Oh crap.

A whole week has passed like a blur... and I have been Missing In Action online. Not only was it our Thanksgiving long weekend but I also took a vacation day Friday. And it was NO vacation, let me tell you, for I foolishly undertook the huge task of finally redecorating my craft / scrapbook / daughter's former bedroom all weekend. (It's obvious I haven't quite decided exactly what the heck to call it yet). Sponged purple walls and green shelving may be fine for a tween, but since daughter has grown up and moved downstairs to larger quarters, it just wouldn't do for my newly-squatted "creative space".

Since last Tuesday's all-night-coffee-induced-planning-session, I have been painting, buying supplies and accessories, moving crap out, moving crap back and re-organizing until last night to produce this:

Scrapbook Table
Stamping Desk
Shelving and NBC Stuff
Over the course of this experience, I must admit I learned a few things:

1) I learned where the hell all those rolls of scotch tape disappeared to over the years. I found it tacked up in a kajillion pieces all over daughter's walls; previously adorned with posters, pictures and numerous strings of tiny Christmas lights. Every-square-inch-where. And because of the mottled purple walls, I didn't find some pieces until I painted over them. Swearing ensued whilst scraping away strips of now soggy beigy-coloured tape.

2) I learned to don gloves when painting anything black. And I painted nearly everything that didn't move black this weekend. Desk organizers, wire magazine racks, carts, shelves... and before coming up with the bright idea of using gloves, my hands.

3) I learned it doesn't matter if there is wet paint completely surrounding them; cats will somehow discover that one square inch of unpainted surface to hop up on.

Tawnee on windowsill
4) I learned not to face away from the door when precariously perched on a ladder delicately painting black trim on beigy walls. Obviously it is a far too tempting target for a male to pass without attempting to tickle your ribs. He nearly got a black paintbrush in the face for that one. Hubby learned not to even think of doing that again.

5) I learned that my dog will repeatedly locate the perfect place to curl up into a ball to sleep -- exactly in the spot I needed to walk by, paint or move furniture to.

6) I learned that painting is a great cardio workout. Especially when dipping a brush or roller in the tray on the table across the room, carrying it up the ladder to paint a section on the wall, descending the ladder, trduging across the room to load it up again, returning back across the room, etc, etc, etc. Repeat ad nauseum all weekend.

Until I learned those little hooks on the bottom of the paint tray actually clip the thing ONTO the ladder.

I stumbled upon that little tidbit of knowledge while finishing the LAST WALL.

Yes I am that stupid.

But I AM learning.

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Sistertex said...

Looks nice!

You know, for me, a place never looks neater than the day I first organized it. I know with one of my dogs it was always...if there is a wet spot of paint around I will find it and lean on it. Seems the act of redecoration confuses some furry four-leggers quite a bit. Some of my animals just get uneasy with the action of change. Probably a reflection of my 'mood' during the time. ;)

Very nice - a lot of work and takes tons of effort and motivation to complete in one weekend. Heard of the term Weekend Warrior? That is generally what it refers to.

Wonderful space for you though.

Daisy said...

It came out great! So bright and organized looking! But I can tell it must have been a giant job.

Heather said...

It looks great! SO much neater than my space...I really need to purge more of my stuff!

ReformingGeek said...

Nice job! I've very proud of you. I actually bough a painting ladder with a nice shelf that holds the paint but it's not as secure as the clip-on you pictured. Yes, I know this from experience.

My arms are so for you. ;-)

JoJo said...

That looks AWESOME!!!!! I would KILL to have an art room like that!

Happy Thanksgiving, btw!

Bruce Johnson said...

Job well done....I have the same sort of project....but mine is a garage, which has more stuff in it, more dirt, more clutter.....owe yeah, and a CAR.

Babs-beetle said...

That looks really lovely. My hobby room started out like that and ended up as the cats room!

Anonymous said...

That room looks so organized! I'd love to have seen what it looked like before you started.

