Found And Lost

I had a bizarre dream last night. And it was Très Odd.

WookieeI dreamt was shopping and came across a frantic crowd grabbing up great deals on Halloween costumes. When I finally made it near the sale display, I spied the last adult getup remaining; a huge Star Wars Wookiee suit hanging high up on the wall. It was so far out of reach, I had to ask the clerk to get it down for me. Then a loudspeaker crackled overhead - announcing that the sale was time-limited and nearly over. I freaked and pleaded for him to hurry; soon I'd be charged more than the 88 cents (yes, CENTS) it had been marked down to.

After what seemed like forever, he retrieved it and I hauled the huge hairy mess to the checkout. Of course, the till I lined up for had broken down, and all the customers had to find other checkouts. I finally found one open, but I was too late; the sale was over and it rang up for it's original $ 79.99. Of course I complained... and after explaining my situation to the manager, he approved the sale price. Whoo Hoo!

Delighted with my find, I left the store dragging the huge shopping bag behind me. It was only then I realized my coat was nowhere to be found.

Crap! It was gone!

Well, I was at a store after all, so I went back in and proceeded to the Women's Outerwear department and found a cute hunter green short-cropped jacket in my size for only $8! Coolness! So I tried it on and went to the mirror to find....

I had no pants on.

And that's when I woke up.

Dammit. I didn't even get to find out if that Wookiee suit saved the day.

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PG said...

yet another reason I am pissed off that I usually don't remember my dreams. think of all the blog fodder that goes poof when that alarm goes off in the morning.

grrrrrrrr. wait, i'd be smarter to make a wookie sound. How do you type out the sound a wookie makes?

JD at I Do Things said...

HA! Well, you could've put on the Wookie suite in lieu of pants, I guess, but that might've clashed with your lovely green jacket.

Ed said...

Yours was much more elaborate than mine. In mine I had a flat on my lawn mower. Wait--that wasn't a dream.

ReformingGeek said...

I love your dream. The funny thing is that most likely nobody noticed the lack of pants.


Anonymous said...

I frequently remember my dreams in great detail. Nice that you're a kindred spirit (although the Wookie thing IS bizarre. Star Wars is so done!).

Cupcake Blonde said...

I predict you wore the Wookie suit out of the store. Buying more clothes when you keep losing them is too expensive. :)

Unknown said...

What a wacky dream, of course they all are. I dream I am without a shirt or pants a lot and wonder why.

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha! I love those very detailed dreams. I am often only wearing underwear or nightwear in my dreams, and trying desperately to get somewhere unnoticed! There must be a reason for the lack of clothing as it seems to crop up often :)

Irene said...

You poor confused woman, you're confusing your Star Wars obsession with your shopping obsession and it has all come together in one horrible dream in which you are left without your pants on.It's time to come back to reality and check into the regular world of every day living where you do such mundane things as dishes and laundry and balancing your checkbook. No more fantasies and outlandish shopping for you. It's time to face the facts of life as they really are.

MYM said...

Just when I think I'm strange. lol

Janet said...

lol Maureen -- I read right over the part about this being a dream! Imagine my alarm when I came to the Mercy!

Unknown said...

My therapist, I mean friend, my friend would ask you if the number eight means anything to you since the costume was 88 cents (awesome deal) and the coat was $8 (equally awesome deal.)

Do you shop for deals like that in real life? I don't so that's interesting to me that you're a wheelin' dealin' dynamo in your dreams.

Momo Fali said...

Clearly, eight is your lucky number!

Swubird said...


Wow! A Wookiee dream. That has to be a first. I tried to get my daughter to watch Star Wars with me and she says it too old!

You should have know that 88-cents for a full on hairy Wookiee suit sounded a little fishy.LOL.

Happy trails.

Jay said...

Hahaha! Shoulda just put the Wookie suit on. No need for pants inside that thing, it's probably as hot as ... a very hot thing. LOL!

Ed & Jeanne said...

I've run that through my psycho dream analyzer software and it appears you missed the streaking craze back in the 70s and are now subconsiously trying to address that. Either that or you need a belt...

JoJo said...

What in the heck did you eat before you went to bed???

Maureen said...

Ah! Finally now that I'm home, I can respond!

PG: I do remember a lot of dreams... but most are either too bizarre or embarassing to write down here. Yes, even MORE bizarre than this one. And I have no idea how to type "Rowrrrrrr".

JD: It may indeed. But we'll never know now, will we? Darnit.

Ed: More like a nightmare. Oh, sorry, that would be your wife's nightmare, YOUR dream, right? ;)

Reforming Geek: I hope not. But at least I did have underwear on.

Pinklea: Star Wars may be done for many, but for a SW Geek like me, it lives on; apparently even in my dreams!

Vegas Princess: Ha! And it would have been warm too! (I am assuming it was cold since I had my winter coat when I got there).

Ettarose: Isn't that weird? I am sure psychologists have many answers as to why... but I don't think I want to know.

Babs-Beetle: I know, me too! And I am always trying to get somewhere or do something desperately that I cannot... hmmm.

Ah, The Green Stone Woman has hit it on the head! Yes, I dare say you are right...

Ahahahaha Drowsey! Aren't we all??? ;)

Oh no Janet! Yes, I do hope I am never caught without pants in real life!!! Yikes!

Cardiogirl: Very astute to notice that. My lucky number is 4, so 8 is weird. And yes, I LOVE finding a deal; but an 88 cent one? Only in my dreams...

Momo: Well, it's double my lucky number!

Swubird: You're right... at 88 cents, I'll bet it WAS fishy!

Jay: I much preferred my Johnny Depp dream you know...

VE: Ahahaha! Or my old rainbow suspenders.

JoJo: I have no freakin' idea...

Louise said...

That was a LONG dream to remember. I think it's always better we wake up when we realize we have no pants!

JC said...

A coat for $8?!?? That IS a weird dream!

Sadly, shopping for 88 cent Wookie costumes with no pants on is all too routine around here. ;o)

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