"Okay. Spill It."

The three words that my sister began our telephone conversation with the other day. And I immediately knew exactly to what she was referring.

Yes, she reads my blog (Hi Sis!) and was wondering how the hell I acquired Mr. Depp's autograph - like some of you, by the results of my recent poll. I must say though, I am sorely disappointed; not one of you chose "that night of passion". Do you know how hard it was NOT to vote myself?? Crap.

Ah well, thank you for all your comments; here are just a few that had me in stitches in response to my question "What was Johnny Depp thanking Maureen for?":

Like The Green Stone Woman who asked "But when he thanks you for everything, what does that include?"

I shall never tell. Nor shall he. Probably not for the same reasons, sadly.

Or Tony from Trottersville who guessed: "For services rendered."

Acck! Now that sounds, erm, slightly illegal.

ReformingGeek with "You rescued him from the other Maureen, the crazy stalker that was trying to kill him."

Ha! How the hell did you know??? It was really YOU, wasn't it?

Babs-beetle obviously takes me for some kind of wretched thief with her explanation: "I know! You stole it from the person who really did spend a night in Paris with him ;)"

Well, it serves that crazed Frenchwoman right...

Poor Melinda. Under the silly delusion that I am EVER letting go of it: "Actually he's thanking you for agreeing to send the autographed picture to me after you're finished teasing your blog readers with it. :) And please remove all fingerprints & lipstick stains from it before sending it."

Ah it's such a shame she didn't leave a link. Now I shall be forced to keep it for myself. Too bad Melinda... too bad.

Kevin from The Tree Of Woe had me LOL'ing with "He thanked you for that one thing that one time. You know. That one thing."

Yeah. That thing. With the stuff. You know; the thing with that stuff.

Sistertex from Spacial Peepol was very close with: "I didn't see a choice for best Johnny Depp look alike in the pumpkin catagory."

Ah, he has indeed provided some memorable characters suitable for pumpkin-izing.

Jay from The Depp Effect, who, as one might imagine, HAS met Mr. Depp knows him all too well..."I'm guessing the darling man thanked you for being a fan and 'bothering' to write in."

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

So how the hell did I acquire my prized possession?????

I simply
A Pirate Shrine
asked him for it.

Yep, I finally screwed up enough courage to write him a letter and included pictures of my Jack Sparrow artwork and pumpkin. Incredibly, it only took a few short weeks to get a response. Like Jay said, the man is "a real sweetheart, and humble enough that he does just that. *Sigh* "

Agreed Jay, *Sigh* indeed.

So remember. It never hurts to just ASK.

Just don't wait three years like this uber-timid wimp did.

Congrats to Babs for winning a "I'd Rather Be Blogging" magnet!

I hope you treasure it for many, many minutes to come as it graces your fridge or any other metal surface you may wish to deface.

15 People would rather be commenting:

ReformingGeek said...

How simple. Just ask!

Can I have a million dollars, please?

Babs-beetle said...

Oh wow! I will treasure my magnet! I have a 'Junkdraw' magnet and an 'I do Things' keyring that it will sit right alongside of. yeah!!!
Thank you :)

JC said...

Well, if it's that simple you should have asked him to marry you!

Debbie said...

WOW! Looking at the photo, you really are a fan. It's nice to know he is kind enough to respond to letters.

Swubird said...

Hilarious comments. A good laugh. LOL

I still don't ge the Johnny Depp thing.

Happy trails.

Sistertex said...

Awww what a nice guy. Years ago, MANY years ago, I wrote to the musical group Paul Revere and the Raiders about what a fan I was and so on (think I was about15 at the time). Got an autographed photo and a brochure about how to join their offical fan club for $25.00. Well 25.00 was a lot for a 15 year old some 40 years ago, so I had to forego the fan club fee....but loved my photo. I also wrote the Beatles and got nuttin'.

However, since I am a true Johnny Depp lover gotta' say - this is WAY cooler that the Paul Revere and the Raiders thing. :)

Congrats on your poster, LOVE your pirate room btw!

I think you should stop hugging the poster now and frame it before it no longer suitable for framing! ;)

Irene said...

I thought you were going to say that you had a thing with him back in high school, but that wouldn't have worked, would it? He would have been in kindergarten or maybe not even been born yet!!! Don't worry, I'm old too.

Anonymous said...

And of course, the reason Johnny Depp is so very nice is that he used to live in Vancouver while he was filming that long-ago Canadian TV series "21 Jump Street". I know somebody whose best friend's family rented their basement suite to him back in the day.

JoJo said...

Very cool. When one of my bffs was diagnosed w/ breast cancer at age 29, I wrote to her fave rave actor, Michael Rosenbaum, and asked him to send her a photo. I thought it'd lift her spirits. I enclosed a stamped envelope w/ her addy on it & a cardboard sleeve to keep it from getting bent. It took awhile, but about 7 months later, she got the shock of her life when a personalized autographed photo of him arrived in her mailbox.

Tony Single said...

Actually, you should have asked Mr Depp for his bank account number... just a thought.

Jill said...

Funny contest Maureen and congrats on getting the autograph!

Janet said...

Wow, Maureen! That is pretty exciting, even if it didn't involve all the things on your list! :-)

Bruce Johnson said...

I suppose we can thank the internet for this. Back when i was a kid (pre-computers) I used to write letters to large corporations that made 'neat things', like rockets, ships, sports cars and tell them that I was 10 years old and wanted to know if they could send me any 'stuff' about thier company. Boy, did I get a boat load of cool things from Boeing and McDonald Douglas to show off on the playground. Thank you internet for ruining my memories of childhood.

Cupcake Blonde said...

That room is AWESOME! But I have to ask, do you only like Mr. Depp in his Jack Sparrow role or do you enjoy his other work as well? Because I actually enjoy him in his other films more than in Porates, although he is pretty wonderful in those. It's the natty hair and gross teeth that get me.

Louise said...

If I had been here sooner, I would have voted for "that night of passion!"

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