Olympic Dreams

Olympic MittsIn one of her rare appearances at home (in-between work, school and social engagements our house has become merely a pit-stop of late), I had a brief few minutes to spend with daughter. Somehow our conversation veered off onto the subject of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver:

Me: "So, did you hear that a Winnipegger will be the flag bearer at the Olympics?"

Her: "Nope. Who?"

Me: "Clara Hughes. She has won medals at both the Summer and Winter Games."

Her: "For what?"

Me: "Cycling and speed skating."

Her: "Oh good. I was afraid you were going to say Curling."

Me: "Hey! I was a Curler you know! Came fourth in the Provincials one year." (Yep, I pull that little fact out whenever I can.... which, sadly, is nearly never.)

Curling pin
Her: "I know, that just proves it's not a sport."


Her: * smirk *

Me: "So you're calling me un-athletic?"

Her: "You say that all the time! I'm just agreeing with you."

I hate to admit it, but she's right... about me, that is. I am terrible at sports. If there were medals awarded for being the worst in athletics, I would indeed capture the Gold.

And then I would proceed to take a header off the podium.

Oh sure, I was in the Provincial playoffs, but unfortunately my most memorable Curling experience was when I went flying on the ice in a SPEC-TAC-U-LAR free-fall and landed flat on my butt.

In front of an audience, natch.

Luckily only my pride was hurt... I got up and continued to play, desperately trying to keep anyone from noticing the tears welling up in my eyes.

* Sigh *

I guess I will never have Olympic Dreams.

But I do rock the snazzy mitts.

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JoJo said...

Those snazzy mittens are going for big bucks on ebay right now.

Ever see "men with brooms"? Loved that movie.

Did you hear that Washington State is standing by, ready to import snow from Mt. Baker to Cypress Mountain for the snowboarders? We're having a typical El Nino winter so it's been very warm and mild, and dry.

JD at I Do Things said...


Hey, I now who will be thrilled by this: Junk Drawer Kathy. She LOVES curling. Well, she actually watches it during the Olympics. Wait till she finds out . . .

Lynn said...

HA! I also curled. It was the only sport I liked. Which, I guess, proves that to some it may not qualify as a sport. I'm your soul sister on this one. The stinky thing about living in the US now is the stinky olympic coverage. And why, I ask you, does CBCs online viewer not work outside the country? When you're IN the country, you can just turn on the tube. The viewer should be for us ex-pats who need our CBC fix. Especially now. In Canada, I would be preparing to plonk myself in front of the TV for two weeks straight, surrounding myself with essentials such as root beer, sun chips, and some good chocolate. Here we're lucky to get a couple of hours here and there during the day, but they only show US athletes. Stinky.

End of rant.

The mitts, indeed, rock. I snagged a t-shirt at the Vancouver airport last summer. No winter wear out at the time. Bummer.

Sistertex said...

And rockin' the snazzy mitts is huge!

AshPup said...

I get your curling double entendre, well-played... :o) Curling is totally awesome, so underappreciated here. Not that I want to watch it, but playing, saying things like "hurry hard", slipping around on the ice, how much more athletic could it get? I like your pin, that's a fantastic keepsake!

Richard said...

I'll be honest, I had to google curling. :P

CarrieMarie said...

LOVE curling!! I'm so excited about the Olympics, I can't even describe it. : ) )

JoJo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoJo said...

Sorry, that was me that deleted the comment.

Allegria brings up a great point: US Olympic coverage SUCKS. And I am so mad that the CBC didn't get the contract for the Vancouver games b/c it's the ONLY Canadian station that our cable company carries. So despite the fact that we are like 3 hours south of Vancouver, we'll be stuck watching the idiotic tape-delayed coverage instead of real time. >:(

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I'm laughing because JD's totally right. I'm so excited that now I can say I know a bona fide curler!!!!!!! Maureen, you really must understand what this means. It means if I ever meet you in person, you have to take me to a place where curling happens and you have to show me how it's done. It would be my dream to learn it in person and try it, I love it so. Do they let regular people curl? I find it oddly exciting, for such a slow-moving game. I really can't get over this.

Now, you say you want to pull out the "I'm a curler" thing whenever you can. That's nothing. I'm going to walk around telling everyone I know a curler!

Go curlers!

Babs-beetle said...

Dare I ask what curling is? I kind of think it's a bit like bowls, but on ice, where you have to slide your puck up to a marker of some sort? Is it like a target with different scores depending how close to the centre you get? That sounds like an OK sport to me :)

jay said...

Hahaha! Curling .. that reminds me of the episode of Due South when Fraser was trying to persuade an American cop that curling was not only a sport but a fascinating one. I think he practically had to tie him to a chair to make him watch. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yep, those mittens look like the best thing about the Olympics so far - and are extremely difficult to find right now. The worst things include the lack of snow at the Cypress Mountain snowboarding venue (and JoJo, the snow is currently being trucked in from Manning Park, not Mount Baker - though I think Baker is closer), all the downtown street closures for pretty much the whole month of February, the ugly Canada House pavilion (looks like a cheap tent), and of course, BCers' favourite obsession, worrying and whining about how much it'll all end up costing us.

But curling is so weird that it's cool! Not as cool as the mittens, but almost!

Ed & Jeanne said...

I'm not a curler, I'm a spooner...less stressful on the back...

JoJo said...

