Traffic Jam

Is it too much to ask that after a long hard day at work, for an event-free smooth drive home?

I mean really...

Not only do I have to slalom through a multitude of bright orange cones and ridiculously lengthy detours so prevalent in the few short weeks formerly known as Summer (these days it is more aptly named "Construction Season").

Now I have to deal with traffic congestion - even in the Suburbs.

The line up of cars at a standstill in BOTH lanes.

And the honking.

Oh, the incessant honking!


Come on!

Move it! Move it! Move it!

I just want to get home.

Damn slowpokes.

Crossing in the middle of the street like they just don't care.

They think they own the road just because they're cute AND Canadian.

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Julie H said...

Too cute! I know they are a pain though, we have them here and they just stand there.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Personally I hate geese. I'd just run the f--ers over. ;)

feefifoto said...

I think you have a typo. I think you wrote "Geez" when you meant to write "Geese."

Just a helpful suggestion.

Maureen said...

Mom Taxi Julie: Aw, yeah, they may be a pain, but truthfully, I do love them. There were over 20 in this group; luckily I had my camera within arm's reach.

Unfinished Rambler: Oh Noes!!! Hubby likes to tease me that he loves roast goose.... I could never eat it. In reality, I loved that all the traffic stopped to let them pass.

FeeFiFoto: Ha! You actually had me (the OCD one) check back and look for the typo (cause I make so many)... Har! But no, I DID mean GEEZ. ;)

ReformingGeek said...

So, really, the geese cross the road to get to the other side. Geez. They just get a little confused about how to use the crosswalks and stoplights.

Michelle Gartner said...

I am not a big fan of geese, these seem to poop a lot and they are kind of scary, aggressive sort of birds. They seem to feel they own the road and bully pedestrians.

Ed said...

I've heard the gaggle referred to as many things, but never CUTE!

Irene said...

Send them our way. We'd welcome Canadian geese. It would be a whole new zoological phenomenon. I think right now we only get the Scandinavian types.

DJ Kirkby said...

Which they do...and are! They take over whole school playing fields over here in England and I shine with pride. I don't care that they are geese, they are Canadian geese and that is all that matters to me!

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I love this Maureen. I like how when they get across they continue on down the sidewalk, like they're going to the store or something.

Heather said...

Oh, I love it! Thanks for taking a pic of the offenders so we could all see too! :)

JD at I Do Things said...

AW! I'd rather wait for a gaggle of geese than the usual stupid traffic nightmares we have here during Construction Season. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to get home from the Y -- usually a 5-minute trip.

toners said...

Cute can get you really far, though! :)

Hey, there's a surprise over at my blog for you!

Suzanne said...

LOL! What's going on? A Canadian Geese convention?
Watch out for the goose poop!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I love the fact that you keep a camera at the ready in your car. I'm going to have to try that.

Oh, and some of your Canadian geese are lost because we have them all over the place down here. Maybe if I run outside and shoo them in a northerly direction they'll head back home.

Will said...

Cute AND Canadian? There is nothing else, eh.

Actually these geese are probably the resident ones that no longer migrate and cause all sorts of trouble in suburbia. True Canada geese would never hold you up on the way home from work!

Unknown said...

How funny. I would rather have to wait for them than car traffic. Great pics too!

Maureen said...

Reforming Geek: Ha! Yeah, I guess they learned that trick from the chickens...

Michelle: Bully pedestrians! Well, I guess when you hang out in gangs, you're bound to get a few bullies.

Ed: A gaggle of cuteness! Well, at least when they're not flying, they aren't crapping on my van...

The Green Stone Woman: I have seen photos of Canada Geese in Britian and I have seen them in the US. I always get a little patriotic whenever I see them outside of my own country.

DJ: I feel the same! Yes, they poop, they honk, but I still feel sad in the fall when they leave, and so happy at that first Honk! that signals the arrival of Spring.

Kathy: I know! I'm like "hey, dude, wouldn't it be easier to FLY to the next fake lake in the burbs??"

Heather: It was quite a surprise alright! I have seen a few groupings, but none as large as this, WALKING of all things from one lake to another.

JD: How true. I'd take wildlife over wild drivers anyday.

Toners! OMG!!! I WON! I WON! I WON!
Coolness!!! Thank you so much!

Lady Banana: I loved the way the "leader" watched out for the whole group... he was very good at his job.

Sue: Yeah! It DID look like a convention or something! We have numerous lakes in our area, so it's common to see them take off and fly from one to another, but this is the first time I witnessed a waddling parade like that!

Ha Jeff! I love seeing the Canadian geese when visiting the US (as long as they stay out of airliner engines, that is). And yes, I do keep my camera in the cup holder... I learned long ago there's never time to dig for it in my purse when something weird goes by (which seems like a common event, to think of it).

Will: Ah yes, we Canucks are known for our politeness aren't we? I can just imagine them saying, "pardon me, sorry, pardon me, pardon me"... as they waddled past the stopped cars.

Ettarose: Yes, they are far more entertaining than regular traffic... only in Canada, eh?

Anonymous said...

Just don't bump into 'em in a darkened alleyway... then they'll not be so cute and you'll be dead meat! Always up to no good, them gaggles of geeses... :(

Janet said...

Okay, Maureen -- Answer this definitively, please: Are they Canada geese or Canadian geese? I hear them called the latter but understand the former is correct. Right???

Love the pics, BTW!

Understanding Alice said...

Ha, reminds me of having to wait for the cows to cross in the village I went to primary school in. And the ducks. They still have a duck sign up to warn unwitting drivers...

Maureen said...

Tony: Yeah, some of those gaggles are known to be toughguys...

Janet: Thanks! The proper term is Canada Geese.

Undertanding Alice: Welcome! Yes, we do have Geese Crossing signs in the area; but funnily enough, NOT where they were crossing that day!

From the Old InkWell said... Tn we would have had road kill for supper. Did I say that?? NO. Kidding aside. I really love geese and I think this photo is just adorable. That's having your ducks (I mean) geese in a row.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Oooooo my nemesis. I fear I would not have stopped. I have had too many negative run-ins with these flighty beings.

Maureen said...

Marsha's Mpressions: HA! Hubby loves goose, but not me ... too greasy. But yes, they certainly were in a row alright!

Vegas Princess: I think I recall that... you would freak at some of the gaggles we have up here. Talk about unruly gangs...

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