It'll Take The MoJo Off

Ilaanaq, the Inuit word for friendWhew! I have been terribly busy these past two weeks.

Too busy to clean the house (just ignore the carpet, K?)

Too busy to make dinner (yay for takeout!).

Too busy to even play create in my crafting room! Now THAT'S busy!

Busy doing what you ask? (Yes, I heard you).

I've been uber-busy sitting in a chair doing my bestest impersonation of a spongy lump soaking in every minute of the Olympics that I can. The skiing, the skating, the curling, the hockey, oh my!

I sure will miss all the excitement and patriotism next week when life gets back dull normality.

I will also miss the conversations it has inspired. Like the other day when hubby and I were discussing our Canadian Mens Curling Team. I had heard that one of the team was apparently so superstitious, he was wearing the same socks for each game. It worked I guess, since they posted a perfect 9 and 0 after Round Robin play.

Me: "Well, I am sure he washes them..."

Hubby: "No he wouldn't, it'd take the MoJo off."

Me: Ick.

I don't think I'd want that much "MoJo" squishing in between my toes... not for all the Gold Medals in the world.

Okay, scratch that. I shamefully will admit it.

Yes. Yes I would.

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JoJo said...

I've hardly seen any of the Olympics b/c of the tape delayed coverage. I'm not staying up till 11 pm to watch games that ended hours before, and games which are located a mere 3 hours from my home.

But I agree w/ your husband's take on the guy's sock mojo. He probably wouldn't wash them. Athletes are SO superstitious!

Ann Elle Altman said...

I haven't watched any of the olympics this year but I have heard Canada's not out of hockey yet and some guy has died. Oh, I miss hockey...


Sam Liu said...

The Winter Olympics have been brilliant. Yayy and well done to Amy Williams, as well, the first British solo gold medallist for 30 years! :D

Babs-beetle said...

I haven't watched any of it. Not even our gold medal winner! As for the socks - eeeuck!

Richard said...

Winter Olympics have been great, save for NBC being terrible as always.

Kisma said...

hahah... the things some people do that work! That is awesome. I have blissfully been watching the games via my DVR.

Jessica said...

I love the olympics especially skiing because I just learned how to a few months ago. As for the mojo.. Hey, if it works, good for him (bad for his wife/girlfriend..).

Unknown said...

You take the mojo off. I'll put the mojhitos on!


Alwi in Australia 2006 said...

I watched the opening ceremony, and even though I am German and far far away from Canada, I was deeply moved by the pictures and the message the Canadians created. It was just great!

I just wish I could have some of those red gloves you guys wear. Anyone can help me? :)

And: MOJO is magic, it really works, one just has to find out what kind of mojo works for oneself. So if it's socks, that already can stand on their own, then it's socks that can stand on their own! I guess... ;)

Kathy said...

Maureen, you now know I'm a huge fan of curling. I've been watching as many hours of it that I can squeeze in in a day (my pesky JOB is getting in the way of my fun!)

As for good mojo, everyone knows it's borne of crusty socks. Just sayin'.

Ca88andra said...

I like that kind of busy!!!

Jaffer said...

I have a shirt that I wear to every exam.
I hand-wash it between exams if I have to !

Ed & Jeanne said...

This winter Olympics has been good to Canada. Lots of medals...I've watched more of this one than of the last three combined...

VioletSky said...

This 24 hour coverage is nearly killing me. And I keep forgetting which OLN, RSO, TSN, ABN, or CTV or even NBC event I was watching with all my channel hopping.

Now, really, you'd think they could have even 1/4 that coverage for the Paralympics. Then the party could go on

Jay said...

Hahaha! Mmm. All that mojo might give a body a serious case of athlete's foot .. .but at least it would be a real athlete. LOL!

So, what do you craft?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm with VioletSky: too many channels to flip through to watch the Olympics! I have to say, though, that I've been pretty impressed with the Canadian TV coverage. I think I've been able to view some of every single event because they've all been broadcast live on about a gazillion different channels. But it probably helps that I live in Vancouver ...

Cupcake Blonde said...

Socks are bad enough but I heard some football and baseball players will wear the same underwear EVERY DAY if they are on a winning streak. Now THAT deserves a long drawn out EEEWWWWWWWWWWW!

I heart the Olympics!

Stacey Morris said...

I must say, I can't devote a major chunk of time, but can't resist tuning in for the moments of Glory and Inspiration. You've got to develop a radar for them though...

Maureen said...

Jo-Jo: What a shame you are so close and yet so far. Luckily for us, we are only two hours ahead, so I get to see a lot!

Ann Elle Altman: The biggest hockey game of them all is just hours away...

Yes Sam, these Games have been so fantastic; I have never seen Canadian patriotism like this before!

Babs: Yes, I guess you have to be an athelete to endure the socks.

Richard: That's too bad, up here CTV have been fantastic; one of three networks with full coverage.

Kisma: Ah the DVR, my most favorite of gadgets lately too.

Ha Jessica! Yeah, I wouldn't want to see those socks after 17 days. But it worked, if you believe in those things; they DID win Gold!

Ha Don! How the heck did you know I LUUUUVE Mojitos??? I'll have a lime one thx.

Har Mrs. A.S! Yes, those mitts are hard to find alright. I only wish I had bought them all up when I had the chance; I would have made a killing on eBay!

Well, I guess you are absolutely right Kathy! They won Gold! I do believe we have found the real "athlete's foot" condition.

Ca88andra: Yes, me too. And I do it so very well since I have a lot of practice.

Oh Jaffer! Well at least you WASH it....

VE: You betcha. We have won more Gold medals than any other host country... our atheletes have done us proud alright. But what we have found these past two weeks is that it IS okay to be a Proud Canadian; something we shied away from previously. I am amazed at all the flags, the smiles, the really great feeling these games have given us as a nation.

Oh VioletSky, I do hope they continue with the Paralympic Games. I watched a show about them today and can hardly wait to see them too! Amazing people.

Oh Jay I made cards mostly (I used to do more scrapbooking, but it's techniques I now use for homemade greeting cards), but also draw, paint and all that... Anything artsy. When I find the time, that is.

Pinklea: I think CTV has done a stellar job; not only covering the events, but all the other things going on in Vancouver, as well as the background bios and information. I have learned so much and can appreciate their efforts so much more.

Lady Banana: I guess you're turn will come in two short years, eh?

Vegas Princess: Agreed on both counts. Ewwwwwww and I Heart the Olympics! I just know I am going to cry tonight during the Closing Ceremonies!

Stacey: That or devote every single minute you can, while you can. Which is what I did. The housework and everything else just had to wait ;)

Jill said...

Olympics? Are those things still on? And funny on the mojo between the toes!


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