I was trapped.

The first of the trio leapt up at my left.

Soon followed by a second agily positioning herself to my right.

Finally the last one took her place directly in front of me.

Then in unison they began to steathily inch ahead; reminiscent of their predator ancestors on the Serengeti.

I couldn't escape... the undivided attention of hungry eyes fixated on even my slightest movement.

Tails twitched.

Lips smacked.




Anticipating the signal, the time to attack.

They knew once I had downed that last bite of Shredded Wheat, they could pounce on what was left of the milk in my bowl.

SurroundedI had better hurry, for I was outnumbered and surrounded.

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Jackie said...

It reminds me of the three little kittens , naughty kittens, did they have your [pie]milk?

Margaret said...

My one cat does the same thing when I am having ice cream. He will just sit and stare until I am done and give him the bowl.

Ca88andra said...

Reminds me of my boys when they were small...

Kathy said...

I love how cats think if they don't look straight at the object of their desire, we won't think they're interested. That trick doesn't work on us anymore. Much.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

It's amazing how well some cats can work together. I heard that milk wasn't good for cats though so mine never get any.

Richard said...

Nothing comes between cats and their milk!

Daisy said...

The lion hunts best in packs!

Sistertex said...

Ahhh three beauties, all deserving of that last drop of milk.

What gorgeous kitties and a great photo of them!

Jill said...

What gorgeous cats! I'm partial to the middle one, he looks quite a bit like my kitten!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Our rats just come and take the food right out of ours hands/mouths wherever. They aren't as polite as cats.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Would love you to guest post on the Perpetual Chocoholic blog if you would be interested. I don't have an email to send the invite to though.

JoJo said...

Sometimes when I'm eating in the kitchen, I feel like I'm in a rubber raft when I sit at the kitchen table. My shark-like dogs circling me, or ducking under the table and surfacing on the other side...till I finish my meal then my girl, Pepper, starts her vocalizing and foot stomping to get a treat. Sagan stands next to her, turning on the cute-factor, in silent support of his big mouthed older sister.

Bruce Johnson said...

It still freaks me out, just how organized your craft room is.

Heather said...

My Sam does this to me. She knows she gets to lick the bowl when the cereal is gone. Shhh!! Don't tell DH though...I get in trouble when he catches me "sharing" dishes with the kitties! ;o)

Tara R. said...

HA! Mine won't even wait until I'm finished. Both will try to dip a paw in to my bowl or pull my spoon toward them. They think they're being stealthy.

ReformingGeek said...

Well, since you are absent from the photo, maybe you were the one eaten.




Babs-beetle said...

Hahahaha! I love it! Three cats, all female, must be our house :)

Sukie is the only one who watches me eat like that. She used to love her drop of milk, but she won't drink it any more - weird.

Sam Liu said...

Haha, this is funny and so true - my cats do this to me all the time! :D

Kisma said...

haha.. that is awesome. We had a Siamese that would perch on your shoulder and would try to paddle the milk while you ate...

Janie B said...

Ever vigilant! They don't miss anything, do they? Ha!

Ed said...

I'm a cat person--love cats. But it creeps me just a bit when they make for the counter for "scraps."

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

if you think three kitties wanting your milk is bad, try five kitties trying to wake you up when your trying to sleep :)

Cupcake Blonde said...

Awww, cute kitties! I try to give my girls this treat but hubby always screams "NO HUMAN FOOD" and turns into a banshee. I don't like seeing that so I avoid it all costs.

The villager: said...

Delightful cats !

Swubird said...


Cats are so weird. Our cat watches us eat, licks her lips every once in a while, the longing look in her eyes makes us feel guilty, and then when we finally give her the bowl, she turns and walks away.

Happy trails.

Ed & Jeanne said...

I see you're making them blog for you... ;)

Gnetch said...

Oh, your cats are just reading your blog. ;D

DJ Kirkby said...

Your cats are gorgeous!

Jill said...

