Set The Wayback Machine to 1852 Sherman

I have potatoes in my blood.

Don't panic; it's not some dire carbohydrate-related medical condition... for you see, it's simply that I'm half-Irish. Back in 1852, my ancestors were part of the massive flood of immigrants to North America, escaping starvation in Ireland because of the Great Potato Famine.

You might say that because of this lowly vegetable, I'm here... so it's not surprising that I love them.

I love them baked, steamed, boiled, stewed, fried, mashed, scalloped, hash-browned, dumplinged, chipped, pancaked and saladed. (Yes, I DO have an impressive culinary vocabulary, don't I?)

And for the very first time, I tended my own little pot of spudlets this year.

Holy Crop! Our teenie tub of tubers totally transformed into tasty taters!

Oh sure, they'll only last two meals, but me ancestors, gosh and begorrah, they'd be proud.

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Badass Geek said...

Weird Al Yankovich made a parody called "Addicted To Spuds" that would be very fitting for you.

Babs-beetle said...

Oh t' be sure they'd be proud o'you, so they would.

I now want to grow some potatoes, and I don't care if they only do two meals :)

A lot of the Irish came to London also. Sadly most of them ended up in the London 'Workhouses'

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Mmmmm potatoes. I also love them. However I have an intolerance to too many of them. Seriously, I get all sluggish and oogey. yes, oogey is a real word. Um...I think.

But I love them...mashed, baked, fried, even raw sometimes. I know, I'm totally weird. I've been told sweet potatoes are better for me so I'm going to try them too. I have a feeling I won't love them as much.

Irene said...

Your potatoes look very good, Maureen. They look like the real thing. Your ancestor would have been proud of you. Are you going to try for a bigger patch next time, since you're so successful?

Heather said...

Very cool! I think I'm going to use the straw from this year's straw bale garden to grow potatoes in next year. We shall see!

Anonymous said...

I'm not as much of a potato fan as you (is that even possible to be more of a potato fan than you?), but I used to love digging up potatoes in my grandparents' garden when we visited them in Alberta when I was a kid. Then I'd have to help peel them for dinner, which wasn't quite so much fun ...

ReformingGeek said...

Yum! What time is dinner?

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm not Irish, but there aren't too many potato dishes I'd pass up (except for German potato salad -- BLEURGH!)

I grew potatoes a few years ago and was just amazed. POTATOES! In my garden! And they were edible! Then I tried them the next year and something went horribly wrong. They were just all gross and soft and stinky.

Now I get 'em at the store. I hope your Irish ancestors understand.

JoJo said...

LOVE tatoes, but my passion is pasta (I'm Italian)!!!! My hubby loves his taters, being German and Irish. Your little crop looks great!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooohhh they look fab. I love me a nice spud. I must grow some myself next year. :D

MYM said...

Whoa! I'm impressed! I only farm on FaceBook - LOL!

Maureen said...

Badass Geek: Oh yeah! I love Al! That makes me very proud that this reminded you of him .... ;)

Babs-beetle: Hee Hee... I am going to grow them again next year too. And yes, it was a terrible time for the Irish. My ancestors nearly didn't make it here; but that's another story for another day.

Lisa: OOOOHH... I love "oogey" ... er, the word, not the feeling. And sweet potatoes are fab too; I just had some french fried sweet potatoes at Outbacks a few weeks back... they were wonderful.

The Green Stone Woman: Yes! They DO look real, don't they??? I know it sounds weird, but I was surprised how good they turned out; like I just bought them at the grocer's. And yes, I think I shall plant a larger crop next year ;)

Heather: I used regular potting soil for vegetable planters; a very light mix. You start out with a bit, then add soil every so often to promote new potato growth.

Pinklea: Oh I love the skin! No peeling here... that's the best part for you!

Reforming Geek: I call you when dinner's on!

JD I am sure they'd understand... I think I was incredibly lucky; at least that's what I am going with until I find out how well I do next year!

Jo-Jo: Ooooh, I love pasta too; but given the choice, I'd probably go for the taters.

Jo: I hope you do; your girls would probably love to help! I grew these on our deck in a 15" pot!

Drowsey: Ha! Yes, I saw your 'farm'... and am quite impressed; I'll bet you put more effort into your digital farm than I did in these real potatoes!

jay said...

I LOVE potatoes!! I could live on them. Unfortunately, I very soon wouldn't fit into anything I own and would probably die of some obesity related disorder.

You forgot 'buttered'.

Momo Fali said...

That is way impressive!

Maureen said...

Jay: Ooooooh.... yes, "buttered". Well it goes without saying that butter is a part of almost ALL potatoe preparations. Which may, in fact, explain the weight gain ;)

Thank you Momo!

Louise said...

I'm Irish,and I'm proud. And I'm a little disturbed that it never occurred to me to grow potatoes in a pot. Two meals is two meals. They look YUMMY! (I've been craving potatoes like that.) And "saladed." Good.

Janet said...

Love 'em, too! I'm terribly impressed that you grew such nice specimens!

Maureen said...

Louise: I never really thought about it before this year either! I will definitely grow more next year; they were DE-LISH!

Janet: No one was more surprised than me when I dug into the soil and felt so many down there! And wierd as it may be, I was surprised they looked like store-bought potatoes; Ha! What the heck did I THINK they would look like???

Cupcake Blonde said...

Being of Irish, Scottish and German ancestry potatoes are a necessary staple. And those look awesome! My favorite kind too. Well done!

Maureen said...

Thanks VP!!! Yes, I can see potatoes are in YOUR heritage as well!

Jill said...

Congrats on the great looking potatoes! I used to love them a lot, a lot. Until I did the south beach diet. Now I just savor them every now and then.

Maureen said...

Lady Banana: And fresh ones are the best!

Jill: Thank you! Well good thing it was a small crop ... but they're all gone now.

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