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With the purchase of anything new that's electronic/mechanical, you can bet that it will come with the requisite User Manual. You know: those books that men ignore, that women file away and that geeks actually READ.

I, as you should know by now, fit neatly into that last category. So it's no surprise that I'm experiencing flashbacks to high school with the mountain of "homework" I've been assigned since the purchase of my new Outlander:

User manuals, warranties, maintenance schedules, operational books... all in an effort to teach me:

1) How to use my new toy's car's features
2) How to use my new keyless entry and security system (and believe me, it works... no you don't need to know HOW I know that, but that sucker is outfitted with an earsplitting wail.)
3) How to use my navigation system
4) How to use my Bluetooth
5) How to use my Sirius Satellite
6) How to use my remote Command Start

Geesh. I hope there isn't a test at some point.

At least with the iPad they threw in, it only came with barely a pamplet and teenie card highlighting all four buttons...

But I read that "Important Product Information Guide" too.

And I now I know that if I get it wet, I should not "attempt to dry iPad with an external heat source, such as a microwave oven."


Good thing I studied. Now if I come upon any men attempting to mic their wet iPads, I can stop them and save the day (along with their computer and quite possibly, their microwave).

Yep. I'm going to ace that exam alrighty.

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Belle said...

Excellent blog. I hate getting those discs. I much prefer a book you can leaf through and skip half of it if you want to. And the best thing about a booklet is that you can quickly look up stuff later.

Daisy said...

Reading manuals is boring. I prefer to just press a bunch of buttons and see what works.

Brenda Grolle said...

Well, I have yet to get a computer disc with a new car, but I can see that it's coming.

How have you found time to drive with all that reading?

Anonymous said...

Seriously - nuke their ipads? Someone would actually try that?


Ah! Thanks - I needed that laugh! Have fun with your new car and new ipad!


Lizzy said...

Years ago when I was a teenager my Mom had the kitchen remodeled. She handed me the manuals and told me to read them and then teach her anything she needed to know.
I put the child lock on the microwave and made her unable to use it for a week till she broke down and read it herself.
Funny thing was that the instructions were on the inside of the microwave, and my Dad found them and turned it off whenever he needed to use it and then would turn it back on so my Mom couldn't.
Fun week!

Babs-beetle said...

I'm afraid I fit in with the 'man' group. I never read manuals unless I am really stuck on something. I just experiment and it usually always works :)

JoJo said...

User Manual? What does it mean "user manual"? You can put me into the 'wife files it away' category.

AshPup said...

My iphone went for a swim once- luckily I have access to laboratory materials and fashioned a dessicator by lining an airtight container with anhydrous salts that would essentially suck all moisture out of the vessel when it was sealed up. Worked like a charm! So- if your ipad does get wet you know where to go :o)
Have fun with your new toys!

Nicki McIlree said...

OMG, LMAO a the thought of someone microwaving an iPad . . . WTH?????

Cupcake Blonde said...

What kills me is that the reason that not microwaving an iPad statement is in the manual is because someone had to have done it at least once before.

Kisma said...

hahah, I have a folder in my file cabinet of user manuals, etc... we are in the process of moving and I had to clean it out of things we no longer have.

Janet said...

lol Somebody, somewhere, must have nuked their ipad for that rule to exist! It's like those tiny little bags in a new shoe box that say "do not eat". Somebody must have eaten the contents. Good grief.

Nicolle Howard said...

What's bad is when you can't access the user manual disk to reset the computer when the computer crashes.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was more manual-friendly. I see all that small print, and immediately zone out. But you have proved they do have useful info, no?

Richard said...

Yeah, the new phone I got the other day (Samsung Captivate) didn't even have a manual, just a quick start guide! At least I know how to get started!

Bruce Johnson said...

there has to be method behind Apples madness. I think they realized that folks were more likely to delve into their products if there 'wasnt' a manual, than if there was. Everything I have purchased from Apple has come with very scant documetation for a very complex peice of technology.

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