Take Me Out To The Ballgame

A few days back, hubby won two tickets to our local baseball team's home game. We've been to see the Goldeyes play before, but these seats were in row ONE, which was a first.

When we got to the ballpark, I had one thing, and one thing only on my mind. Something I had been eagerly anticipating since I found out we were going.

Was it the thought of seeing all those young, athletic, hunky players up close and personal?
Goldeyes catcher and pitcher warming upNope.

Was it the thought of watching the game at field level to catch all the thrilling action?

Team conference before the gameNope.

Was it the thought of having a good chance of catching an errant fly ball?


But the elderly lady who was sitting beside me thought so. She grinned when she saw me pull out my old southpaw Cooper glove.

"Oh good" she sighed. "At least you'll save me if a ball comes this way." She was very nervous about sitting so close to the field. "I don't think that little fella will be much protection."

I had to agree. The ball boy in front of us was the smallest I had ever seen. But I smiled and nodded to relieve her of her worries.

BallboyLittle did she know that I only brought my glove to catch something even better. The one thing I had been eagerly anticipating since I found out we were coming here.

The huge bags of hot, sinfully-delicious cinnamon sugar mini-donuts I was about to pig out on during the next nine innings.

Mini Donuts

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Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Mmmm, donuts! That would have been me too, except that instead of pigging out on them over 9 innings it would have been more like 9 minutes.

AshPup said...

Ooooh mini-donuts. Lucky! Those are the best treat ever. How'd our boys do (if you managed to keep track of the score between delicious fried & sugared rings from heaven that is)?

Babs-beetle said...

Oh I WANT one!!!!! They look so delicious :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love mini-donuts!!! I only have them if I go to the annual fair, but I could never make them last the length of a whole baseball game. I think I eat them quickly so that I don't have to share!

Heather said...

You are too funny! Very clever idea though! ;o)

Ed said...

The real tragedy here would be if a foul ball actually did come your way and you squished those little tasty treats.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Oh yum! I don't blame you for bringing your own carrying case, in case those abbies are hot. I just hope a ball really didn't come your way because then you owuld have to decide to either catch it and ruin your treat or let it whack the little old ady next to you.

The AAA team for the Toronto BlueJays plays here in Vegas and we love going to games. But I really just go for the cinnamon baked pecans. Heaven!!

ReformingGeek said...

Oh, YUMMMMMY! I'm coming up there.

I did enjoy the eye candy, though. Thanks!

Watch out for those foul bowls, Lefty!

ReformingGeek said...

BTW, I think I had those donuts when we were in the Yukon on a cruise excursion. Our bus driver/guide told us she gained 10 pounds over the season and she blamed those donuts. I think it was Carcross??

Amie Adams said...

Between that hunky catcher and those doughnuts I don't think I'd ever leave that seat.

JD at I Do Things said...

I knew it HAD to be food. Why else does anyone go to a sporting event? Oh, the hot dogs. How I love them. And they taste so much better at the ballpark.

You are one smart cookie to wear a mitt to hold those precious, piping-hot morsels. I remember Dave getting a bag at the fair and having to hold them so I could take a picture.

"Hold the bag out more!"
"I can't! My hands are burning!"

Maureen said...

Jeff: Ha! I'll have to remember to buy extra the next time we meet.

Ashley: We won! They are doing very well, and yes, so is the donut vendor!

Oh Babs, they ARE delicious! They make them in front of you while you wait; so they are piping hot, chewy, and absolutely plastered with cinnamon sugar, causing you to lick your fingers after each one.

Pinklea: Ha! Luckily, hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth... that's his beer in the background ;)

Heather: :) Hee Hee. Poor lady never knew how awful my priorities are.

Ha Ed! I did think about that, and once it was close; but luckily the donuts remained safe and secure in my glove.

Vegas Princess: Oh the Blue Jays are hubby's team; he already wants to go to Vegas, if I tell him that, he's going to want to visit even more! And as to the decision between donuts and the old lady? No problem; the donuts would win every time.

Reforming Geek: There are only a few times and places you can get those donuts. We have a stand at the downtown market, but I don't get there often (good thing for my waistline). The other time they are the big hit is when the carnival is in town. But at least at the ballgame I could sit and pig out. And the bag was absolutely stuffed! There were over 20 in there!

Ahahaha Mamma! Yes, both were pretty sweet!

JD: Oh yes they are hot for sure! The only thing that kept me from inhaling them all too quickly was the fact that the first one would have burned my tongue, and I wouldn't have been able to taste the rest! The horrors!!!

Irene said...

I thought you were in happy anticipation of the hot dogs and the luke warm beers. That's what I would look forward to.

jay said...

I would be safe from the evil deep-fried, sugary donuts .. only because I can't stand cinnamon! LOL!

Glad you had fun! I take it the glove wasn't called upon to do more than donut duty?

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I sat in the front row at the Indians game a couple times and was too nervous to eat. The seats are so close to the field, I felt I was actually in the game! I really was hoping to get a foul ball but didn't. I actually prefer the club seats which are up a bit higher and where I can enjoy eating with a little more peace.

toners said...

Ooooh - those look GREAT!!

anand said...

Amazing donuts. you played very well.

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Jill said...

Ooooh - I guess she's going to have to repel all those errant balls herself! Wouldn't want to squish your donuts, after all! :-)

JoJo said...

YUM!!!!!!!!! Based on some of the comments here, I was wondering if these mini donuts are a Canadian thing? Or is there a Timmy's vendor at the ballpark?

Ed & Jeanne said...

Wait a minute...those aren't Tim bits. Those are real mini-donuts. Isn't that un-Canadian?

Unknown said...

Oh those do look yummy. I wonder what the old lady would have thought is she had known you had no intention of saving her. To me it would have been no contest.

Maureen said...

The Green Stone Woman: That's what HUBBY was looking forward to. Not me; I have the sweet tooth.

Jay: Nope, the glove kept busy guarding the sugary goodness all night.

Karen: Yes, there is a sense of security behind those nets they pull up behind home plate...

Toners, they were delish!

Anand: Um.... thanks... I guess.

Jill: Yep, once the donuts arrived, she was on her own.

Jo-Jo: Nope, not Timmies! I don't know if it's just a Canuck thing; I think you can get them in the States too.

VE: Ha! Well, since I prefer Starbucks WAY over Timmies, it better not be! And yes, these mini donuts are MUCH better than Timbits!

Maureen said...

Oh sorry, Ettarose... I missed your comment while I was commenting! Yeah, I couldn't confess my real intentions to her; poor thing.

Louise said...

MUCH better than the ball game itself!!

Maureen said...

You got that right Louise!!!

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