game. Someone would name a celebrity, and the person to link them to Kevin Bacon by the lowest number won. It then expanded to include anyone, not just celebrities.

Mr. Bacon himself has referenced the game in commercials and guest appearances on television. There's a book and board game too.

Then today while watching TV it suddenly struck me.

Holy crap. I have a Bacon number of THREE.

You see when I was young, I went to school with and lived down the same street from the Vardalos kids. I even remember playing in the home of the huge, rambunctious Greek family. Little did I know then, that Nia would go on to fame and fortune by writing and starring in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". A movie produced by Tom Hanks.

Nia and TomAnd since next week will be the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13, History Television has been running ads for the movie... and low and behold, there is Tom with, of course, Kevin Bacon.

Tom and KevinMaking my "Bacon Number" 3.

It's pretty cool, I guess.

The only problem is, now I have an irresistible craving for some crispy, salted pork.

26 People would rather be commenting:

feefifoto said...

Wow! I am sincerely impressed. Truly.

AshPup said...

So I guess that by me knowing you, my number is 4? Pas mal!
Also: I am now hungry for bacon.

ReformingGeek said...

Oops. I got 666. Wonder what that means.

That was awesome, Maureen!

DJ Kirkby said...

Mmmmmmm bacon....pork or human both yummy in different ways.

Babs-beetle said...

Number three or not, give me the salty bacon every time ;)

Heather said...

Very cool! I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding! :)

Irene said...

Yes, forget Kevin Bacon, I can get another guy if I want. What I want is some crispy bacon, that is what I long for very much. My mouth is drooling. It's not sex I want, it's good food.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Awesome. My bacon number is 2. I was having BBQ ribs with the devil during the last lent and of course the devil made Kevin Bacon star in that 80s chick flick "She's Having a Baby" (cause why else would he have done THAT?). So there you go!

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, man, that is so cool!

I saw Harry Caray drunk at a bar in Wisconsin. I'm wondering what MY bacon number is?

Idiot on a Stick said...

Well that's pretty neat. That means by my happening over here, I am now connected as well.

However, when you first said bacon it reminded me of some health thing I heard recently on the radio that said choose bacon over sausage - lesser evil, less fat. Who knew? I always chose sausage. BTW... pancakes over french toast (but I prefer french toast).

Maureen said...

Feefifoto: I'm more impressed I can actually remember all this from so many years ago... now that's a feat!

Ashley: Ha! I guess it would!

Reforming Geek: Yikes, NOT a good number that...

DJ Kirby: How right you are. Although... I think I am leaning more to the back bacon.

Babs-beetle: Ha! Yes, I do believe me too!

Heather: Yeah, I love that movie too. You know what's funny? In our yearbook, we had those write ups about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Nia's had "actress". Even in Grade 7 she knew what she wanted.

The Green Stone Woman: Ahahahaha! Oh how our "tastes" change, eh? But I believe you are right. I never had a crush for Mr. Bacon.
The pork, however, is a different question.

Har VE! And yes, I CAN believe YOU would be the one to assist in a deal with the devil...

JD: Wow, well, erm... that would have been a sight you're just going to have to find the links between the drunk and the actor (shouldn't be too hard, no?)

Idiot On a Stick: Why, yes, yes you are! And Welcome! Luckily when we visit the USofA, your IHOP don't make us choose; they gave us BOTH bacon and sausage. Good thing we shopped for the rest of the day to wear off all the calories and fat.

Tara R. said...

That is very cool. My Bacon number is immeasurable.

Jason said...

Great site man. I was wondering if we could possible exchange links. Let me know what you think about my humor blog.


Momo Fali said...

That is pretty cool! I don't know any celebrities, so I guess my Bacon number would be infinity.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I can beat you by one! ;)

I played cello for a production of "The Last 5 Years". The director of said production worked with Kevin Bacon on a play just prior to that.

I don't know if I feel cool to proclaim that or what, but I rather like Kevin Bacon, so I feel cool.

JoJo said...

I think my Bacon number is cousin used to work in the film biz and she worked on one of his movies in the late 80's or early 90's.

Unknown said...

Does he know Halle Barry? I know her and if he knows her then would that be number two? Not number two as in bathroom. I think his best movie ever was "Murder in the First"

Staci said...

You have a craving for bacon. I, however, now have Footloose stuck in my head. To each their own I guess.

Louise said...

The crispy, salted pork might be more gratifying!

(And I think it's cooler that you knew/know Nia than have a Bacon number of 3. She is SO fabulous!)

Swubird said...


When I was a young man I was assigned to a scientific project in Hollywood, California. In the course of the project, we were required to speak with people who came into the Department of Motor Vehicles. During those years I probably spoke with 30 or 40 celebrities. So, I can't prove it, but when it comes to Kevin I probably fit well inside the six degree of freedom criteria. It's a small world.

jay said...

I hate to admit it, but I've never heard of the Kevin Bacon game. However ..

I have personally met Johnny Depp, and he was in Benny and Joon with Oliver Platt, who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon. Does that make me a three, too? Or is that a two? Or does it only count if I'm in a movie?


Maureen said...

Tara: I only have an immeasurable bacon number on Sunday mornings with my pancakes...

Gee Jason, I would check it out if you had left a working link!

Momo: Well, you don't have to know the celebrity. You could know someone who knows one, or one that knows someone who knows one, or... well, you get the drift, I'm sure.

Curly Glamour Girly: That IS cool! See? It is a small world, isn't it?

Jo-Jo: Awesome! Again, this is just proving the point!!

Ettarose: I haven't seen that one... and I don't know if he has worked with Halle Barry... but I'll bet he (like every other guy) WANTS to.

Staci: My sincerest apologies... oh, crap. Now *I* have Footloose in my head too.

Louise: (Shhhh... I think so too)

Swubird: Yes, it IS a small world... amazing, no?

Jay: Oh you KNOW I would rather have a second with Mr Depp.... but let's see. Oliver Platt would have a Bacon Number of 1, Johnny would be 2, and yes, You would be THREE! Coolness!

toners said...

Way cool!!

Now...I need some BACON!

Cupcake Blonde said...

That is really cool! I love that movie and that actress. How incredible you can say you knew her when her life was like her movie. :)

Jill said...


Maureen said...

Toners: Anytime can be Bacon Time.

Vegas Princess: Yeah, you never know who your classmates will turn out to be in the future eh?

Jill: :)

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