The Thrill Of Victory And The Agony Of Defeat

It was an unusually hot October day; even for Dallas. Even MORE for this visiting Canuck who is acclimatized to near-zero temps in the Fall. So to quench my parched throat after a sweaty tour of Southfork Ranch, I made a bee-line for the nearest Starbucks inside the Galleria Mall to order my favorite cold beverage.

There was only one problem: my Barista-daughter hadn't accompanied me on this business trip down south. I had to remember and order the drink myself.

Oh crap.

Luckily I was at the end of the long lineup; time enough to roll through the ingredients in my mind.

Iced Tea? Nope.

Raspberry! Yes, it has Raspberry syrup in it. Light ice. Remember to order light ice.

Drat! The line is moving too fast!!! What was the rest of it?

Soon I found myself floundering at the till...

"I'll have, er, um.... It's a COLD drink, Venti, light ice... darnit, usually my daughter orders these for me..." I sputtered at the Barista. Luckily her wide smile let me know I wasn't pissing her off too much.


"Do you want the iced tea or the passion tea lemonade?" she offered.

"Yes!!!! That's it! Lemonade! Passion tea lemonade!"

Woot! I had it. And they made it PERFECTLY; along with a very appetizing cold pasta / chicken / pesto salad, it was the makings of a delectable late dinner. I only had a chance to take a quick sip before running for the hotel shuttle stop at the other end of the Mall. Since we hadn't had time to sit to eat, my co-worker and I planned to enjoy our meals poolside at the hotel.

I had to share my delight with my travelling companion.

"Here. Try this; it's SO good!" And she agreed after taking a quick taste.

So we sat outside on the bench awaiting our ride back to the hotel, basking in the heat that lingered even into the night. Of course, being a tad (cough) OCD, I took the opportunity to rearrange my bags, ensuring I wouldn't accidentally leave anything behind..... when it happened.

I knocked my PERFECT-only-two-sips-taken drink onto the cobblestone ground.


With a sickening SLOSH it was gone. All gone! All I could do was watch as the cup tipped off the bench in slow motion, the lid popping off as it hit the ground and every drop of of my precious passion tea lemonade, raspberry syrup and even the light ice poured into a delicious puddle at my feet.

The worst thing of all? The Mall was now closed and my shuttle was on its way.

Yes, the Starbucks pasta salad was scrumptious and the tropical poolside scenery was beautiful.

But I still mourned my Venti Light Ice Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade that had swifty evaporated before my eyes on the scalding Texas pavement.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That's a heartbreaker when it happens. Even in the heat, regardless of how bad, I order a tall or grande, non-fat, no whip, extra-hot, half sweet peppermint mocha. Sometimes decaf and sometimes without the mint. I have it memorized so I don't have to think much. It's the only way;-)

Jaffer said...

Well, sorry about your mishap. Shit happens.

I am off to Timmys for my long overdue shot of double-double.

Have a safe trip back hom.

JoJo said...

Bummer man, don't you hate it when that happens?

What, no blog post w/ photos of South Fork? What's up with that?

Unknown said...

try mineral water with fresh mint and lemon
(+ ice)
quenches your thirst! checked

frameless glass doors

Nick Lopez said...

Welcome to my world.Hahaha. Its called Murphy's Law.

ReformingGeek said...

Sorry about the heat and your treasured beverage. We are expecting cooler weather this weekend.

The Galleria is nice but it's nothing like The Mall of America, right?

Daisy said...

Oh rats! I feel sad that happened, especially after you were able to order just the right thing!

Bart said...

Maureen, face it: you need help.

♥shybutterfly♥ said...

vanilla frappe decaf is the best for me... i don't try any other and end up, well.. disappointed..:(

Ca88andra said...

Oh no! I feel for you, having done the same thing myself.

Babs-beetle said...

And I'm supposed to feel sorry for you, while I sit in the cold UK temperatures, with no knowledge of what a passion tea whatsit even tastes like?

I expected photos too :)

Swubird said...


That's awful, but oh, so common. One day my Queen and I sat down on a bench to enjoy a cone filled with delicious orange sorbet, my favorite. Of course, I had piled my scoops too high, at least six inched above the rim of the cone. My Queen warned me, and, sure enough, it toppled over and plunked right down between my legs.
She gloated, of course, she had earned the right to criticize my carelessness. But a week later, the same thing happened to her. We both laughed.

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my latest story, Two Lovers. It was so much longer than my usual micro-stories, I thought no one would even read it.

Happy trails

Richard said...

I agree, nothing like light fare during the hot months of the year!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Sounds like something I would do. :(

Janet said...


Sara said...

awwwwwwwwwwww CRY!!! You know, I havent even heard of that drink but now I want it!

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