Bite Me

At first I assumed I had a mosquito bite.

A safe assumption, for if you've ever been here in the summer, you'll have experienced the horror of being ignominiously chased indoors, screaming like a little girl by staggering swarms of the vile buggars. It's a common Manitoba custom to discover one's arms and legs covered with raised lesions and splotches of ex-mosquito carcasses (carci?) to scrape off one's body from June to September.

Last month I was ignominiously chased into my car after attempting to purchase some herbs at a local garden centre outside of town. Mere hours later, along with the typical damage, huge welt appeared square in the middle of my back; the precise spot I couldn't scratch well.

Although that wasn't worrisome as it wasn't as itchy as a normal mosquito bite.

What was worrisome was when it developed into a large hard, red bump. Which is still there... slowly diminishing in size, but every time I lean back in my chair, I am quickly reminded of it's lingering presence.

Nope, it's no mosquito bite, that's for sure. What exactly it IS though, I am not positive.

Not MeBut if I suddenly acquire the ability to shoot uber-sticky-bad-guy-immobilizing web from my wrists or begin to literally climb the walls, I'll let you know.

Here's hoping the spiders around here aren't radioactive.

But then again, that WOULD be cool.

Nope, I doubt I'll turn into Spider Woman.

With my luck, the only super transformation I'll have is into Big Red Lump Woman.

Not nearly as glamourous.


Not by a long shot.

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Bart said...

I'm not that familiar with Marvel comics, but I can't help but notice that Spider Woman seems to have two large bumps on her chest, rather than one on her back.

Maureen said...

AHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay, I KNEW it wouldn't take long for someone (of course a guy) to notice that. Er, THOSE!!!!

Jill said...

Yikes! I hope it gets better soon. At least it's diminishing in size.

I think the mosquitoes are going to be bad here soon because we've been getting so much rain.

And funny Bart!

Jaffer said...

Sometimes we get bit by black-flies I don't know if you have those over there.

I got bit by a spider - but unfortunately he was not radio-active !

Anonymous said...

You know what would be cool about that? Webbing from your hands - almost like another set of hands!! Man - separating fighting children would be a breeze!!!

Now I want some!

Over here on the East Coast we have bees and wasps about the size out your index finger!! You should hear the squeals when one flies by me!!


SWiggins said...

I used to be a mosquito magnet too. I swell up hugely when I get bit, and they single me out. I started making an all natural insect repellent and it works so well I will never go back. It uses essential oils to repel. Love it.

Daisy said...

We have loads of biting deer flies here from spring through summer, and they love to swarm and bite. I hate 'em!

AshPup said...

Ah mosquitoes- the only part of my Manitoba family I don't miss :o)
Good luck battling the enemy!

Anonymous said...

I am bug phobic..If there is a bug in the room, no matter how small, my "super power" is that I can spot it instantly. FYI - nice blog, I put you on my blogroll. Nora

MYM said...

Being spider woman would be total cool! I hate to tell you this but I never get bitten by mosquitos ... blood's too sour. Hey, there's an upside to everything.

CJ said...

Maybe the bumps are so huge that they are on her back all the way through to her front!!
Any super power would be awesome! In my line of work especially.
I was just at the Dr. with my youngest daughter today and one of the things that we had to talk about was the fact that she swell up so badly from any bug bite! She has one on her wrist right now that when the Dr. looked at it she thought her wrist was broke or something. She now has to always have benadryl on hand and a special cream!!
I was working out in the yard today and moving some rock and uncovered some sort of ant farm and got bit by three of them!!
Good luck!

New Jersey Memories said...

I used to always get bitten by mosquitoes as a little girl and my mother would tell me it's because my blood was so "sweet." Aw. Hope you find out what it is that bit you.

Babs-beetle said...

We get a lot of gnats here, that bite us. What I find hard to believe is that such a tiny little hair-like creature can bite through jeans! Thought why we call them bites I don't know. More like a jab.

