The Scariest Part of Halloween

Each year I do it.

I tell myself not to, but myself doesn't listen. Ever.

As soon as the Halloween candy appears on store shelves (sometime in July, I believe) I begin to stockpile for October 31st. To lessen the pain, I usually purchase one or two bags at a time, making sure that there is:

1) At least ONE extra bag of Rockets

2) At least ONE bag of good chocolate bars that we like (Peanut Butter Cups, Crispy Crunch and Oh Henry's).


3) Enough candy for oh, the entire city.

For you see, I seem to constantly be under the delusion this is still the 90's when we would be under seige by hundreds of Trick or Treaters. Nowadays we are lucky if we have a few dozen screaming at the door.

But do I adjust my shopping levels? Ha! Don't be silly! I live in a nightmarish fear of "running out".

BTW, we have NEVER "run out" of Halloween candy.
Haloween GraphSo I end up with bowls of candy left over and even unopened bags to be safely hoarded stowed in my desk drawer at work.

Peanut Butter CupsWhich is a shame.


23 People would rather be commenting:

Sistertex said...

Especially for one's hips....


Daisy said...

We always buy too much candy, too! This year, we got smarter and bought a 30-pack box of full-sized candy bars from Costco. We only got a dozen kids here this year. So now we have 18 candy bars left. And my Mommeh is on a diet.

Margaret said...

We used to do the same thing and this year when we didn't do that we ended up running out.

JoJo said...

You should see how much candy we have leftover. Of course I never offered up my super colossal mega bag of Smarties & Sweet Tarts, nor did Brian offer up his bag of Reeses Cups/Kit Kats, to the grand total of 10 kids we got. lol Instead I bought a bag of stuff neither of us care for and gave that out instead.

JD at I Do Things said...

We just bypass the whole thing by turning off the lights and hiding in the basement.

But I still buy candy.

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha! We also have sweets left over. Luckily it's sweets I would never eat or I would get even fatter than I already am!

Bruce Johnson said...

If you want to relive your childhood, come to our neighborhood on Halloween. Most of Phoenix, Arizona is pretty impoverished with a lot of sex offenders and pedofiles living in the sub-burbs. So what do parents do for trick or treating. They bus all their children to the nice restored historic neighborhoods were we live in the center of town. Halloween was sort of light for us this year...only about 1,800 children came by. last year it was closer to 2,200. We had 17 large bags of candy.....they were ALL gone by 8pm.

AshPup said...

Oohhh- see that is good Halloween candy. First, yes it IS Rockets, not smarties as they are called here (every good Canadian knows that real smarties are like bigger, better M&Ms and that you eat the red ones last). Crispy crunch- does not exist here. Same for Oh! Henry. Well, maybe some places but not in regular circulation and it's too bad because those are all my favourites too! Anyways, a stash of peanut butter cups in your desk is a wise move I think, just don't let your colleagues know they are there or else you might have an upswing in visitors!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

As long as you get the kind you like, so what. Enjoy your treats! It's true though, we don't get near as many trick-or-treaters as we used to. Two bags of tootsie pops lasted us an hour and that pretty much covered the crowd.

I don't mind running out because I don't want to eat a bunch that's left.

Janet said...

Well, better to have plenty than to run out. One year, I ran out and had to pass out instant oatmeal packets. Traumatized my daughter for the remainder of her grade school years. I have yet to live that one down. :-D

Debbie said...

I stopped buying candy the year I less than 10 kids show up. But I remember hoping there were leftovers, so maybe secretly you really really want the leftovers!

From the Old InkWell said...

You are too funny with the graph! We haven't had too many t-or-t the past few years so I cut my portion and had only 3 little candy bars left. We were sweating it!!!

Ed & Jeanne said...

When I run out...the lights go out and the door is locked and that's it!

Badass Geek said...

I'll take a few bags off your hands, if you'd like.

Faye said...

I'm new to your blog, & want to say have much I enjoy your writing. You are a blast!!

We didn't buy any candy this year, as I was holed up in the basement with H1N1-much better now though. We never get many people though, so I'm amzed @ Bruce's 1800 count. My dogs would got nuts with the doorbell ringing constantly.

Jay said...

Are you my long lost sister, separated at birth? That's exactly the sort of thing I would do (I mean, we don't do Halloween, but the principle is the same), I am the Overstock Queen! LOL!

But what a crying shame that you have so much candy left over. You want me to help out with that?

Oh, it's no trouble. Don't mention it. ;)

Irene said...

