A Mosh Pit Of One

Crafty Desk with iPod Dock

I've been on a card-making roll recently. Now that I have a dedicated "crafting room", I can get creative whenever I feel like it. And for the past week or so, I have been churning out one or two cards each night. I love spending evenings in that room, especially since Christmas when I got a tres cool dock for my iPod. So now I can power on the tunes and Get Down while Getting Artistic.

I will admit I also, in a very quiet voice if not alone in the house, "Sing"* to said tunes. (That being said, if I am home alone, I crank the music up and belt it out with all I've got.)

And when I am not sitting in my big comfy chair, I've been known to accompany said "Singing" by "Dancing"**.

But a few nights back I got carried away by a particularly rockin' Fall Out Boy track and began "Dancing" and "Singing" while going from my desk to my paper stash across the room. When I was returning to my desk still head banging away, I was startled to see hubby standing at the door watching me.

Crap. I forgot he was home.

I stopped dead, the flush of humiliation burning up my cheeks.

"I um, just wanted to .... to ...." he stammered, realizing I was stunned to be caught in my very own Mosh Pit Of One.

".... to ... embarrass me?" I offerred.

"Um, no."

Then awkward silence.

Then even more awkward silence.

"Um, I can't remember WHAT I came to tell you" he admitted. Turning, he wandered slowly back down the hallway.


So there you go. My "Singing" and "Dancing" are so incredibly awesome I left him speechless.

At least that's what I am trying desperately to convince myself.

* I am a terrible singer
** And my dancing is worse.

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CarrieMarie said...

*giggle* I just imagined you with the same feeling I get when I'm jamming out in my car & suddenly I realize the ppl in the car next to me are watching (with amusement? horror? who knows!).

Still, as long as no one records it with their iphone & posts it on YouTube, we're all good, right? Right! : ) Keep on moshing. It's good for the soul!

Flory said...

such a nice crafting room you have there. =)Flory

Jackie said...

Awwww I was waiting for him to kiss you :)

Mrs A said...

great room, you have inspired me to get more organised, my stuff is all over the place, keep up the singing and dancing life's short!

Gappy said...

Have had an almost identical experience, only I was playing air guitar aswell. I feel your pain...

Daisy said...

Ah, as long as you were happy and having fun, I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

Singing and dancing alone is fabulous... don't you always feel like a proper pop star until you realise someone is listening?!!!

Your room looks ace - love it :0)

Ed said...

Your skills of organization should make up for any deficiencies in the song and dance department.

Heather said...

LOL! I admit, that when home alone I also allow myself to sing (if you could call it that) and dance around the house. ;o)

ReformingGeek said...



I guess asking him to dance with you wasn't an option?

Mercy Langille said...

I love your setup. It looks like something out of a magazine. So pretty.

Autumn Mist said...

So funny, but it's normally me that catches hubby out, sometimes even dancing with the dog! I love your desk, especially all your ribbons, what a fabulous idea.

Babs-beetle said...

Well, to be honest I sing (badly) and dance (badly) all the time and I don't care who hears and sees me. Mind you, if you think you are alone and get caught, it is slightly different ;)

Becca said...



That is sooooo funny! I enjoy dancing around the house when I'm all alone, you can let rip!

Love your craft room, I've got the creative bug lately but all I have is a 'craft corner of the bed' - still does the job : )

Gnetch said...

Haha! Love it! And I'm a great singer! Well, at least in the shower. ;D

Unfinished Rambler said...

Sooo organized. Everything in its proper place. Maureen gets a gold star for the day. :)

As for the singing and dancing, well, I may have to take away the gold star.

Janie B said...

LOVE your craft room. Much better than mine. "Dance like no one is watching..." (even if they are). Be happy and show it.

JoJo said...


Oh, and I sing at the top of my lungs too....and I also have been known to 'car dance' so you aren't alone. I do attempt to dance around at home too, but I usually end up losing my balance and falling over. lol

Sam Liu said...

I have found myself in exactly the same situation (substitute husband for sister and Fall out Boy for Queen).

Highly, highly embarrassing. It has taught me to patrol the house and ensure no one is at home now before engaging in "Singing" and "Dancing".

Stephanie said...

Hey you were just so good you stunned him into losing his train of thought!

Lynn said...

I think I might just have to grab up your craft room and duct tape it to my house. Or something. ;o) The image of you headbanging away insensible to your audience has got me giggling.

Jay said...

Hahahahaa! I wonder why it is that we're all so wretchedly embarrassed at being caught dancing or singing? I mean, I can't sing, so I'd rather not be heard publicly, but why won't we dance?

It's very strange.

But I wouldn't want to be seen, either. LOL!

Selina Kingston said...

Wow! Your craft room looks amazing. What a luxury and how amazing are you to keep it so neat and organised.
I do that singing and dancing thing all the time and recently got caught by my teenage daughter, who looked at me with pure disdain. I felt I wanted to just crumple into the ground!!!
Great blog!

