Coincidence? I Think Not

Like many North American TV viewers in the 80's, hubby and I spent years of Friday evenings glued to the television watching our favorite "soap opera". I would hazard to guess though, unlike many viewers, we made it an event each week -- dinner was always something fancy like steak and red wine as we took our places on the couch just before the familiar theme music began...

I loved Bobby.

Hubby loved Pam.

We both loved to hate JR.

Yep, I admit it. We lived in "Dallas" one hour a week for thirteen years.

Fast forward nearly thirty years. Last winter I found the first and second seasons of "Dallas" at Walmart, so I thought it would be a blast for us to watch the show once more. I was right (surprisingly, sometimes that does happen). As we swiftly neared the last of those first episodes, I found six more seasons pretty cheap at A few short days later, we were the owners of Seasons 1 to 8, with Seasons 9 to 13 next on my wish list.

Needless to say, we've spent the past few months in the company of the Ewings once again. And when I read stories like THIS recently, it just proves we're not the only ones who still love "Dallas".

Then I received an email last week at work that nearly caused me to fall out of my chair.

I've been told I'm off to a conference / meeting in two weeks to (you'll never guess):


(okay, perhaps you guessed)

OMG! I can't believe it. I'm being paid to spend five days at the Dallas Hilton, partake of a genuine Texas BBQ and of course will be heading out to walk the grounds of the real Southfork Ranch where all the exterior shots were done for the show (the inside scenes were done in California). Oh yeah, I guess I'll have to attend a few meetings while I'm there too.

Holy crapoly! Coincidence? I think not. After all these years, this is just way too freaky.

I have just one pressing concern, however which I am a tad nervous about.

Anyone out there know of a Texas-drawl to Canuck translator?

I think I may need it, eh.

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Janet said...

How fun is that?! I was never a fan of Dallas but spent some time in TX last summer. Should be right purty this time of year!

Anonymous said...

I loved "Dallas" back then too. I've never wanted to visit the real city, though, maybe because I've never been rich enough to do it like the Ewings! You'll have to do it for me - I'll live vicariously through you! Have fun!

CarrieMarie said...

Hooray for you!! I would go to the bowling alley w/ my dad on league nights, and we would nearly always stop off for a french silk pie from Village Inn, and get home in time for Dallas and Falcon Crest. I was recently reminded of my love for Dallas while watching You Again (in theatres now! lol)... Who should pop unexpectedly on the screen but Bobby Ewing! Patrick Duffy has aged well. : )

Jaffer said...

I never heard of "Dallas" the sitcom.
However, I could offer you my services for Texan-Canuck-Texan translation.

I held a job once where I'd try to sell electricity to Texans by having them switch to my client.

Good for you !

Daisy said...

My Mommeh remembers the whole "Who Shot JR?" hype!

Cole Garrett said...

I live in Dallas/Fort Worth. Trust me, you won't need a translator. :) The only people with a terrible Texas draw are East of Dallas and West of Fort Worth. (And don't expect to see most people walking around in cowboy boots and hats.) (Or riding horses.)

Everything is BIG in Texas, though, like 20-lane highways and 32-pump gas stations.

ReformingGeek said...

Cole is right. Dallas is just a big city. I will apologize ahead of time for the traffic.

I live closer to the Fort Worth side. Yes, Fort Worth is a separate city. Yes, there is a difference between Fort Worth and Dallas. If you want a more western feel, hope on I-30 and drive the 30 miles west to Fort Worth and visit the Stockyards.

Maureen said...

Janet: "Right Purty"! See? Foriegn language ;)

Pinklea: And I'll live vicariously thru work; after all they're the ones picking up the tab! I could never afford to do this myself either.

Carmar76: Ha! Awesome! Ooooh yes, Patrick STILL is a sweetie alright.

Jaffer: I shall Tweet you if I get into trouble, K?

Daisy: Us too! I wonder if I can still buy a "I shot JR" T shirt at the Southfork giftshop?

Holy Crap Cole, really? Have you ever watched Big Bang Theory? I had to laugh when Walowitz buys a red cowboy hat to match his dickie when they go to Texas to bring Sheldon back to Cali. At least I am not THAT geeky. Close (since I am geeky enough to quote Big Bang Theory.... but I digress). At least I'll keep my cowboy hat at home. It's brown, not red.

Reforming Geek: Cool! Yes, I see the Stockyards used in the show were the ones in Forth Worth. So I won't have to cringe at all the country music? Here's hoping...

JoJo said...

That's so cool! I used to love Dallas too, but I was more partial to Falcon Crest. Another blogger friend who is in the UK is addicted to Dallas as well. She's blogged about it before.

Just use 'y'all' a lot and don't end your sentences with 'eh' and you should be fine. lol

Bruce Johnson said...

Just goes to show that old television is better than current television. The wife and I just finished watching the entire Soprano Franchise .... for the 3rd time. But I am still not in a hurry to visit New Jersey

Richard said...

Woohoo! Just don't bring your DVDs with you. :P

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Never did watch it, but have fun when you go on the conference!

Babs-beetle said...

Oh wow! what a treat!

We also sat glued to every episode of Dallas. We loved Sue-Ellen. Falcon Crest was our other love.

Nick Lopez said...

You can't understant the Southern drawl either? I guess the problem is that nobody can understand the accents of different regions in general. The key when you cannot understand someone's accent is to not ask for repetition, for that will make the situation even more awkward, given that the chance that you will understand someone's accent the second time is somewhat unlikely. Even if you do understand it after repition, there is still that atmosphere of awkwardness, for the other person probably realized by then that you cannot understand their accent.

In other words, good luck. And hope you have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

That's kismet, isn't it? I never watched the show, but I know some people who were rabid fans. I was more Flamingo Road, and Dynasty than Dallas - but I recognize your enthusiam. Oh, and who could forget Knot's Landing??

Anonymous said...

Good for you !

Seedplanter Designs said...

Yep. We remember Dallas, too. That scoundrel JR!

Anonymous said...


Chanel said...

I found your blog through Doug at I Like Cheese because he gave you a Double Blog Award.

Anyway, Dallas isn't notorious for horribly thick hick accents, so I think you're very safe from needing a translator. Avoid Houston, though, or your ears will bleed.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

lol. Just leave your Canadian pennies at home. I live near the canadian border, and most businesses take Canadian coins, but when I handed some change to a store when visiting Texas, not even thinking about it, the guy handed me back a penny and said "what's this". The conversation declined after that into something in hindsight was quite funny. Fortunately I had some "real" change to swap it out with.

Enjoy the trip!!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Awesome! I wasn't allowed to stay up late enough to watch it, but somehow my sister always finagled staying up to watch all the action to discuss with our little Italian grandma on Sundays.

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