The sacrifices you have to make every Halloween. It is astonishing. It pains me so that we don't celebrate that holiday here. I have no such sacrifices to make and I'm so willing and able. My hips can take on just about 5 more lbs.

Maureen said...

Sistertex: Hips? What hips??? Oh, THOSE. Well, I try to ignore them anyway.

Daisy: Ha! Poor Mommeh! She sounds like me. But that's the good thing about these small Halloween bars; you can have a few before they equal a regular sized bar, right? Right???

Margaret: See??? See??? It DOES happen! Now I am vindicated.

Hahahaha Jo-Jo: Exactly what we do too! ;)

Ah JD!!!! Hide in the basement with candy! Whoo boy; you're lucky your house doesn't get egged. ;)

Oh but Babs! The trick is to KEEP the ones you like! They can last well near Christmas when all THAT candy comes out! (Yes, apparently I DO have a system).

Holy crap Bruce! I cannot even imagine that many kids... what do they do, line up down your sidewalk???

Exactly Ashley. There is nothing like Canadian candy ;) And no, I daren't tell my co-workers; I would have to, gad, SHARE it then!

OOOh Karen, I haven't had Tootsie Pops in ages. Now I have that stuck in my head....

Ahahahaha Janet! Okay everyone. This is EXACTLY what I feared. Humiliation at the hands of small children. Oatmeal packets? You slay me! I wish I could have seen the look on those kids faces when they realized what they got!!! Har!

Debbie: "Secretly"??? There is NO secret in this house. It's tradition.

:) Marsha: Well, graphs don't lie!

VE: That's no fun! You don't get to pig out on candy either??? What the heck is Halloween FOR then???

Badass Geek: You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead chocolatey hands....

Welcome Fuzzy Wuzzy (okay, that is THE BEST name)! And thank you. Ack on the flu! That sucks. I hope you are better by now.

Aw, gee Jay how very magnanimous of you! Sure, pop on by over the pond and we'll have our OWN "Chocolat" party, movie and all ;)

I know Green Stone Woman... I make all kinds of sacrifices. It's a dirty job, but SOMEONE'S got to do it! ;)

Pandora Wilde said...

I actually deal with two houses for Halloween--my mom's, where I actually live, and my boyfriend's, where I spend my weekends.

Mom gets 1 or 2 bags of something she likes because our front porch has no stairs and no porch light (tradition here is that you turn on the porch light if you want beggars--I mean T-or-T-ers), so she hasn't had a kid in more years than I can remember.

My sweetie, on the other hand, just moved to a mobile home park, somewhere he might expect to get beggars in enough numbers to maybe not leave any leftovers. He bought 2 bags each of 2 candies he likes: Smarties (the non-chocolate little candies in a roll--never heard of the others here in the US) and 2 bags of little bitty Tootsie Rolls.

What actually happened: He put on one of his anime costumes and we managed to palm off half a bag of each candy on the beggars, leaving about half a bowlful plus 2 unopened bags. I took a small bag home; he took the rest to work, where he ate enough to have a sugar buzz to come down from after the shift ended, lol!

I'm still nibbling Tootsie Rolls, the Reese's cups I bought before the day, throwing in an occasional KitKat (bought after Der Holiday at half price) and waiting til most of those are all gone before opening the Fun Size M&Ms I have waiting in the wings, also bought at half-price.

I think that's my favorite part--getting my favorites at half price after the beggars have come thru. That way I know they're MINE, ALLLLLLL MINEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, I'm evil but someone has to be around Halloween, right?

Swubird said...


You sound just like my Queen. She buys tons of candy, but nobody ever comes to our door anymore. I think she just likes to feed her sweet tooth.

Happy trails.

ReformingGeek said...

Um, no. You have it wrong. The extra candy does NOT belong in your desk drawer but instead it belongs down here in Texas for those of us who were away on Halloween and did not purchase any candy.

So I should expect my delivery soon, right?


Maureen said...

Pand0ra Wilde: Ahahahaha! Yes, you ARE an Evil Genius, aren't you????

Aw, Swu, you figured us out. Dammit. Oh well, perhaps you'll forget again by next year.

Lady Banana: Luckily the older T/T's don't come by here. We had all really young kids this year. So cute!

Har Reforming Geek! But don't hold yer breath... I've already eaten some of the bag (er, the contents of the bag, not the bag itself).

Cupcake Blonde said...

I always go the day AFTER Halloween and stock up on half priced candy. For Christmas. Yeah, right, for Christmas.

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