Peer Pressure

I rarely buy lottery tickets.

As a matter of fact, I can probably count the number of times I have fallen for the fairytale dream taken the plunge, on one hand.

However in the past few weeks I have been under incredible pressure. Peer Pressure at it's worst.

"C'mon, Maureen.... join us. We're ALL doing it."

I tried to resist; really I did. But week after week the stupid jackpot continued to grow to ridiculous proportions and lottery fever was running rampant in the hospital. One floor below us, a group of staffers had just scored $ 6,000.

I caved. The pressure was too dammed much.

I flipped them my loonie and wandered back to my office, baa-ing like the sheep I am (under my breath of course, as I am not only a follower, but a sheepishly-timid-follower to boot).

After all, if they won, I'll be dammed if I was going to be the only fool to show up for work the next day.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ha! We've bought them too for the last couple of weeks against my better judgement hoping to at the very least win one of the million dollar prizes;-)

Kisma said...

I think peer pressure is even harder as an adult;-) there's a name for it though, "sucker".

I hope you win!!!

Jill said...

Hey wait! This was anti-climactic! I thought we'd find out if you won! I guess it's not the scratch off kind that you know right away...

Good luck at any rate! :-)

Kathy said...

You did the right thing. A group of people in an office where I work won about a million dollars each in a lottery some years ago. There was one guy who used to be in their pool who didn't give his dollar because he wanted it for a soda pop.

We don't think he ever recovered.

Babs-beetle said...

I think you would be a tad sad if they won a huge amount of money and you hadn't chipped in :)

Ca88andra said...

I'm like you - I rarely buy lottery tickets, which probably explains why I never win!

Megan said...

Cute post! We are always buying lottery tickets at work too. I keep thinking, "It's only a dollar". But goodness, those dollars sure do add up fast!

Good luck--I hope you strike it rich!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I was part of the lottery club at work last year: I didn't want to be the only one to show up at work the morning after the big win! This year it's different: the guy who ran the club no longer works with us, and no one took over, so I've saved my hard-earned dollars (for other frivolous pursuits) and haven't bought a lottery ticket ever.

Jon said...

Hey no body minda a quick shot to fame and money, right!

Daisy said...

What's a loonie again? It sounds like a real funny kind of moneys! I would worry that if the group won, there would be no agreement on how to handle everything.

Swubird said...


What's a loonie?

I have never purchased a lottery ticket. Stupid. I know. Nothing ventured and nothing gained. No pain, no gain. I've heard it all. But now I'm beginning to think that maybe I should get on board. After all, if other folks, even poor folks, have been suddenly transformed into gazillionaires, maybe the same can happen to a lonely swubird. Plus, if I do this thing, my queen will be infinitely happy. And that always comes with great benefits.

Good luck, and happy trails.

Pamela Bousquet said...

AH, I'm still dreaming of winning one myself, Maureen!
I Have a "little" award/pat-on-the-back for you over at my site! Have an AWESOME 4th!

Team Chastain said...

My hubby buys one a week, and I tease him about it. But if he won, I'd shut up, no doubt. Haha!

New follower, glad I found your blog.

Michele Chastain

Anonymous said...

I've done that can you be left out of the offic pool? What if they won and you didn't? That thought alone is a killer. a new blogger I'd like to say, nice blog! Nora

JoJo said...

I need to commit to playing the lottery more often too.

I hope you guys win. The last pool I was involved in was in the 1980's, back in Massachusetts. While we didn't win the first place jackpot, we did win 2nd prize which was $500! Unfortunately there were so many people in the pool that we only ended up getting about $30 each. So not worth it.

Maureen said...

Well, dammit, we didn't win.

Quell surpreeze....

Sucker indeed Kisma!

OMG Kathy... I would never drink soda pop again.

Exactly, Babs, exactly.

Daisy and Swubird: a Loonie is our Canuck nickname for a Canadian dollar coin because it has a loon on one side. And the queen on the other... (insert joke here) ;)
We also have a two-dollar coin we call a "Toonie". Yep, we're just crazy like that.

Aw, Pamela, thank you! I must update my Bling page sometime!

Welcome Michele and Nora! So glad you found your way here!

Thanks Jet and Jo-Jo, you are SO right.

Plantain Boy said...

I always buy one when the jackpot goes past 100 mil. Had a neighbor that won a couple years ago. Didn't believe him till he showed up the next day with a Range Rover..

Janet said...

lol So did ya win???

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