Pinklea - Yes, the snow is coming from your side of the border, but there are trucks standing by at Mt. Baker in case add'l snow is needed. :)

Maureen said...

Jo-Jo: Ha! I should have bought a dozen and made myself some money, eh? Yes, I heard about the weather; typical. Too bad you didn't have last year's weather...

JD: Oh Kathy has written and commented. You are right; she IS a fan! I didn't think most Americans even KNEW what Curling was...

Allegria: You are so right about the coverage; you'd think they would WANT others to watch outside the country. Doh! But it's probably like what I experience in internet video; a lot of sites don't work outside the US either. Wierd.

It IS Sistertex! They are very comfy (lined and everything!)

Ha Ashley! Only a Canuck would pick that up, well done! ;) You ROCK too. Yeah, I am so glad I kept that pin... it is probably about 35 years old by now...
Hurry Hard!

Ha Richard! I am sure a lot of readers would need to.

Carmar76: Me too! Just a week away now!

Jo-Jo: That sucks! A co-worker of mine is leaving tomorrow to volunteer ... I am so jealous.

Ahahahaha Kathy! You are too cute! I never would have pegged you as a Curling fan! Ha! Well, it has been years, but in school we had "Friday afternoon Activies". One of the "activities" we could choose was Curling. So that's how I started and I played for a few years. You'll have to give me advance warning if you ever get up here. I'll see what I can do to set you up ;) HURRY HARD!

You're very close Babs! What it lacks in action, it makes up for in strategy. Besides hockey, we Canucks LOVE our Curling (well, except for certain teenagers who refuse to admit it IS a sport).

Ha Jay! Yes, you either love it or you hate it. Kinda like baseball or golf; some people don't consider it a sport if it doesn't involve full body contact ;)

Pinklea: The mittens are something I really wanted to find. For a while, there were very scarce here too; then daughter found a bunch at the Bay! Woot!

Oh VE, you are thinking about a different "sport"...

Jo-Jo: Who'da thunk it that we would need to IMPORT snow???? You can have some of ours; we are getting more this weekend so it will be nice and fresh...

Sproglet said...

We've got the Olympics in 2012...when we got it it seemed so far away, now it's like 2 years!

It's interesting when you visit the Dome and see all the building work going on....I wonder if the athletes realise they'll be living in multicoloured prefab huts..hmm

There have also been arguments over what our national dance should be at the opening ceremony...the Monty Python fish-slapping dance or Morris dancing. If you don't know what that is, it involves dressing in silly outfits and tying lots of bells to yourself, then jigging around like a fool.

We're even worse at dancing than you I can almost guarantee.

Oh....and LUSH!! I'm so glad you guys can partake in the joy. It's amazing is all I can say.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I still can't believe you're that unathletic. The truly unathletic don't have even one medal;-)

Cupcake Blonde said...

Curling is a sport...or so some guy on Leno said. I am still a bit fuzzy at how shoving a hunk of granite across some ice while two other people desperately sweep a clear path is considered a sport. If this is true then anyone trying to safely get their drunk significant other down a crowded icy street with only two friends to run interference can also be considered an athlete. It's the same, right? :) (Seriously I have no idea how that sport works but I am always fascinated by curling and love to watch them compete.)

TWolf said...

Love curling! Stopped by to let you know that I have an award for you at Galloping Insanity. Just a little something to show my appreciation for the happiness your blog has given to me.

Daisy said...

That's awesome!

Being a curly cat, I suspect I would be a good curler, too.

Tina said...

Hi, I came here from TWolf. The name of your blog got me straight away. I'd rather be blogging too! Obsessed! You write very well and I'm glad to have found you.

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Anonymous said...

HEY!!! No mocking curling. It is an insane sport but it is by far my most favorite part of the winter olympics. You have to find some entertainment in all of the yelling and furious sweeping of the ice.

ReformingGeek said...

I curled a baton for about 5 minutes when I was six. That counts, right?


Janet said...

OH, my gosh, Maureen! I'm extremely impressed with anyone who can actually stand up on ice, let alone do some kind of sport. Curling, I must say, is a most unusual sport. I do believe we need a full post on the subject! :-)

I'm also terrible at sports. My grade school gym teacher used to call me "physically unfit". And I was always the last to be picked for teams, standing forlornly against the gym wall while he announced, "HEY, somebody has to take her!"

Maureen said...

Sproglet: Oh do pick the Monty Python dance! I think it would be very apro-po... ;)

Ah, but it's simply a PIN Perpetual Chocoholic... we ALL got one... even us incredibly-unathletic players.

Ahahaha VP, you are closer than you think! A few decades back the sport was filled with beer-swilling overweight men. Now it has gained a younger, fitter crowd (thank goodness).

Oh TWolf, you are too kind! Thank you so much! I shall add your award to my bling page! *blushes*

Yes Daisy, it appears you would be PURFFECT for Curling! Ha! If I had a team today, you would definitely be on it, or at least serve as our Curly Mascot!

Welcome Tina and thank you! Yay! Another blog for ME to visit too!

Todd: And in MY day, the insane FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! of the old brooms on the ice!

Reforming Geek: Ummmmm.... sorry, but I don't think so. ;)

OMG Janet! I am laughing and feeling so sorry for young you all at the same time! But I can relate; I ended up being a cheerleader instead of playing sports; at least I wasn't the last one chosen anymore... :)

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