On our roadtrip to daughter's idea of Nirvana the Mall of America a few weeks back, I just HAD to find out something.

Something that had been nagging at my subconscious.

Something bothering me since our previous two ventures last August and this past March.

If you haven't read about those, erm, "incidents", you can catch up here:

August 2008 See Maureen Vacation

March 2009 trip wherein I found out that I Killed Christmas

Yes, it's all true, sad to admit...

But I just couldn't ignore that pesky little voice in my head as we arrived at the huge mall for the third time in less than a year:

  • Did the site of the former Christmas Store still stand empty and devoid of life?
  • Was the Holiday Spirit permanently lost and forgotten?
  • Had anyone picked up the shattered shards of the business and opened their holly-jolly doors once again?
I steeled myself against the possibility of the worst and screwed up enough courage to take a peek as we ascended the escalator...

And found

Whoo Hoo! It was open again! Well, this time it was called "Seasonal Living", but at least it was a holiday store once more.

The frail glass decor was back.

The gossamer porcelain knick-knacks were back.

The Christmas trees heavily laden with uber-delicate hand-blown ornaments were back.

Even the hard stone slate floor was ...

still there.

Slate Floor

So, apparently I *DIDN'T* kill Christmas after all!

And what happened then? Well, in Mallville they say that Maureen's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of Christmas came through, and Maureen found the strength of *ten* shoppers, plus two! *

After I regaled the three women working there of my previous unfortunate encounters at this very same location, they laughed - albeit nervously. Then to my surprise they took special care to guide me through their fragile stock, generously offering to retrieve anything my little heart desired.

I didn't have to touch a thing. All I had to do was point from a safe distance and they brought the items TO me.

Gosh. They were SO nice to escort me around their new store and out the door like that...

* With the sincerest of apologies to Dr. Seuss

15 People would rather be commenting:

Anonymous said...

I did read those posts and can't imagine why they escorted you around the store so gingerly. ;)

Actually I'm surprised they let you stay in the store.

Irene said...

Well, you knew all along that the economy killed Christmas, didn't you? It wasn't your fumbling in that store with delicate items. Of course, it was probably nice of those ladies to pick out the items for you, considering what a hazard you are to the inventory, but still, you didn't kill Christmas.

By the way. people still have money to go to the Mall of America? Unbridled capitalism!

ReformingGeek said...

So that's how you get special treatment while shopping!

I've been to that mall - once. I took the light rail from downtown where I had just finished a conference and then walked to the Holiday Inn up the street. Since I was dragging my luggage, I didn't even get to shop!

Cupcake Blonde said...

At least they didn't call security. :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol. How very throughtful of them!

Anonymous said...

But did you buy anything? If it had been me, I think I would have been absolutely GUILTED into spending a lot of money there!

Janet said...

Whew! I feel ever so much better now that Christmas is alive and well, at least in northern parts!

Swubird said...


You have touched upon a very sensitive subject with me. Down here in Swubirdland the Christmas spirit is gone. The store clerks say, "Happy Holidays," not "Merry Christmas," that is, if they say anything at all. Which they mostly don't. Our city no longer decorates its streets with bells and colorful Christmas lights. They remain empty.

Having come from a time when all the stores painted their widows and all the streets were decorated with bells and Santa stuff, and passers-by would hail Merry Christmas, and Santa would be in every department store, I'm having a little difficulty adjusting to the new "boring" times.

Next they'll be taking God away.

Happy trails.

JD at I Do Things said...

Christmas is alive! YAY!

Hey, you won my contest by guessing I Faked a Concussion as the blog post I read at BlogHer. C'mon over and claim your prize!

jay said...

Hahahahaha!! Those kind ladies must have a strong self-preservation instinct! Bless them. I'm sure they were just being kind.

And it's good to know that you didn't kill Christmas after all! :p

Maureen said...

Unfinished Rambler: I was surprised too... but I was glad to escape unscathed (at least, the store was unscathed, that is).

The Green Stone Woman: Well, there certainly were a lot LESS people than last year; definitely the economy down there is taking a toll. Up here there is no difference at all.

Reforming Geek: Too bad... I have seen people dragging luggage at the Mall; they use it to put their purchases inside! (True!)

Vegas Princess: Ha! Yes, at least there's that!

DJ Kirby: Wasn't it though? They were so nice... and smart.

Pinklea: Oh, I was guilted alright; see that origami reindeer? It is actually fine Japanese porcelain... and yes, they took it down for me. I always try to add to my reindeer collection when travelling.


Fah who for-aze!
Dah who dor-aze!
Welcome Christmas,
Come this way!

Yep, glad to say it didn't go away... oh crap, I'm starting to rhyme like Dr. Seuss.

Swubird: Well, like the Whos... we each must keep Christmas in our hearts; and not allow others to dictate over us. Okay?

JD at I Do Things: Whoo Hoo!!!!! Hokey Smoke! I won? Awesome!!!! I can hardly wait to choose an uber-cool IDT prize!

Jay: Self-preservation is right; they were incredibly astute to protect their fine offerrings... ;)

Ed said...

Isn't it amazing what a slight amount of fear can do to achieve impeccable customer service?

JoJo said...

But did your heart break the heart measuring device?

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Yeah, I noticed they took down your mug shot from behind the counter.

Maureen said...

Ed: Ha! Yeah, I gotta remember that....

Jo-Jo: Well, I had to break SOMETHING after all...

Jeff: Thank goodness. It was a terrible shot... I looked all green and wrinkly.

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