BTW, do you rent out your redecorating/organizing services? Based on what I see here, I think you could make a whole whack of money! New career maybe?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive results! Can I come and create new piggy strips there? I'll bring the crackling. :P

Debbie said...

Great job, it looks fantastic. Hope it lasts longer than my craft/scrap/office reorg (it stayed great for about 3 months)!

Maureen said...

Sistertex: Thank you! I am bound and determined to keep it organized; since I am pretty much the only one using it, I have no one to blame but myself if I don't. Ha! Weekend Warrior is right! Good thing it was a four day weekend!

Daisy: It was a big job alright; I never really realized how much "stuff" I had to move out and back in again!

Ah, Heather: I need to purge again too... I need to organize those drawers...

Thanks Reforming Geek! You'd think this was my first paint job; but no. I've painted nearly the whole house myself. I just didn't REMEMBER about the paint tray from the previous jobs I did. Gah.

Aw, thanks Jo-Jo! Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving too! Yes, I did get a break at my sister's house for turkey dinner; all I had to make was yams with pecans (yummy!).

Oh, crap... don't even get me STARTED on garages; ours is a mess. but I figure that's hubby's job for once. I cleaned it the last few times.

Well, Babs, as you can see, I had to make sure there was still a comfy chair for the cats; and the shelf at the window is for them too...

Aw, thanks Pinklea! Before this, it was my daughter's bedroom. And I think she would kill me if I posted photos of that....

Oh Tony, bring on the crackling and your wonderful drawing skillz... I would love to see you at work!

Debbie: It had BETTER stay this way... after all my hard work I am bound and determined to keep it organized.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Now THAT looks like a room I could do some serious craft damage in. Well done!!

And I never knew about the paint holder thing either. I always trudged up and down the ladder too. :)

Jingle said...

Your space is looking great! It looks very comfy and homey!

Martina J said...

I love it!!! Great job!! Maybe I should hire you to redecorate my rooms!!! But that was a lot of work!

Unknown said...

Be still my heart. Are those spools of ribbon on rods in the first photo? YES! They are! Upon clicking I see that is one hell of an organized crafting station.

I've seen rooms like that on Mission: Organization on HGTV -- LOVE that show, I'm not sure if it's still on -- but I really thought it was the stuff of dreams and people who were featured on that show.

That's awesome. Way to go!

Irene said...

I can't believe you had all the energy to do that amount of work. It's just amazing. You did such a good paint job! I would have given up a third of the way through. You really are a go-getter. You certainly produced a nice workroom for yourself. I'm going to do that myself too the minute my ex moves all of his boxes out of the spare bedroom. Can you come over and help me then?

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess: Whew! Glad (or sorry) that I am not the only one who didn't know about the paint holder thingy.

Thanks Jingle! Glad to have found your blog; thanks for visiting back! Yes, it is very comfy... especially that throw on the chair... it is incredibly soft, so of course, the cats have made it home ;)

Nativa: Yes, it was a lot of work, but it feels great to finally have it done.

Ha! You are indeed right Cardiogirl! I love having all the spools out in the open so I can see what I have and match them up to my projects easily. That is a $12 curtain rod that has ends that pop off so threading the spools on it was so easy! Of course, Tawnee thinks I mounted them up there just for her amusement.

Green Stone Woman: Aw, thank you! It took some doing to get off my butt, but once I start, I can't stop till I'm done. And yes, I would love to come by and help you do yours; let's see... flights to The Netherlands.... ;)

Thank you Lady Banana: Sorry to hear about your lack of space; my room isn't that big, but I am lucky to have it. All I had to do was wait 18 years for daughter to grow up and move downstairs ;)

Janet said...

Looks very nice and organized! Love the new paint and trim colors!

Louise said...

I had NO idea the paint tray thingy clips to the ladder!

LOVE the new room. I just want to get out something and play in there!

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