I just wanted to get home.

It had been a long day and I was looking forward to relaxing in my comfy chair, firing up the old laptop and visiting some bloggy friends online.

So I found myself driving a titch over the posted 50 KPH in the residential part of my commute home. (Okay, perhaps it was a tad more than a titch, but I have no idea what that unit of measurement could possibly be....)

Then I heard the sirens.

Crap! Crap! Crap! Well Maureen, serves you right... you shouldn't have been speeding after all.

But there was something amiss.

No flashing lights.

No police car.

Yet the sirens continued.

And with a mental smack to the head, that's when I realised where they WERE coming from.

The radio.

Stupid commercial. They really should outlaw using that sound effect...

But at least my adrenaline was still shooting so high that yes, I DID slow down.

I was "Scared Straight" and my bloggy friends, well they just had to wait.

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Ed said...

I've done the opposite--thought it was the radio when it was an actual siren and just kept driving.

Officer was not amused.

Heather said...

That has happened to me before too! I hate those stupid commercials!!

Sistertex said...

You know, this happened to us here the other day. I wish those folks making commercials for the radios would take that into consideration and cut it out. They know people listen to them during 'drive-time' and I think it is a bit of a safety hazard, the way you kind of stop paying attention to the road and start looking for the police car that is 'chasing' you. I have to admit, it does make a person slow down.

ReformingGeek said...

I think I got lucky today. I sped around a pokey pick-up truck on the freeway and then I saw the cop with the radar gun that was blocked by the pokey truck. He didn't get me.

I think I had better watch out!

I'm with you. I hate those commercials.

Tara R. said...

There are songs too with the sounds effect. After two speeding tickets, every time it comes on the radio I nearly wreck trying to slow down.

Staci said...

I've done that quite a few times myself. There are some songs that have a siren like sound, on top of the commercials. I always have to turn the radio down before I stop like an idiot.

Then there are the times that all you get are lights, no siren, and the officer gets pissy because you didn't look in your rear view every two seconds. Then you get mad when you pull over and realize he's just in a hurry, not trying to get to a crime scene.

Kathy said...

I've had similar experiences with door bells on TV. I'm always glad to find out no one's at my door, me being anti-social and all.

Irene said...

It does show that you have a healthy conscience, though. Not everybody would have slowed down. You are a good citizen!

JD at I Do Things said...

HA! I can't think of the song, but one that I play frequently has an alarm in the background and I ALWAYS fall for it, looking up at my rearview mirror, heart pounding.

Because I ALWAYS drive a titch . . . make that a TITCH . . . over the limit.

Badass Geek said...

I agree. They should ban siren sounds from the radio. Not cool.

Babs-beetle said...

If you believe in these things, you could say that it came on the radio at just the right time, to prevent you having an accident had you not slowed down, but then I think that's probably rubbish! It was just an annoying advert!

JoJo said...

I cannot tell you how many times my knees have turned to water when I've heard a damn siren sound effect on the radio. I agree, they have got to kill that sound effect.

Daisy said...

Lead foot, lead foot! I'm glad you didn't get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

And how about driving home in rush hour traffic, hearing what you think is your cell phone ringing, pulling over to the side of the road (because I drive a standard and am just malcoordinated enough to be unable to even pick up my phone while driving, never mind opening it and pushing a button and holding it up to my ear), digging it out of your purse, then realizing that it was from the radio?! What a waste of energy ...

Louise said...

That SHOULD be outlawed. The adrenaline rush is too much for me! "Scared straight" is good!

Maureen said...

Ed: Ouch... not good. Nope. Not good at all.

Heather: Phew, well, glad I'm not the only one.

Sistertex: I wonder if it's done on purpose... I mean it IS one way to be memorable.

Reforming Geek: Thank goodness for pokey pick-ups blocking the radar! Ha!

Har, Tara! I never thought about it that way... yeah, that would be a pain too!

Staci: Ahahaha... yeah, I get all "what the heck did I do?" until they pass by, screaming their sirens for someone ELSE.

Kathy! Hubby did that the other day... and I was all, "Um, hon that was the TV". He sheepishly took his place back infront of the boob tube.

The Green Stone Woman: Well I was a good citizen ONCE I slowed down ;)

JD: I think there should be a Titch Allowance... you know, a buffer zone for going just above the limit...

Badass Geek: Agreed. Sounds like someone should do something about that!!! (er, but not me...)

Ha Babs! Yes, I would love to think it was some kind of higher power getting me to slow down... but annoying advert IS the more likely reason.

Jo-Jo: Isn't it funny how we all jump to the conclusion we are guilty just from the SOUND of a siren??? Ha!

Daisy: Lead foot I was... you are right.

Pinklea! Har! Well, those darn ringtones are songs... so I can definitely understand your confusion!

Louise: Yeah, my heart was pounding alright!

Bart said...

Warp 6 is not considered a 'tad' too fast.

Swubird said...


That's funny. Maybe you felt just a little guilty and it only took that one familiar sound from the radio to jolt you back into the real world. LOL.

I have been pulled over man many times in my short life, and everyone of those occasions caused my heart to skip a beat. I was even pulled over one night because the little light over my license plate was out. Please.

Happy trails.

JoJo said...

Well my jumping at the sound effect of a siren is justified... I learned to drive in Massachusetts and they don't call us "Massholes" for nothing....

Unknown said...

darn radio...I hate when that happens!

jay said...

Hahahahaha! Serves you right, you rebel, you! LOL!

I've got up to answer the phone quite often, only to find it's on the programme I'm supposedly watching on TV. Not paying too much attention, huh?

Maureen said...

Be.Bart: Warp 6? I think not. Warp 4, maybe...

You're absolutely right Swubird, guilt made me nervous at the very thought of being caught. Served me right.

Jo-Jo: Oh my.... Note to self: Never attempt to drive in Massawhatchamacallit.

Hi Staci's Madness! Yes, perhaps I should just turn the stupid thing off (at least in residential areas...) ;)

Yep, I'm a Rebel alright Jay. Mr Depp would be proud. But I have to laugh at the image of you answering a phantom phone call... "Ello, ello? Anyone there????"

Cupcake Blonde said...

I have had that happen to me more than once, mostly with cops coming up behind me with their lights a blazing and me going "Oh shit oh shit" in my head...only to have them speed past me and go nab someone else. Still, with my heart pounding in my chest, I am cowed enough to drive under the speed limit.

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