Irene said...

When I was in Boston 11 years ago, I got bit by a spider and I still have the scar on my leg to show for it. I never did know what kind of spider it was. It didn´t itch a lot, but it did leave a wound. Dangerous insects in the States!

TC said...

This may be a DUMB question but do you all have ticks? This from someone who had lyme...tick bites that get red and bumpy are not a good deal...

Swubird said...


Lump woman. That's a sad picture. But with those mosquitoes, be extra careful of West Nile virus. Like a relative who's outlived their welcome, it's still around.

Happy trails.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Maybe you aren't turning into lump woman but are growing another set of boobs on your back. Alot of parents say they have eyes back there, so why not an extra set of something else;-)

Kerri said...

itchy bug bites suck

JoJo said...

If it doesn't completely go away, please see a dr. Spider bites could be deadly, esp. the brown recluse!

Ebony said...

I have a funny lump on my leg, and I don't know what it is. But I haven't had time to get to a doctor in months.

Slyde said...

would you consider me a geek if i admitted to you that i have the issue of the comic book that that picture of spider-woman comes from?


Janet said...

Is it still there? You might have it checked out! The mosquitoes here are TERRIBLE. You can't even go outside in the evenings for fear of being carried away...

choochoo said...

It's just a hunch, but if a mosquitoe bite could make your waist shrink to shuperhero-proportions and give you an instant double D cup size, everybody would want one. People would be lining up to sleep in swamps during the summer time. Spa centers, hotels and plastic surgeons everywhere would go out of business. It would be the end of LA as we know it.

Richard said...

That doc is creepy!

Maureen said...

Jill: Yeah, more rain = more mosquitos here too.

Jaffer: I've heard that blackflies are bad in Ontario... we don't have those here at least. Just the bloodsuckers.

Hahahaha MiddleAgedCrazyWoman! Bees and wasps make me hide inside. I am a wimp that way.

Ooh Galloping Goats Farm! You could do good business by selling that stuff up here!

Yikes Daisy! I would hate those too! I do hope you stay safe inside your lovely home!!!

Ha Ashley! That's why I prefer winter....

Thanks Nora! I shall add you as well!

Drowsey: You need to donate to the Red Cross and have them supply Manitoba with your blood... for humanity's sake. ;)

Yikes CJ! That does not sound good. Hope your daughter doesn't need that Benadryl often.

Aw, New Jersey Memories... just like a Mom to try to see the best in any situation.

Babs: How true... with the mosquito, you can even SEE that needle jab deep into your skin. Gak.

Nora, I think mine may leave a scar too... I still have a bump!

TC: Yeah, we have ticks, I thought of that. Still have a red bump, but otherwise, I feel fine.

Yes, Swu, West Nile has been around here too... but I've been well so I think it's just a bite.

Ahahaha Perpetual Chocoholic! I've seen "back boobs" (on extremely overweight women wearing, ugh, tank tops....)

Yep Kerri, agreed.

Jo-Jo: Well, at least I work with doctors; but it's getting smaller, slowly....

Ebony: I get those too; usually from klutsy me walking into furniture.

Ahahaha Slyde! Not a Geek, but Bart, I am sure, would pay good money for it! ;)

Even down there Janet? The buggars.

Ahahahaha Choochoo! Brilliant!

He is, isn't he Richard??

Bruce Johnson said...

Amazing...I never realized there was such a thing as Spider Woman......and how does she do the spinning around thing to change her clothes......and I don't want to even consider that whole PMS thing......

Jay said...

Hahaha! Well, as someone who gets bitten by everything that is capable of biting and wants to eat human blood, I've suffered my share of nasty mosquito bites that hang around for a long time and (sometimes) get big enough to make me limp, I've never had one that comes up into a hard lump. No, horse-fly bites do that - and they're sneaky little beggars, you don't hear them coming.

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