Richard said...

That's a pretty awesome setup, wish I had something similar for whatever it is that I do, haven't figured that out yet!

Kisma said...

that is pretty awesome... try it with a vacuum;-)

I love the space you have created for yourself. That is beautiful.

Janet said...

Look at those neatly organized pens in the fabulous pen holder! Had I been there, the pens would have distracted me from your mad dance skillz!

Maureen said...

Carmar76: Ha! Oh Gad... good thing he doesn't have a video camera.

Flory: Aw, thank you!

Ha! Jackie! No.....

Ooooh thanks Renata! Have fun organizing!

Har Gappy! Air Guitar! Now THAT'S something I have yet to learn to play.

Daisy, it was fun... until I was caught, that is. I ugess I need to be less self-conscious.

Aw, thank you Eternally Distracted! And yes. I AM a Pop Star (ahahahahahaha!!!!)

Why thank you Ed! At least there's that.

Hee Hee Heather! We need to get together, definitely.

Reforming Geek: Well, usually he is just quietly watching TV in the other room... so.... um. Yeah.

Aw, thanks Mercy! It's a great space to escape to.

Thank you Autumn Mist!

Yes Babs, I do believe hubby thinks I am crazy...especially since I like new music and he is still stuck in the 80's.

:D Becca!

Angelguided: I used to have to do with pulling everything out and working on the dining room table, and then putting it all back again each and every time I wanted to create. This is soooo much better.

Me too Dyinetch! Me too!

OOOH! I got a Gold Star!!!! Thank you Unfinished Rambler! Wait... wait.... noooooo! I lost my Gold Star! Aw, crap.

Janie, I shall remember that. Thank you!

Ahahaha Jo-Jo! Don't fall in a craft room... all those scissors, exacto knives... way too dangerous! Yikes!!!

Okay, Sam, I can just SEE you doing the whole head banging move to Bohemian Rapsody... right?

Yes Stephanie! That's what I believe too! Ha!

Allegria: That's going to take a heck of a lot of duct tape ;)

Hee hee Jay! We are too alike aren't we?

Oh My God Selina! The only thing worse than being caught by hubby would be getting caught by Daughter!!!!

Ha Richard! Well it is a living testament to my OCD. I have to have it organized, or I'd go crazy.

Kisma: Oh yeah, dancing with the vacuum; well, at least it would drown out the "singing"...

Ahahahaha Janet! But I can't do the ROYGIVB (oh heck, did I get that right?) order...

Brenda Grolle said...

I'm not a craft person at all, but I'm impressed with your space. Your neatness and organization skills impress me. I'm sort of a place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place person.

Yeah, I've done the singing and dancing bit. When my family is home I've had pillows thrown at me. When they start dragging out the sharp objects, then I'll have to stop or be killed.

Kevin said...

At least it was in private instead of, say, during a court appearance or something.

Jill said...

That's the great thing about teaching preschool. I pretty much sing for enough of the day that I really don't notice who's around anymore. Short people, big people, people I didn't know were home...

Although I don't really blast the music all that much unless I'm home by myself.

Anyway, I'm sure they were so awesome they left him speechless. And if not, you had a good time anyway.

I wish my crafting room (also known as an empty dining room) looked like that! I've been into the card making too.

Perle said...

That passage sounded so "Amelia Peabody" from Elizabeth Peter's Victorian Era Egyptian mysteries - thanks for the chuckle.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I enjoyed this story! And adore your craft room pictures every time we get a sneak peak! Have an awesome weekend!

Maureen said...

Ha Brenda! Yes, I would stop too if I saw sharp objects being pulled out... and yes, I am so OCD that I need to put everything back at the end of every crafting session so I have a clean desk the next time I go in there. Also having three cats that love to "play" with my stuff is a good incentive to clean up too.

Ahahahaha Kevin! Yes, I guess so!

Oh Jill, before daughter moved downstairs to her new bedroom, our dining room was my craft space too. What a pain to have everything in totes, drag it all out, then drag it all back again each and every time. I hope one day you have your very own room too!

Ha Perle! Now I shall have to Google that.... thanks!

Thanks! You too Describe Happy (love that name)!!!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Is it slightly better for him to be horrified or to laugh at you hysterically? Tough call... :)

Maureen said...

Ahahaha Vegas Princess! Yes, tough call indeed... especially if he still wanted dinner.

WarsawMommy said...

Before we were married, my husband caught me rocking out (translation: singing to self in front of mirror - dancing and hair flipping with a hairbrush. Yes, I know) to Belinda Carlisle and 'Mad About You'.

And he married me anyway.

Bruce Johnson said...

Based on the image of your 'craft' room, there is such a thing as being 'too' organized.

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Fab room! I luv your blog and will definitely be following along.


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