The cats are adorable and the post is cute, but the markers (pens?) and stamp collection is what's really catching my eye! :-)

Anonymous said...

lol too cute! The gray one looks just like my other cat that we had to give away..I miss her! :(

Brenda Grolle said...

Alright, I have to admit I thought you were talking about some icky trio of attacking bugs at first. You made it sound so menacing. Good job!

Maureen said...

Jackie: Ha! Yes, yes they did. And they are in fact, naughty too.

Margaret: The stare! Yes, those huge eyes always win staring contests, no?

Ca88andra: Hee hee! Now that would be tough to face.

Kathy: Har! Yeah, it's like you can wave the thing around in mid-air, and all three heads will follow it perfectly... but it works all time over here.

Karen: Milk does give them the runs if you give too much; which is why it's just a special treat and only a teenie tiny bit even then.

Richard: And if it does, it ends up with multiple scratches!

Daisy: Ha! You are very right!

Aw, thank you Sistertex! They are all very good looking girls, that's for sure. Good looking and spoiled.

Jill: You are talking about Tawnee our Ragdoll; she is beautiful with blue eyes and the softest fur I have ever seen on a cat!

Ahahahaha Perpetual Chocoholic! Rats???? Gah!! And yes, I would LOVE to guest post! I shall contact you!

Oh Jo-Jo, what a perfect analogy! Yes, cats are more direct; our dog just knows how to position herself for food that drops to the floor. But when it comes to cereal bowls, she knows its the cats that get that treat and she stays safely away.

:D Bruce! Yes, I am OCD alright. There's the proof....

Ha Heather! Yeah hubby does the same thing; he rolls his eyes, but he knows I'll give them treats anyway. Which is why when I eat anything, I have an audience.

Ahahahaha Tara! Yes, they DO think they are smart, don't they??? One of mine even likes a drop of coffee. Crazee cat.

Reforming Geek: Ha! No, I was safe; I knew to back off once the feasting began.

Babs: One of ours (the black one like your Sukie, I believe) usually doesn't like human food. It is only on the rare occasion she will lap up a bit of milk.

Sam: I knew cat owners would relate!

Ha Kisma! Now that must have made it hard to eat! Sometimes our cats will perch on the top of my recliner when I snack. Makes me think of vultures for some reason...

Janie, I can't get away with anything. What their ears don't pick up, their noses do. I almost have to hide to eat sometimes.

Marla: :)

Ed: That's one thing they are NOT allowed to do. Although we don't keep food out there. I once went to a friend's house whose cat walked thru the dessert. Foot prints do not make an appetizing cake decoration.

Ha Connie! Five??? Oh my! And here I thought three were a lot (yes, they are!)

Vegas Princess: See, my hubby knows I will ignore his protests... so now he just resorts to eye-rolling. Which I ignore too.

Lady Banana: Ha! Well count your blessings...

Thank you The Villager!

Har Swubird! Reminds me of "Simon's Cat" the cartoon (link is on my "Friends" page).

Ha VE! They could probably come up with better material than me... look how good Daisy the Curly Cat blogs!

Dyinetch: It's the comics; they LOVE Garfield. ;)

DJ Kirby: Thank you! They are cute furballs alright, especially with milk mustaches.

Ahaha Jill! So you found my art blog! Yeah, I love that room.

Aw, Anahid, I am so sorry to hear that! Sheba is a princess, that's for sure. She's the oldest and rules the roost.

Ha Brenda! No, the only bugs are the cats bugging me for treats!

jay said...

LOL! We get the same thing from Sid when we have ice cream!

Janet said...

Hysterical. That is EXACTLY what happens to me with cereal. I must capture a photo to show you!

Patty said...

Your post made me laugh :) you have a great writing style, keep it up!

Eulanda said...

LOL! I have a cat that looks very much like your grey one. He's been known to be sitting in the same kind of situation. Well not the cereal but right on my stamping space. Love your area BTW!

Cindy said...

Love the kitties. Keep 'em coming.

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